things to keep in mind while travelling during winters

The train journey is something that makes us fully satisfied. People travel a lot via train during Christmas and New Year. This beautiful season starts in November and ends in the Month of February. If you’re an adventure-loving person or you want to celebrate your new year in a unique way then you must plan to travel this winter. The Train journey can be the best option for travelling during winter as it offers cosy and comfortable travelling experiences.

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From hot tea to cosy blankets, from unlimited stories to comfortable seating arrangements with all the facilities, the railway management will surely offer you everything you want during your train journey. As winter is just around the corner, if you want to travel this winter season then this is the best time to plan the trip. Train journeys become more memorable during the winter season. Winter train journeys transform the amazing landscape into foggy weather. The rhythmic clatter of wheels harmonises with the crisp air and chilli atmosphere to create an incredible travel experience. Frost-kissed windows frame a world adorned in white, as comfortable seating arrangements on the train make their journey more special.

Passengers enjoy a lot while travelling via train during winter. They used to share stories over steaming cups of tea and coffee, forging transient connections amidst the chilly ambience. The train’s breath mingles with the winter mist, adding an unremarkable touch to the journey. Each stop unfolds a winter wonderland by offering different winter views, inviting travellers to witness the magic of the season through the windows of their moving sanctuary, making the voyage a poetic odyssey.

Must-Have Things When Travelling During Winters

Train Journey is known for its modern facilities and comfortable seating arrangements. Indian Railways is continuously introducing modern and high-tech trains for passengers. Winter is just around the corner and the extremely cold temperature with a chilli cold breeze. If you are also planning to travel by train during this winter season then do not forget to pre-plan your train journey before boarding. Here, in this blog, we’re going to discuss things to keep in mind while travelling during winter season. These small things will make your journey more comfortable and relaxing.

Always Carry Your Woollens

always carry your woollens with yourself

Whenever you plan to travel via train during the winter season do not forget to carry your woollens with you. On a long journey, you might feel cold due to extremely low temperatures. Your own woollens will make you feel comfortable during your train journey.

Carry a Hot Water Bottle

carry a hot water bottle all the time

Do not forget to carry your hot water bottle with you during your train journey. Although the train management will surely provide you with a hot bottle, you should have to carry your own bottles with you. You can easily refill the water once it gets cold.

Order Hot Food on Train From RailRecipe

order hot train food from railrecipe

Don’t carry homemade food on the train while travelling because home-cooked food gets stale after a couple of hours. Now, IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporations) has introduced e-catering services on trains. Now, passengers can easily order their desired meal on the train. Have you heard about RailRecipe? If not, then let me tell you that it is not an ordinary e-catering company but, it is officially authorised by IRCTC that deliver fresh, delicious and hygienically prepared food directly to your train seat.

Whenever you plan to travel during winter and crave hot and delicious food on the train then do not forget to order your desired meal from RailRecipe. You will get hot and delicious food directly on your train seat. You can easily choose your desired food from the wide range of dishes available in the RailRecipe menu. Some of the ideal winter foods will be soups, chicken curry etc.

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Always Wear Your Shoes

always wear your shoes while travelling

Whenever you travel in winter do not forget to wear your shoes with shocks. Shoes will keep your feet warm, so you will feel relaxed while travelling. Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. If you want to keep your entire body warm then you should have to keep your feet covered. Hence, never forget to wear your shoes before travelling.

Carry Dry-Fruits with Yourself

carry dryfruit for snacks

Dry fruits or nuts are essential in winter due to their nutritional value. Dry- fruits are usually packed with various major vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants Dry- fruits like almonds, walnuts, cashews and pistachios boost immunity, and generate heat in our body by keeping winter illnesses at bay. The high fibre content aids digestion and helps maintain a healthy weight. Dry fruits are popularly known for providing a natural source of warmth to the body, making them particularly beneficial during the colder months of winter.

Additionally, One should always consume dry fruits and nuts during winter. The energy boost from their natural sugars helps combat the lethargy often associated with winter. Including a variety of dry fruits in your diet ensures to provide all types of nutrition intake, contributing to overall well-being during the chilly season. Hence, whenever you want to have something crunchy during your train journey you can easily consume these dry-fruits. Always carry various types of dry fruits with you during your train journey.

IRCTC E-Catering Services

Now you can easily order your desired meal on the train from IRCTC E-catering services. We have already discussed earlier that RailRecipe is an IRCTC-authorised e-catering company that delivers the best food on trains. Additionally, I would like to inform you that it is linked with a top-notch FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standard Authorities of India) approved partner that delivers supreme quality of food items directly to the train seat.

Food on Train IRCTC

Passengers can easily order their desired meal on train from the RailRecipe website or they can also download the RailRecipe App. To order your winter special meal on train from RailRecipe you just need to enter your 10-digit PNR number or the RailRecipe App or website. Afterwards, the app or the website will show you the available locations (stations) from where you can select where you want to receive your food order. Once done, choose the restaurant from where you want to order your food and then place your food order. RailRecipe provides comfortable payment options for the customers. They can either choose cash on delivery or prepaid mode of payment options while ordering food.

You don’t need to think twice before ordering food on the train from RailRecipe. It is a leading e-catering company that delivers top-notch quality food directly on the train seat with contactless delivery. RailRecipe provides hassle-free food ordering platforms from where you can easily order your desired meal in just a few clicks. If you’re not a techie guy then you can easily place your food order by calling us on our helpline number 844-844-0386. Our customer care executive will help you in placing your food order on the train. Hence, whenever you plan to travel via train in this upcoming winter season then do not forget to order your delightful winter special meal on the train from RailRecipe.

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling During Winters

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