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Indian Railways is a very important part of our country because a large number of people use to travel via train on a daily basis. The Indian Government always introduces new schemes and projects for improvement of our Railway system. Indian Railways is known as the “Backbone” of our country’s economy because it not only generates revenue for our economy but also it is an integral part of our lives. Slowly and gradually our railway system is improving and introducing advanced features, services and facilities for the passengers. Indian Railway coaches are well-designed for all types of people.

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Travel Classes of Indian Railways’ Trains

Train coaches are specifically designed for all types of passengers according to their comfort and preferences. Indian railways coaches are classified into various classes. Every class provides services according to the level of class, first class AC coaches will provide top-notch facilities compared to second class. At the time of ticket booking, you will get a library to choose the class in which you want to travel.

You can choose your travel class according to your budget and preferences. Hence, if you’re someone who always gets confused, what are the differences between travel classes in India? Or What kind of services do they use to provide their passengers? Here, in this blog, we will discuss everything that you need to know about travel classes of Indian Railways as a passengers.

AC First Class (1A)

ac first class

If you want to have the most comfortable and the best experience while travelling via train then the first AC class is just for you. When it comes to travelling via train, nothing can beat the luxury and comfort that first-class coaches offer. The first-class coaches are fully air-conditioned with full space and comfort for the passengers. Apart from that this class provides personalised washbasins and shower facilities for the passengers along with personal sheets, pillows, blankets and towels for each berth.

If you’re planning to travel on a long journey then this coach can be the best for you as it provides all the possible facilities. Their coaches are made with 2- 2-berth or 4-berth sleeper compartments with lockable doors for the privacy and security of the passengers. One of the most interesting things about first-class coaches is that you can easily travel with your pets but for that, there are certain conditions laid by the Railway Authority. The price of the 1AC depends on the train but generally, it costs between 2k to 5k (depending on the train).

AC Second Class (2A)

ac second class

Second-class AC coaches are also very comfortable as this class offers comfortable berths in air-conditioned coaches with curtains for privacy. This class provides no middle berth on each side of the compartment, there will be only lower and upper berths. Each berth has its own curtains for privacy along with a personal sheet, pillow, blanket and towel. If your budget is not too high then you can choose 2AC as it provides all the comfort in half of the price compared to 1AC. The price of 2AC lies between 1k to 3k (depending on the train).

AC 3-Tier (3A)

ac 3 tier

Third-AC coaches are very affordable compared to second-class AC and first-class AC coaches. This sleeper-class coach is specially crafted for middle-class passengers. This coach has a total number of 8 berths in a compartment, including side berths. Indian Railways provides separate pillows, sheets and blankets for each 3AC berth. This class is one of the most common and affordable coaches generally preferred by common people. The price of 3AC will never make any hole in your pocket because the fare of the journey lies between somewhere from 500 to 1500 (depending on the train).

Third AC Economy (3E)

third ac economy

Indian Railways has recently introduced a third AC economy class for their passengers. This class has fully air-conditioned compartments having 9 berths (6 berths on one side of the aisle and 3 berths on the other side). If your budget is quite low then you can book this coach for your journey. This is to let you know that the fare of a third AC economy ticket is equal to the fare of an AC 3-tier ticket. Indian Railways introduced this coach as an upgrade of the AC 3-tier class coach with some improvements. Here, some of the major features of the AC 3-tier economy coach are mentioned below:

  • They improved the design of seats and berths.
  • The total capacity of the berth has been increased from 72 to 83.
  • You will find a foldable table for having meals or snacks.
  • The total number of headroom has been increased.
  • If you love reading books or novels while travelling via train then this coach can be the best for you as it
  • provides individual reading lamps for reading.
  • You will find wider toilet doors and entrance doors specially for Divyangjan in each coach.
  • They provide private USB charging points for each berth.

Sleeper Class (SL)

sleeper class

If you’re travelling on a daily basis for work or the office then you can travel on sleeper class. This class has a total number of 72-80 berths having 8 berths in each compartment. This class is not good for long journeys due to excess crowd, noise and hygiene. If you travel a short distance on a daily basis then only this class will be appropriate for you. The biggest problem of travelling in a sleeper class coach is finding a clean washroom.

You will hardly get a clean and maintained washroom as passengers use the washrooms like a public toilet. There are usually 2 windows in sleeper class that can be opened/closed manually. Hence, the sleeper class is a non-air-conditioned class with open berths and it can be a budget-friendly option for daily travellers.

AC Chair Car (CC)

ac chair car

This class is specially crafted for short-distance daytime travel. This class can be the best option for you if you’re travelling to a short destination. This is an air-conditioned seater coach with a total number of 5 seats in a row. These types of coaches are mostly found in Shatabdi trains, Duronto trains, Double Decker trains, Garib Rath etc. In this coach, each seat is dedicated to only one passenger and the seats are usually designed like a chair.

Exclusive Class (EC)

exclusive class

These coaches are specifically made for business travellers as they offer all the facilities with comfortable and spacious seating arrangements. The EC (Exclusive Class) compartments are fully air-conditioned having chair-style seating arrangements. Exclusive Class train seats are usually very high and the features and comfort are very similar to the first AC coaches. Hence, next time whenever you plan to travel for business purposes you can easily travel with EC class for an unforgettable travel experience.

Shatabdi and Rajdhani Classes

This is to let you know that Shatabdi trains and Rajdhani trains are one of the most popular trains of Indian Railways. These premium trains usually offer top-notch facilities with ultimate comfort with various classes including AC-2 tier, AC-3 tier etc.

Duronto Class

Duronto trains are also very popular in India. This premium train offers luxurious facilities and premium services with AC 2-tier and AC 3-tier options.

These are some of the most popular travel classes in Indian Railways. Some of the classes offer food on train facility because the price of the food was included in the price of the ticket. Some classes do not provide this facility but you don’t need to worry because RailRecipe is always for you to satisfy your appetite. This is to let you know that RailRecipe is an IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) well-authorised e-catering company that provides a specific platform where you can easily order your food on train.

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Top Travel Classes of Indian Railways: All You Need To Know

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