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Indian Railways is known as the fourth largest railway network worldwide having around 75,439 miles of total track spanning 67,368 km routes. Indian Railways is launching new trains and super fast trains every year. Railways are not only developing but also introducing superfast express trains with modern technology and top-notch facilities such as Vande Bharata Express. Our country is taking inspiration from other countries and launching new-generation high-speed trains to boost the economy.

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Bullet trains in India are very hyped these days because India is planning to import bullet trains from Japan. According to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, the first bullet train is expected to run from August 2026 and this project will surely give a boost to the economy.

What are Bullet Trains?

Bullet trains are basically a type of high-speed train that operates on Japan’s high-speed railway network. On 1st October 1964, the world’s high-speed rail service named Shinkansen was launched. High-speed rail services known as “Bullet trains” are popular for their speed because these trains are capable of reaching a maximum speed of 320 km per hour. That’s the reason this train is known as “Bullet Train” due to its bullet-like speed. The very first bullet train was made in 1964 and invented by Hideo Shima, a Japan-based mechanical engineer. The first bullet train was named Shinkansen and it was launched between Tokyo and Osaka.

The bullet trains are called a symbol of pride in Japan as it has given a boost to train travel to Asia and Europe at a time when the rise of aeroplanes threatened to decline it. The bullet train is a high-technology train that can give passengers ultimate comfort with an amazing experience. This new generation train known as the Maglev train works on the principle of magnetic repulsion between the cars and the tracks. Normal trains use wheels but Maglev trains use Magnetic levitation.

These electromagnetic levitation technologies create the thrust that moves the train. Electromagnetic technology or Maglev is known as very expensive to construct and there are only three operational commercial Maglev systems that are in Japan because Japan is the first country where bullet trains were constructed then China and South Korea. Now, India is also planning to introduce bullet trains because currently, our country does not have any high-speed rail lines operational. Being the most populated country in the world India needs several technological advancements in every sector hence, India is planning to introduce this high-technology train soon.

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Bullet Trains in India

Indian Railways is launching new generation high-speed trains every year. This year one of the most popular Vande Bharata Express trains has been launched by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi. The responsibility of making Corridors for high-speed bullet trains in India and managing this project is in the hands of NHSRC. Currently, our country does not have high-speed rail lines but National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited, NHSRCL has been incorporated in 2016 to manage the High-Speed Rail Corridor in India. It is also mentioned that Indian Railways or the Ministry of Railways, GOI will own the subsidiary of high-speed rail in India.

The NHSRCL is currently working on and managing this project and planning for the construction of twelve high-speed corridors. It is expected that India’s first bullet train will run in August 2026 and this project will be helpful for our economic growth and development. Our Indian Government is planning for August 2026 to run the first bullet train and the main goal is to run bullet trains on a larger section in 2027.

According to different sources, it is said that the Indian Railways is currently building the country’s first bullet train from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to Maharashtra over a total 508 kilometres route. It is expected that the first trial run of the ongoing Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project between Surat and Bilimora (63 km) is scheduled for most probably in August 2026.

The high-speed bullet train will run through by connecting top metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata etc. Director of Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL) Rajesh Prasad said that feasibility reports have been conducted for high-speed corridors linking top metro cities like New Delhi to Kolkata to Amritsar via Chandigarh. This project will surely bring a revolutionary change in the Indian Railway’s mode of transportation. Hence, we are all set to welcome the high-speed rail network in our country India. The Railway minister had decided to undertake a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the following six high-speed rail corridors that are mentioned below:

  • Delhi – Varanasi
  • Delhi – Amritsar
  • Delhi – Ahmedabad
  • Chennai – Mysore
  • Mumbai – Nagpur
  • Mumbai – Hyderabad

Benefits of Bullet Trains in India

India is a developing country and we need more technological advancements in our transportation system. Indian Railways is continuously introducing superfast express trains in order to update our trains from time to time. Now, we are much more technologically advanced and it is the right time to introduce high-speed bullet trains in India. Hence, our country India is all set to introduce bullet trains. There are some benefits of high-speed bullet trains that should be noted. Here, in this blog, I’m mentioning some of the major benefits of bullet trains that will surely knock your socks off.

Less Traffic on Roads Due to Less Congestion

Bullet trains in India will be helpful in reducing congestion on roads due to traffic. If passengers move to take the train for travelling then there will be a lot of congestion from roads. Apart from that we all know that less traffic on roads leads to less air and noise pollution so we can say that it is also eco-friendly in nature as well.

Economic Growth

According to our honourable Rail Minister, the high-speed bullet train will surely give a boost to our economy. This advancement will not only boost the status of the person but also the cities along with the lines of the corridors are expected to have great connectivity and experience a boost in their social and economic status. Bullet trains in India will not only bring economic development and technological advancement in our country but it will also increase direct and indirect employment.

No Compromise Between Comfort and Safety

One of the best things about this high-speed bullet train is that it is totally safe and secure for the passengers. We all know that these days train accidents are increasing day by day continuously and due to this reason passengers feel insecure while travelling. This advanced technology bullet train is not only safe and secure for travelling but it will also provide you ultimate comfort during the journey.


These high-speed bullet trains are generally fuel efficient. That’s the reason these trains save up a lot of fuel on their personal vehicles. It is expected that in future people will prefer to travel via bullet trains rather than their own vehicles


One of the most important advantages of bullet trains is that it is time-saving for passengers. As we all know that bullet trains are very high-speed trains, I will be helpful for those who want to reach there on time and without traffic.

These are the major benefits of high-speed bullet trains in India. We all know that growth in technological advancement in any country leads to growth in the economy. The high-speed bullet train will surely bring economic development and growth and modernization to Indian Railways and transportation system.

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Bullet Trains in India: History, Significance, Route

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