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We live in a country where people are spiritual and prefer pure vegan food instead of non-vegetarian food. People avoid having non-vegetarian food during the holy month of Sawan. It is said that the Rain God, Indra showers their blessings on us and rains continuously in this holy month. In this blog, I will explore the various vegan food options available to rail passengers and also how to order vegan food on train through RailRecipe e-catering platform.

Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology. People worship and offer gangajal, water, milk, belpatra, and flowers to “Shivling” in order to express their devotion towards their God and seek blessings. Hindus prefer pure vegan food during the holy month of Sawan. It is quite easy to have a pure vegan meal at home but what if you’re travelling? Don’t worry I have a great option for you because now you can order or customize vegan food on train.

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We all know that a train journey is known for its ultimate comfort and convenience compared to other modes of transportation. Indian Railways is continuously introducing new services for passengers in order to make their journey more convenient. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) introduced an e-catering service for delivering food on the train. Now, you can order your desired meal online through e-catering platforms.

RailRecipe is an IRCTC-authorised e-catering service provider company that delivers the best food on trains. Now, ordering a vegan food on train is quite easy as RailRecipe is providing passengers with various vegan food options while travelling via train.

What Do You Mean By Vegan Food?

Vegan food simply means a type of diet or lifestyle that completely excludes all animal products like meat, eggs along with all kinds of dairy products. Pure veg or vegan food refers to those food items that are made entirely from plant-based ingredients like fruits, vegetables, etc.

Order Your Vegan Food on Train From RailRecipe

Let us now explore the vegan food options available on the train. Some of the most amazing options of vegan food are mentioned below. You can customise your vegan diet according to your choice and preferences.

Masala Dosa

masala dosa

We all prefer light meals for our breakfast hence South Indian cuisine can be the best option. South Indian dishes like masala dosa, idli, uttapam, medu vada are the best options for your breakfast because they contain less oil and spices. These cuisines are pure vegan and contain authentic ingredients like curry leaves, mustard seeds and tamarind for enhancing the flavours. The dishes are prepared with fermented rice batter in the seaming process hence, it will be the most healthy and fulfilling option for your breakfast. You can easily order South Indian cuisines like masala dosa on the train for your breakfast.

Veg Treat Box

veg treat box

You can order a RailRecipe veg treat box on the train. This treat box contains vegan food items like roti, paneer, rice, dal, pickle and salad. RailRecipe veg treat box can be the best option for you in an affordable range. The price of this treat box starts from Rs. 150 only. Order this delicious veg platter on your next train journey.

Veg Sandwich

veg sandwich

If you’re looking for a vegan snack option then a veg sandwich can be the best option for you as it contains some veggies with different sauces that taste delicious. You can easily order a delicious sandwich from RailRecipe.

Chickpea Curry (Chole) with Rice

chickpea curry and rice

We provide different food options according to our customer’s choices and preferences. If you’re maintaining a vegan diet then you can also order chickpea curry with rice combo where you will get chickpea curry (chole) along with steamed rice, salad and pickle. This combo can be the option if you’re looking for a vegan lunch option while travelling via train.

Veg Biryani

veg biryani

Biryani is something that is loved by everyone. If you’re looking for a delicious yet vegan meal option on the train then you can order veg biryani. It is a delicious Indian dish made with fragrant basmati rice, different seasonal vegetables, dry fruits and various aromatic spices. This biryani can be the best option for vegan food-loving people. It tastes super delicious due to the aromatic flavours of different spices cooked in desi ghee. Hence, if you want to satisfy your appetite with delicious vegan biryani on the train then order now from RailRecipe.

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is another great option if you are looking for vegan food. Pav-bhaji is a popular street food dish consisting of a spiced vegetable curry (bhaji) served with soft bread rolls that is often called pav. This combination of pav and bhaji tastes super delicious and flavourful. The bhaji is made with a combination of different seasonal vegetables like potatoes, peas, peppers and carrots cooked in a flavourful blend of spices. You can easily order super delicious pav-bhaji on the train.

Dal Tadka and Chapati

dal tadka and chapati

You can also order delicious dal tadka and chapati while travelling via train. Dal tadka not only tastes delicious but it is also nutritious for our body. Dal (pulses) contains a high amount of protein that is quite nutritious for our overall health. Hence, whenever you crave delicious and home-like food on the train then order dal tadka with chapati combo from RailRecipe.

Idli and Sambar

idli sambhar

It is mentioned earlier that South Indian cuisines are best for breakfast purposes as they contain less oil and spices. Idli is an ideal dish for breakfast due to its lightweight and spongy texture. Idlis are often made with fermented rice batter cooked in a streaming process that tastes delicious and is also lightweight and digestible. Idlis are often served with sambar and coconut chutney. Hence, you can easily order delicious and healthy Idli and Sambar combo as vegan food on train in your budget.

Now, it is very easy to manage your vegan diet while travelling via train with RailRecipe because we offer a variety of dishes on our menu. Hence, next time whenever you plan to travel via train then kindly do not forget to order your food while travelling via train or you can also pre-book your meal before boarding.

What are the Benefits of Having Vegan Food?

Vegan foods are basically those foods that completely exclude all kinds of animal or dairy products or basically those food products that we get from animals. There are certain benefits of vegan foods that are mentioned below:

  • Weight Management – It is said that plant-based foods generally contain fewer calories compared to animal-based foods or dairy products. Hence, vegan food promotes healthy weight loss.
  • Environmental Impact– Producing plant-based products is good for our environment because plant-based products generally require few resources and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases– We all know that vegan diets are usually rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. That is the reason it protects our body from different diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension and also from certain types of cancer.
  • Digestive Health -Vegan food often includes high-fibre food items that support our digestive health. Hence, we can say vegan food helps to maintain our digestive health.
  • Animal Welfare– Vegan food also protects our animals.

How to Order Vegan Food on Train?

How to order vegan food on train

You can easily order your vegan food on train from IRCTC-authorised e-catering service provider company RailRecipe. It is a food ordering platform where you can order your food while travelling via train or you can also pre-book your meal before boarding. For placing a food order all you have to do is just visit our official RailRecipe website or you can also download the RailRecipe app. You can also place your food order by calling us on our helpline number 8448440386. RailRecipe is the best food delivery website that delivers the best food on the train.

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