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Food is the most important thing that connects with your heart through the taste buds. Who doesn’t love to have good food? Good food makes you feel good and satisfactory. Quality of food leads to a happy and positive mood, especially when you’re traveling with your friends and family members. Most travelers prefer train journeys instead of flights for their comfort and convenience.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss how you can easily order your dinner on train while traveling. Yes! You heard that right. Now, you can easily order your choice of dinner on train journey from RailRecipe.┬áIf you’re a regular train traveller then this blog is for you. Suppose you’re planning to travel a long route then you don’t need to be worried about your meals. RailRecipe is here to take care of all your food-related requirements.

RailRecipe is an IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) authorized e-catering company that delivers the best food on trains. RailRecipe is linked with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authorities of India) approved top-notch partner restaurants that deliver delicious and hygienically prepared food on train. If you’re also planning to travel via train then you can also pre-order your food before or you can also place group orders as well. Hence, for what you’re waiting for? Order your desired dinner on train from RailRecipe in just a few clicks.

Various Dinner on Train Options Available Online

Your dinner should be ideal and fulfilling for good health. It is one of the most important part of a meal. No matter where you are, the dinner should be nutritious and fulfilling. If you’re traveling then you can easily order your desired dinner on train from RailRecipe. Here, some of the most popular and high-selling dinner options are mentioned below. You can also customize the meals according to your taste and preferences.

Maharaja Thali

maharaja thali on train

If you want to have something delicious and fulfilling food then order Maharaja Thali from RailRecipe. As the name says this thali will be big in size it will be enough for you. The premium maharaja thali will contain a variety of different cuisines like pulao, dal fry, for a reel kadai paneer, chapati/naan, seasonal vegetables, salad, papad, pickle, and some sweets. This thali will be delicious and so fulfilling for your dinner.

You will also get both veg and non-veg options in this Maharaja Thali. The non-vegetarian Maharaja Thali will contain chicken curry instead of kadai paneer. So, do not forget to try our delicious Maharaja Thali while traveling via train from RailRecipe. This thali will be one of the cheapest and best dinner options as you will get a variety of cuisines on a single platter.

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Chicken Curry

chicken curry on train

Non-vegetarian-loving people love having chicken while traveling via train. You can order chicken curry or chicken masala along with chapati/naan or rice. Some of our vendors also provide chicken curry combos where you will get chicken curry along with rice or chapati with salad. You can also customize your food according to your taste and preferences. So, if you’re a non-vegetarian loving person then do not forget to enjoy delicious chicken curry for your dinner on train while travelling.

Aloo Paratha

aloo paratha on train

Winters are just around the corner and if you’re also craving for parathas then order your hot and delicious aloo paratha on the train. Nothing can match the popularity of aloo paratha in India. RailRecipe offers a wide range of paratha options where you will get different types of parathas like aloo paratha, sattu-stuffed paratha, paneer paratha, onion paratha, etc. You will get 2 pieces of aloo paratha along with butter, pickle, and curd. Hence, whenever you plan to travel via train then do not forget to try aloo paratha for your dinner meal from RailRecipe.

Chole Bhature

chole bhature on train

If you want to have something heavy and delicious while traveling via train then you must try chole bhature on the train. Chole Bhature is a popular North Indian dish that pairs spicy chickpeas (chole) with deep-fried bread (bhature). It’s a tasty and delightful combination of different flavors of Indian spices and textures, often served with plain yogurt, pickles, and onions salad and butter. Delicious and lip-smacking chole bhature has its own fan following in India. Do not forget to enjoy delicious Chole Bhature on the train while traveling from RailRecipe.

Kadai Paneer

kadai paneer on train

If you’re a paneer-loving person then you must try delectable paneer kadai on the train. Order delicious Paneer Kadai with chapati or naan on the train. Paneer Kadai is a popular and flavourful paneer dish that tastes super delicious. This flavorful Indian vegetarian dish features chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cooked in a spiced tomato-based gravy cooked with authentic Indian spices. The dish is known for its aromatic blend of spices, vibrant colors, flavors, and creamy texture.


biryani on train

If you’re planning to travel via train and want something delicious and fulfilling for your dinner menu then you must try Biryani. It is one of the most popular and flavourful dishes. Biryani is a flavorful and aromatic South Asian rice dish known for its rich blend of spices, basmati rice, and marinated meat or vegetables. It’s a culinary delight that varies across regions, each offering a unique twist to this beloved dish. If you order biryani on train from RailRecipe you will get delicious and hot biryani along with raita, salad, and pickle. We provide varieties of biryani options such as veg-biryani, Non-veg biryani, egg biryani, mutton biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Kolkata biryani, etc.

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Dal-Fry Combo

dal-fry combo on train

You can order a RailRecipe special dal-fry combo for your dinner on train. In this combo, you will get tasty and delicious dal-fry along with chapati and jeera rice with some pickles and salad. Dal is known as one of the most nutritious foods. Do not forget to order a delicious and fulfilling dal-fry combo on the train for your dinner meal.

Fish Curry

fish curry on train

If you’re a fish-loving person then you must try delectable fish curry on the train from RailRecipe. Just dive into a flavorful journey with aromatic Indian herbs and spices, tender fish, and a rich, yellow, and black mustard-infused curry that tantalizes your taste buds on another level. This fish curry recipe tastes super delicious with chapati as well as plain rice. Apart from being delicious in taste, fish curry contains an abundance of nutrition that will be helpful for maintaining good health. Try healthy and tasty fish curry on the train while traveling from RailRecipe.

IRCTC E-Catering Services

IRCTC E-catering services have revolutionized the railway dining experience in India. Now, passengers can easily order their food on the train in just a few clicks. The different platforms of e-catering services offer a user-friendly interface, by allowing the passengers to browse the menu, choose their desirable food items, and place orders. RailRecipe is an IRCTC-authorised e-catering company that delivers the best food on trains.

If you’re also planning to travel via train then do not forget to order your desired meal from RailRecipe. You can place your food order on our website www.railrecipe.com or you can also download the RailRecipe app. If you’re not a techie guy then call us at 844-844-0386. This is our helpline number. Our customer care executive will help you in placing your food order on the train.

Enjoy Delicious Dinner on Train with RailRecipe

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