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Christmas is a sacred religious festival of 1 Billion Christian people and is celebrated across the globe. People decorate their houses with Star Pine trees, bake Christmas special cakes, do prayers etc to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ every year on the 25th of December. Some people travel to celebrate this beautiful festival with their friends and family members.

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There is a historical story behind celebrating this beautiful festival. This festival is celebrated globally due to the birth of Jesus Christ. Laden with traditions, Christmas time is known as the best time for family gatherings, exchange of gifts, festive decorations etc. On this day children believe that Santa Claus will come at midnight and he will bring an abundance of gifts for them. Hence, we can say that this festival is all about hope, happiness and lots of good food. The beautiful and vibrant display of colourful lights, ear-soothing carols, adorned trees and the pleasing aroma of seasonal delights creates a magical atmosphere during Christmas.

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This beautiful festival Christmas unites diverse cultures in the spirit of love and giving. One of the most important Christmas special dishes is cakes. People cut cakes to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus. If you’re planning to travel this winter season then do not forget to enjoy Christmas special cakes while travelling via train.

Plum Cake: Must have During Christmas

plum cake

Have you ever heard about plum cakes? If not then let me tell you that this beautiful festival is incomplete without this Christmas special cake. Plum cakes are made with either dried fruit like raisins, berries etc or fresh fruits. In our country plum cakes are served generally during the Christmas holiday season. People used to add rum and brandy as well for a better taste. This cake is being prepared by baking method and no more extra toppings or creams are added to this unique type of cake. Now, passengers can easily enjoy this delightful plum cake on their next train journey.

Chocolate Cake: A Delicious Delight

chocolate cake

Whenever we talk about delightful cakes then chocolate cakes need no introduction at all. Chocolate cake has its fan following in our country. The chocolate flavour is added to the batter of this cake to make it chocolaty. Apart from that, people also add chocolate cream, chocolate chips and chocolate syrups as well. If you’re also a chocolate-loving person then order delicious chocolate cake on your next train journey.

Fruit Cake: A Taste of Freshness

fruit cake

You can also try delicious fruit cake while travelling via train. Fresh and delicious fruit toppings are added to the top of the cake. Fruit cake tastes so delicious. Now, you can easily order delicious fruit cake while travelling via train from RailRecipe.

Red Velvet Cake: Tastes like Heaven

red velvet cake

If you want to taste something amazingly delicious on the train then you must try red velvet cake. As the name says itself this cake feels very soft and velvety in texture and heavenly delicious taste. Red Velvet Cake is often iced with cream cheese frosting, though the most traditional pairing is ermine. Now, you can easily order mouth-watering red velvet cake while travelling via train from RailRecipe.

Strawberry Cake: A Tasty Delight

strawberry cake

You can also order a delicious Strawberry cake on the train. The strawberry syrup is added to the batter of the strawberry cake. Hence, you can easily order a delicious strawberry cake on the train while travelling.

These are some of the most popular cakes that customers can easily order during their train journeys. Apart from these special cakes, they can also order cupcakes, black forest cake, vanilla cake, pineapple cake, cheesecake, white forest cake, rainbow cake, butterscotch cake, dark chocolate cake etc.

Christmas time is all about good food, a peaceful atmosphere and positive vibes. Hence, whenever you plan to travel this Christmas with your friends and family members then kindly do not forget to explore the RailRecipe website for your food-related requirements. RailRecipe never compromises the quality of the food because our customers are precious to us.

How to Order Christmas Special Cakes from RailRecipe?

You can easily order your delightful Christmas special cake from RailRecipe. All You need to do is visit our RailRecipe website or download the RailRecipe App. Enter your 10-digit PNR number on the website or App and choose the available location (Station) to receive your Christmas cake. After that, choose the restaurant and the flavour of the cake you want to order. After choosing the cake, enter your details and proceed to payment. You will get an order confirmation message after placing the food order. Now, just sit back and relax. Our delivery guy will surely deliver your food order on time with contactless delivery.

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Sometimes passengers might face serious internet connection issues while travelling via train. Hence, in that case, you can easily order your desired meal by calling us on our helpline number 844-844-0386. Our customer care executives will help you in placing your food order on the train. All you need to do is to just tell them your PNR number. They will give you food options at various railway stations. Choose your meal according to your comfort. Afterwards, they will place your food order on your behalf. RailRecipe can be your best travel partner by providing you with top-notch quality food directly on the train seat.

5 Christmas Special Cakes to Order While on Train Journey

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