foods to avoid eating while travelling on train

In India, a large number of people prefer train travelling for their travelling purposes. We all know that the train is the only means of transportation that allows the most comfortable and relaxing journey no matter in which coach you are travelling. A large number of people in our country prefer train journeys instead of flights. One of the most important things that make train travelling extra special is food because good food leads to a happy mood. And bad food makes our life miserable. That is why, here, in this blog, we’re going to discuss the foods to avoid eating while travelling via train.

Imagine that you are enjoying a delicious meal while enjoying the beauty of nature from the window. We always discussed what we should eat while travelling. Now, today we will discuss which food items we should avoid while travelling. Whenever you visit railway stations you will find that a large number of local hawkers and vendors use to sell their uncovered and unhygienic food items on the platforms or footpaths. We should strictly avoid unhygienic food items while travelling via train. If you want to eat anything while travelling then you can easily order your food from RailRecipe.

Indian Railways introduced IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) e-catering services in order to provide the best food on trains. RailRecipe is a leading e-catering platform that works to provide fresh, delicious and hygienically prepared food on the train direct from top-notch restaurants. If you crave anything while travelling then feel free to order your high-quality food on the train from RailRecipe. Consumption of unhygienic local foods can ruin our health badly. Always try to have fresh and clean food while travelling via train.

What Foods to Avoid Eating While Travelling on Train?

Let us now explore the foods to avoid eating while travelling be it in train, bus, private vehicle or any mode of transport.

Packaged Foods

avoid packaged foods

During train journeys, people always carry packaged snacks like chips, namkeens, etc. These habits of carrying packaged food items should be strictly avoided. The consumption of these processed packaged foods leads to overeating of salt, sugar and fat. These processed foods carry high amounts of calories due to the presence of high amounts of added salt, sugar and fat in them. People should strictly avoid these processed foods as the overconsumption of these foods can easily invite different health issues like heart disease, diabetes high blood pressure etc.

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Impure Water

avoid impure water

Water is one of the most important things that passengers always carry while travelling. Sometimes, I saw people fill their water bottles with regular tap water on platforms. These actions should be strictly avoided because tap water is not ideal for our health. One should always understand the difference between regular water and drinking water. Drinking impures regular different types of diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery etc. Hence, always try to carry your water bottle with you while travelling via train.

Nicotine Products

avoid nicotine products

Many people like to consume nicotine products while travelling or also in public places like railway stations, bus stands etc. These kinds of actions should be strictly prohibited because nicotine products can brutally harm your health. We all know that nicotine is a kind of substance that is found in all kinds of tobacco products and cigarettes as well. So, if you’re also the kind of person who’s addicted to nicotine products then this is to suggest that you say no to this harmful drug. Apart from that, if you’re addicted to alcoholic drinks then make sure to never consume alcohol while travelling via train. Consumption of alcohol during the train journey is morally wrong and legally punishable.

Stale Food

You can easily carry your home-cooked food on the train while travelling but only on short journeys. If you’re a person who’s travelling on long routes then the home-cooked food will get stale. Our body needs fresh and good food full of nutrition. We can’t eat home-cooked food on the train because, after a couple of hours, the food will get stale with the change of its taste, colour and texture. If you’re planning to travel via train on long routes then you don’t need to be worried because RailRecipe is here to solve all your food-related queries. You can easily order your delightful meal on the train from RailRecipe.

Too Spicy and Deep-Fried Foods

avoid deep-fried foods

Always try to avoid too much spicy or deeply fried food on the train while travelling. These kinds of food items can harm your health and all also affect your gut health as well. Many hawkers and local vendors sell too many spicy snacks on the roadside. These foods can be strictly avoided as these food items can cause various diseases in the long run.

If you want to have tasty and healthy food on the train while travelling then order your desired meal from RailRecipe. You just need to enter your 10-digit PNR number or train number before placing your food order. Our delivery guy will deliver your food directly to your train seat. Hence, next time whenever you crave anything special while travelling via train then just place your order from RailRecipe.

High-Calorie Cold-Drinks

avoid high-calorie cold drinks

These days one of the most harmful things is having cold drinks. Many people love having these processed cold drinks like cola etc. According to various scientists, they believe that these cold drinks might be addictive. They pressurise the part of the brain to consume that particular food or drink. These drinks can be harmful to your health in the long run. Hence, if you ever crave beverages while travelling via train then you can easily order from RailRecipe.

Fast Foods

avoid fast foods

In our country, a large number of people are crazy about fast-foods or street foods but these foods are very harmful to the human body. The local vendors near the railway station sell fast foods like burgers, noodles, momos rolls etc. These vendors sell unhygienic and stale food items. The food items are rarely covered and swarms of different insects and flies. These foods can cause different diseases.

Expired Food

avoid expired foods

We understand the fact that food is something that satisfies our soul and makes us happy from the inside. Our body needs clean, healthy and hygienically prepared food. Hence, always avoid expired food on the train. Suppose, you’re travelling by train and also craving some snacks. Whenever you purchase any snack or any food items then always make sure to check the expiry date. Don’t eat anything that has already expired or going to expire soon. Our body needs good food and it is our responsibility to give them fresh and clean food.

We all know that food satisfaction comes if food is prepared and served with love and a sense of service. No matter where you’re, no matter what you’re doing, good food should be your first priority. Always try to eat clean and healthy food.

If you’re travelling via train then now, you don’t need to worry about your food requirements because RailRecipe is here for you. RailRecipe is an official IRCTC E-catering partner that delivers the best food directly to your train seat. You just need to enter your 10-digit PNR number or train number on the RailRecipe App or website. You can place your food order on our helpline number 844-844-0386. RailRecipe can become your best travel buddy. So, what you’re waiting for? Order your desired meal from RailRecipe while travelling via train.

8 Foods to Avoid Eating While Travelling on Train

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