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In India, a large number of people travel via trains. The train journey is popular for many reasons due to affordability, comfort and convenience. The fare of a train journey will never make a hole in your pocket as the price of the train tickets is quite affordable. Whenever we talk about train journeys the first thing that comes to our mind is the food.

We Indians share a unique bond with food because for us “Good Food” leads to a “Good Mood”. Hence, if you are a regular train traveller then here’s good news for you. You can easily order your desired meal on the train while travelling from RailRecipe. Now you have the option to book train food combos to satiate your hunger. Yes! You heard that right. RailRecipe is a leading IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) authorised e-catering company that delivers the best food on trains. You can easily order your desired meal on the train while travelling from RailRecipe.

How to Order Train Food Combos from RailRecipe?

It is mentioned that RailRecipe is a leading e-catering company that delivers the best food on trains. For placing a food order all you need to do is enter your 10-digit PNR number or train number on the RailRecipe website. After entering the PNR details the website will show you the available location where you can order your food. Choose your location and proceed, after that choose the meal you want to have while travelling. After selecting the meal, you need to mention your contact details and proceed to payment.

RailRecipe offers a comfortable payment option you can either pay online or cash on delivery as well. After placing the food order you don’t need to worry because RailRecipe delivers food directly to your train seat. We will give you a unique 6-digit order ID that will help you to track your food. You can place your food order by three methods.

Order Directly From the Website

You can easily order your food directly from the RailRecipe website. Just visit enter your PNR details and place your food order. After placing a food order you will get your hot, delicious and hygienically prepared food delivered to your train seat.

Download RailRecipe App

You can easily download our app from the Play Store. The RailRecipe app is available on both Android and iOS. Hence, download our app and order now.

Call our Helpline Number

If you are not a techie guy then you can also place your food order by calling us on our helpline number 8448440386. Just call us and our customer care executive will help you in placing your food order.

We all know that a train journey is all about unforgettable memories and good food. So, if you always get hungry while travelling via train then you must try RailRecipe special train food combos. These combos are specially customised for those passengers who want a delicious yet fulfilling meals on the train. Here, in this blog, I am mentioning some of the amazing train food combos that you must try while travelling.

Chole-Rice Combo

chhole rice combo

If you are a Punjabi food-loving person then you must try the chole-rice combo. In this combo, we serve hot and spicy chickpea curry along with steamed rice, salad and pickle that tastes super delicious and fulfilling. The total cost of this combo lies between Rs. 120 to Rs. 150. So, next time whenever you want to order your lunch while travelling then must try this delicious chole-rice combo and thank me later.

Aloo Paratha-Curd Combo

aloo paratha combo

In our country aloo-paratha has a special fan following. If you are also a paratha-loving person then this combo can be the best for you. In this train food combo, we provide hot and delicious aloo-paratha with curd, butter, salad and pickle. The cost of this delicious combo lies between Rs. 90 to Rs. 150. We can say that this combo is quite affordable as well. Hence, from next time you crave parathas while travelling via train you must try this amazing combo for your dinner.

Seasonal Vegetable-Roti Combo

roti & seasonal vegetable combo

We all know that nothing can beat the taste of simple food on the train. Hence if you want to have simple home-like food on the train then you can easily order seasonal vegetables with roti combo. The amount of this train food combo lies between Rs. 80 to Rs. 120 only. You will get 4 rotis with seasonal vegetables along with salad and pickle.

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Dal Fry-Jeera Rice Combo

dal fry & rice combo

This train food combo can be the best option for your lunch. We serve Jeera rice with dal fry along with salad and pickles in this delightful combo. This combo price lies between Rs. 90 to Rs. 150 only. Hence, we can say that this can be the best choice for your afternoon lunch.

Chicken Chilli-Fried Rice Combo

chicken chilli & fried rice combo

This combo can be a great option for non-veg-loving people. You can easily order this delightful meal while travelling by train for your dinner. This combo costs around Rs. 150 to Rs. 250. You will get chicken chilli with fried rice. Hence, next time whenever you crave delicious chicken chilli do not forget to order from RailRecipe.

Veg-Manchurian-Fried Rice Combo

manchurian & fried rice combo

The veg-manchurian combo can be the best option for Chinese food-loving passengers. On this platter, you will get veg-manchurian along with fried rice or noodles (this train food combo totally depends on different restaurants). The cost of this combo lies between Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 only.

Butter Chicken Combo

butter chicken combo

You can easily order mouth-watering and delicious butter chicken while travelling via train. In this Butter chicken combo, you will get creamy, rich and delicious butter chicken along with roti/jeera rice. Additionally, you will also get a salad and pickles in your food box. Hence, whenever you crave lipo-smacking butter chicken on the train then do not forget to order from RailRecipe.

Paneer Chilli-Fried Rice Combo

paneer chili & fried rice combo

We all can understand the popularity of Chinese food in our country. This train food combo is one of the hot-selling combos of RailRecipe. In this Chinese platter, you will get paneer chilly along with fried rice or noodles/roti. Hence, whenever you crave something hot and delicious then do not forget to order this delightful combo while travelling via train. The total price of this Chinese platter lies between Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 only. The price of the combo platter is quite reasonable.

We all love to eat comfort food while travelling via train. Hence, if you are looking for a delicious and fulfilling meal to satisfy your appetite while travelling then these combos are best for you. You can also customise your food items according to your taste and preferences. Hence, next time whenever you plan to travel via train do not forget to order your favourite train food combo from RailRecipe.

IRCTC E-Catering Service

RailRecipe is a well-known e-catering platform that works under IRCTC. It is an official partner of IRCTC that delivers hot, delicious and hygienically prepared fresh food on trains. We also take group orders or pre-orders as well. Hence, next time whenever you plan to travel via train do not forget to pre-book your food order before boarding on your train. RailRecipe is your best travel companion. We don’t deliver food, we deliver happiness on the train. So, for what you are waiting for.

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8 Train Food Combo You Must Try While Travelling

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