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We all love travelling via train because train journeys are much more comfortable and convenient compared to flight journeys. Train travelling is all about the ultimate comfortable experience while making unforgettable memories. Food is something that is very important to have while travelling. Good food leads to a good mood. Food not only satisfies our appetite but it also satisfies our soul. Finding good food on the train was quite tough earlier but now it is possible with RailRecipe.

Have Your Favorite Cuisines on Train Through RailRecipe

Train travellers don’t need to be dependent on unhygienic and uncovered food selling on railway platforms. Now passengers can easily order their desired cuisines on train such as Chinese, Continental, South-Indian, North Indian etc. Here, in this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular cuisines that you can easily order from RailRecipe.

South Indian Cuisines on Train

south indian cuisines on train

Nothing can match the popularity and taste of South Indian pure Vegetarian cuisines in India. South Indian cuisine is generally known as the best option for breakfast due to its cooking process. The main cooking process of making South Indian dishes is fermenting and steaming. People soak rice with urad dal for fermentation and then they used to grind it to make a good batter.

People use a steaming method for cooking idlis. South Indian cuisines hold cultural and culinary significance, celebrated for their diverse flavours and different health benefits. Rich in rice, coconut, and spices like curry leaves and mustard seeds, these dishes offer a harmonious blend of sweetness, spiciness, and tanginess that makes this cuisine special and unique in taste. Dosas, idlis, and sambar exemplify this culinary tradition, loved globally for their uniqueness.

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Typical South Indian cuisine reflects the region’s agrarian roots, emphasising vegetarianism while incorporating a variety of spices for both taste and medicinal properties as well. Apart from that, this cuisine is best for maintaining the gut health of the body and digestion. Beyond nourishment, it serves as a cultural ambassador by showcasing the region’s vibrant traditions and connecting people through the joy of flavorful delicious meals. You can easily order South Indian cuisine for your breakfast meal on the train from RailRecipe. Some of the most popular South Indian dishes are dosa, idli, medu vada, uttapam etc. Hence, if you’re craving something light, delicious and fulfilling then you must try delectable South Indian Cuisines on the train from RailRecipe.

North Indian Cuisines on Train

north indian cuisines on train

The typical North Indian cuisines are all about thick gravies, and the use of ghee, butter, and ground spices. If you’re also planning to travel via train then you can also enjoy our delectable North Indian cuisines from RailRecipe. North Indian cuisine is renowned for its rich and diverse flavours of different Indian spices like turmeric, red chilly, black pepper, cardamom etc, encompassing a tapestry of aromatic spices and vibrant ingredients.

From the iconic butter chicken with its creamy tomato-based sauce to the hearty and flavorful biryanis, each dish has its own taste and aroma. Tandoori delicacies like chicken tikka and kebabs showcase the region’s mastery of grilling techniques. The use of ghee, paneer, and an array of spices creates a symphony of tastes, making North Indian cuisine a delightful exploration of savoury, spicy, and indulgent with different flavours. If you’re also planning to travel then do not forget to explore the wide menu and RailRecipe for lip-smacking North Indian cuisines.

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Chinese Cuisines on Train

chinese cuisines on train

In our country India every second person loves having Chinese food. It is one of the most popular cuisines in our country. The perfect mix of different sauces makes Chinese dishes delicious and lip-smacking. You can easily order your favourite Chinese dishes on the train from RailRecipe. Some of the most popular Chinese dishes are chow mein, Manchurian, chilli paneer or chilli chicken, Schezwan rice, hakka noodles etc. Order your desired Chinese dishes on the train only from RailRecipe.

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Continental Cuisines on Train

continental cuisines on train

Continental cuisines are basically originated and consumed in European countries including Italy, France, Spain etc. The main ingredients of Continental dishes are olive oil, herbs minimal spices etc. If you’re travelling via train and to have something delicious and unique in taste then you must try delicious Continental food from RailRecipe. Some of the most popular Continental foods are pizza, white sauce pasta, burgers, french fries, etc.

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These are some of the most popular cuisines that you should definitely try while travelling via train from RailRecipe. Ordering your desired meal on the train from RailRecipe is not a big issue now because RailRecipe provides user-friendly food ordering methods. Being an IRCTC-authorised e-catering company RailRecipe always checks the quality of the food before delivering.

RailRecipe: An IRCTC-Authorized E-Catering Vendor

If we talk about delivering the best food on trains all over the country, RailRecipe doesn’t need any introduction at all. RailRecipe is an IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) authorised e-catering company that delivers the best food on trains. The company is linked with 2500+ FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authorities of India) approved partner restaurants that deliver the best food on 600+ railway stations. Hence, whenever you plan to travel via train then do not forget to order your desired cuisines from RailRecipe.

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Order Restaurant Foods Easily During Your Travel

The core focus is quality and the taste of the food so don’t think twice before ordering your desired cuisines from RailRecipe. Apart from that you can also place pre-orders before boarding on train. If you’re travelling with your friends and family members then you can easily place bulk food orders as well.

For ordering train food, you just need to enter your 10-digit PNR number or train number on the RailRecipe website You can also download the RailRecipe App or call us on our helpline number 844-844-0386. Our customer care executive team will help you in placing your food order according to your taste and preferences. Choose from a variety of cuisines and place your order. RailRecipe provides comfortable payment options and you can either choose cash on delivery or prepaid mode of payment. Enjoy a hassle-free dining experience during your train journey with RailRecipe!

Must Try Cuisines on Train From RailRecipe

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