railway museums in India

Railway Museums in India has an extensive record of functioning. The first train service between Thane and Mumbai began in 1853. Since then, a lot of things have changed. Indian Railways has experienced major shifts. Along with the retired trains in the scrapyard, there are some fresh ones on the rails. Over time, any of the items used by Indian Railways gained fame, and the government consented to display them in train museums for public viewing. Any train lover should make time to visit at least one of India’s many rail museums. You should definitely check out the list of Indian railway museums that we have put up. You will be surprised to hear about the little-known facts regarding railroads and Indian Railways’ utilization of historic locomotives. Check out the list of top 6 railway museums in India.

Railway Museums in India

There is still more to learn about each industry, especially with a past as diverse and rich as India’s. You’re in luck if you’re interested in the nation’s locomotives. For the history and logistics of India’s lifeblood can be found in a variety of structures across the globe. Anywhere in India, regardless of where you are in the world, there is a rail museum. We’ve put up a selection of museums that any train lover should visit, ranging from the oldest steam engines to the most recent rapid transit metro. This is an exhaustive list of all Indian railway museums.

1. National Rail Museum, New Delhirailway museums in India

The largest collection of trains in the nation is kept at the National Rail Museum in Delhi, which first opened its doors in 1977. From tiny replicas to full-scale train systems, there are many of alternatives. The museum documents 163 years of the nation’s locomotive industry. Electric, diesel, and steam trains are all visible here. It also has the first steam monorail locomotive and coach in operation in the world. To keep visitors entertained, the facility is constantly updated with immersive exhibitions and activities, even though it was constructed decades ago. The renowned train scenes from Bollywood films that are painted on the walls immediately draw attention to the exteriors. Additionally, you can ride the train or the joy ride.

2.Howrah Railway Museum, Kolkata

A number of other museums focus more on the railway sector geographically, even if the National Rail Museum provides thorough overview information about India’s railway history. One such instance is the Howrah Railway Museum in Kolkata. It was opened in 2006 and tells the story of the railways in the eastern parts of India. In addition to train models, the museum has a pictorial wall that takes you through significant historical moments. The enormous enclosure of the building is dotted with shops that highlight different aspects of locomotives. Among them are postage stamps, staff clothing, electrical products, and timekeeping! The museum is easily accessible near the Howrah Station and provides toy train rides as well.

3. Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways, Punerailway museums in India

Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways, which houses B.S. Joshi’s personal collection, is a unique model train for fans of intricately built model trains. The museum opened to the public in 1998 and quickly gained popularity in Pune due to its novelty value. In addition, it features displays where trains are shown in working order and various aspects of the models are discussed. The trains are operated by a machine. Initially, the creator’s hobby turned into a popular tourist destination that showcases many of his model trains. Sadly, the builder passed away shortly after the museum opened, leaving his son in charge.

4. Railway Museum, Mysuru

Parts of the collection were originally housed in Mysore Palace before being relocated to their current site. A working toy train is available for journeys, carrying on the tradition of train museums. An intriguing exhibit in the museum is the Austin Railway car, which is a car modified to operate on railway tracks and transport inspection officers. The Railway Museum of Myuru is located in Karnataka. The museum is an outdoor display of antique Indian locomotives. The setup also includes information like signals and lighting. The museum has been open since 1979.

5. Chennai Rail Museum, Chennairailway museums in India

The Chennai Railway Museums in India is a different museum that explores the industry’s geographical history with a particular emphasis on the southern region of the nation and its history in the rail sector. It was opened in 2002 and provides information on both the technical problems and the background of locomotives. There are many steam engines at the Chennai Rail Museum that were in service in India during the British colonial era. It also features odd artifacts discovered aboard trains, along with a working-scale replica of them. This place also allows the usage of vintage coaches. The topic is completely safeguarded because of both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Like the other museums, it has a toy train for a relaxing ride.

6. Rewari Rail Museum, Haryana

Located in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) of India, Rewari, Haryana, is home to the Rewari Railway Heritage Museum, originally known as the Rewari Steam Locomotive Shed. Constructed in 1983, this is the only remaining steam locomotive shed still standing in India. Built in 1885, the Fairy Queen tourist train is the oldest operating locomotive in the world and is housed in the Rewari Rail Heritage Museum together with some of the last steam locomotives in existence in India. It is located 50 kilometers from Gurugram, 79 kilometers from the Chanakyapuri National Rail Museum in New Delhi, and 400 meters north of the entrance to the Rewari railway station.

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railway museums in India

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Exploring The Top 6 Railway Museums in India

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