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Indian Railways are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the Indian Economy. In India, a large number of people prefer trains for their travelling purposes. Trains are not only comfortable for long journeys but also provide a great travelling experience at a cheaper price. India generates a large amount of revenue from Indian Railways. Apart from that, Indian Railways always tries to introduce new high-tech trains for the growth and technological advancement of Indian Railways. We live in one of the most populated countries where we want a variety of trains to fulfil the needs of the travellers. From Vande Bharat Express trains to Bullet trains, Indian Railways has launched a variety of trains for passengers.

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Different Type of Trains in India

If you’re a frequent train traveler then this blog is just for you. We’re going to discuss popular type of trains run by Indian Railways. These different type of trains have their distinct features and functions. It should be noted that every train is introduced for the different types of passengers and their requirements.

Vande Bharat Trains

vande bharat train

Recently the Indian Government introduced the iconic Vande Bharat Express that is popularly known for its speed and comfort. This iconic train was launched in 2019, it boasts features like automatic doors, GPS-based passenger information, comfortable seating arrangements, and onboard Wi-Fi. The train’s aerodynamic design enhances speed, reaching up to 180 km/h.

With spacious interiors, adjustable seating, and modern amenities, it offers a luxurious and comfortable travel experience. We all know that currently, Indian Railways is continuously introducing high-tech trains for technological growth. Trains like Vande Bharat Express are a symbol of India’s push for technological advancement in rail travel, promoting efficiency and passenger satisfaction. Currently, Vande Bharat Express trains are running on different routes in India and now the government is planning to introduce more trains like Vande Bharat Express.

Passenger Trains

passenger trains

We have high-speed trains as well as low-speed trains. Passenger trains are slow-speed trains made for economical travel options. These passenger trains are classified into two groups slow passenger trains and fast passenger trains. These trains cover 40-80 km/hr speed with unreserved seating arrangements.

Mountain Railways

mountain trains

India is an Incredible country. We have hills, greenlands, different landscapes and mountains as well. How it can be possible that the Indian government will not introduce special trains for mountains?

Do you know that out of seven mountain railways in the country, three of them are declared world heritage sites by UNESCO and named mountain Railways in India? The popular mountain railways are Darjeeling Himalayan Railways of India, Nilgiri Mountain Railways, and Kalka-Shimla Railways.

Mono Rail

mono rail

Indian Railways had also introduced an elevated train system as well. The monorail has a single track and the state of Mumbai saw the first monorail in India.

Metro Trains

Whenever we talk about high-tech and high-speed trains then the iconic metro trains need no introduction at all. Metro Trains are also called express train services. These trains look like a bus having comfortable seating arrangements with spacious coaches. The capital state of India Delhi saw the first modern metro and now this train has become the lifeline for daily travellers. This train provides a high-speed travelling experience at less cost. Currently, 10 cities in India have metro trains and in other cities metro construction work is under construction.

India has extensive metro train systems in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and others. They offer a convenient way to navigate urban areas, reducing traffic congestion. Hence, a large number of people prefer metro trains instead of their vehicles to avoid traffic.

Luxury Trains

luxury trains

As the name says, the luxury Trains are one of the most popular trains introduced by Indian Railways. These iconic trains will give you top-notch facilities while travelling. These trains have fully air-conditioned coaches, luxurious seating arrangements, restaurants, luxurious washrooms, Wi-Fi connection etc. The fare prices of these luxury trains will be quite high but worth it because it provide an abundance of facilities for the passengers.

India boasts some incredible luxury trains, like the Maharajas’ Express and the Palace on Wheels, The Golden Chariot, the Deccan Odyssey, the Fairy Queen Express, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels etc. These types of trains offer a lavish journey through picturesque landscapes, combining comfort and cultural experiences.

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Mail Trains

mail trains

Mail Trains are also one of the types of trains introduced by Indian Railways. Mail Trains are different types of trains that only carry mail. Mail trains revolutionised communication, swiftly transporting mail across vast distances. These specialised trains, equipped with dedicated mail cars, ensured efficient and safe delivery and connected distant regions. In past years these mail trains were in the 19th century, mail trains played a crucial role in speeding up mail services, reducing delivery times, and fostering better connectivity.

Bullet Trains

bullet trains

Now our country is all set to introduce the new high-tech train. India has been working on developing high-speed rail corridors, commonly referred to as Bullet trains. India is working on the bullet train project based on Japanese Shinkansen Technology.

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Express Trains

If we talk about popular trains by Indian Railways then Express trains need no introduction at all. Express trains are best for long journeys; these streamlined beasts prioritise rapid transit, minimising stops to connect distant destinations swiftly. These express trains are high-speed trains specially designed for long journeys.

These trains have fully air-conditioned and well-maintained coaches. The AC Express Trains connect various cities of the country by offering lower fare prices in comparison to premium trains. These types of trains can run at a maximum speed of 130 km/hr. Some of the most popular Express trains are mentioned below.

Tejas Express

Tejas Express train is one of the most popular trains introduced by Indian Railways in 2017. Tejas is a semi-high-speed and it has fully air-conditioned coaches of different classes.

Duronto Express Train

Duronto Express is also one of the most popular Express trains that come in the category of long-distance super fast express trains in India. These trains come under non-stop trains of Indian Railways. One of the most popular Duronto Express is popularly known for its speed and punctuality.

Rajdhani Express

If we’re talking about the express trains then how can we forget Rajdhani Express trains? It is one of the most popular trains introduced by Indian Railways. The history of Rajdhani Express is quite long because this train is 55 years old. The iconic Rajdhani Express train was the only train in India that covered 1450 km in a record time of 17 hours and 20 minutes. Rajdhani trains connect various state capitals with Delhi.

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Garib Rath Express

Garib Rath Express train is one of the most popular trains introduced by Indian Railways. These trains are cost-effective and efficient train services in India, specifically designed to cater to budget-conscious travellers. These trains offer affordable AC and non-AC classes, ensuring a comfortable journey at lower fares.

The fare price of this train will not make a hole in the passenger’s pocket because Garib Rath focuses on providing essential amenities, prioritising affordability over luxury. Passengers experience air-conditioned coaches, comfortable seating arrangements, ample luggage space, and a dynamic fare structure. While not as opulent as some counterparts, Garib Rath Express plays a crucial role in making rail travel more comfortable and relaxing.

Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan Express is also one of the most popular trains introduced by Indian Railways. This train is the country’s first modern high-speed train. Apart from that, there are also some of the most popular trains introduced by Indian Railways that are listed below.

  • Shatabdi Express
  • Maharaja Express
  • Humsafar Express
  • Gatimaan Express
  • Superfast Express
  • Kavi Guru Express
  • Rajya Rani Express
  • Gorakhdham Express

Various express trains in India run on different routes connecting different cities. These express trains are high in speed and provide a comfortable travelling experience.

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Type Of Trains Run by Indian Railways

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