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Indian Railways train passengers can now avail of a 5% discount on ticket booking across PRS reserved counters. This 5% discount on tickets booking is available only on PRS reserved counters. The railway minister has announced it has extended the discount scheme on train tickets booked at station counters through UPI or Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM). The IRCTC or IR has decided to give a 5 % discount on the total value of basic fare, subject to a maximum of ₹50. Under this offer, train passengers will get a discount on payment through BHIM UPI.

For payments made through the BHIM UPI, with a ticket value of ₹100 or more, the Indian Railways has decided to offer a 5% discount on the total value of the basic fare through the “Passenger Reservation System” reserved counter tickets. Unreserved tickets/festival tickets, reserved tickets ordered online (e-ticket/I-ticket), and other tickets are not eligible for such 5% discount offers. There will be no such 5% ticket discount after the compilation of the first reservation chart.

Train passengers can now enjoy this discount by booking tickets across counters and not by booking tickets online. This discount offer has now been extended till June 12, 2022. Indian Railways started the option of payment through BHIM UPI on December 1, 2017, to book train tickets.

How to enjoy Indian Railways 5 % discount on Train Tickets Booking?

Step 1: Visit PRS reserved counter at any Indian Railways railway station.

Step 2: Book the train ticket through any BHIM UPI app.

Step 3: Collect request will be sent to customer linked to BHIM UPI application.

Step 4: Pay using any BHIM UPI application.

Step 5: The train passenger will have to confirm the payment message. After which, the fare amount will be debited from the account linked to BHIM UPI App.

If you are planning to book a train ticket for the long journey. Then you can book a train ticket through the Indian Railways PRS reserved counter at any Indian Railways railway station to enjoy a 5% discount on tickets booking. Anyone can book a ticket through the Indian Railways railway station to enjoy a 5% discount on tickets booking.

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Indian Railways Offering 5% Discount On Train Tickets Booking

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