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As we Know that summer is just around the corner and this is the best time for having chilled and delicious shakes. If you’re also planning to travel this year in summer vacations via train then do not forget to order shakes on train by the help of e-catering services provided by IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). The delicious and creamy shakes will literally your mind and also it will keep your stomach cool and full.

During the train journey in the summer season, people used to have packaged cold drinks that brutally harmed our body from inside. Rather than choosing drinks made with harmful chemicals, people should always prefer healthy options like shakes that are made with milk and fruits. Shakes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep our body healthy and also cool down our body to tackle the heating atmosphere. The main key ingredients of the shakes are milk, sugar, fresh fruits, and cardamom for the taste and flavors. Here, in this blog we are going to discuss some of the most popular shakes on train that you can easily order while traveling via train.

Must try summer special milk shakes on Train

1. Chocolate Shake

People in India have a separate fan following for chocolates and what if we are talking about the Chocolate Shake? This particular shake is very popular among kids. People love having creamy and delicious chocolate shakes on the train. Now you can easily order delicious shakes on train by the help of IRCTC e-catering services provided by Indian Railways.

2. Strawberry Shakeshakes on train

You can also try tasty and flavourful strawberry shakes on train. The main key ingredients of these delicious shakes are fresh strawberries, milk and sugar. Somewhere, people also use strawberry syrup for adding the flavor of strawberry. Hence, you can easily order this delicious shake while traveling via train.

3.Banana Shakeshakes on train

This will be one of the healthiest shakes on train ever. People use milk, sugar and bananas for preparing this shake. If you want to have something super healthy, delicious and fulfilling while traveling via train then do not forget to order a banana shake on the train. The bananas are usually rich in iron and other beneficial nutrients that help our body to remain healthy. You can easily order healthy and delicious shakes on train by the help of IRCTC e-catering services provided by Indian Railways.

4.Mango Shakeshakes on train

Have you ever tried mango shake on train? If not then you must try it. The Mango is known as the king of all fruits. Large number of people in our country love having mangoes in the summer season. Mainly fresh mangoes are only available in the summer season, hence, this season will be the best time to have delicious and tasty mango shakes. Now, you can easily order it while traveling via train as well.

5. Dry-fruits Shakesshakes on train

You can also order tasty and healthy dry-fruit shakes on train. Different dry-fruits such as cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and raisins are grinded with milk and sugar in order to make it creamy and flavourful. This shake not only tastes heavenly delicious but is also beneficial for our body as well. These dry-fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that soothes our body from inside out.

6. KitKat/ Oreo Shakesshakes on train

If you’re a particular chocolate or biscuit loving person then you must try very popular KitKat Shakes and Oreo Shakes on the train. These shakes are usually made with the product (KitKat chocolate and Oreo biscuits) grinded with milk and sugar.

7. Kiwi Shakeshakes on train

In the list of large numbers of different shakes available in the RailRecipe menu, how can we ignore Kiwi Shake? This shake is usually made with fresh Kiwis grinded with milk and sugar. Sometimes, people also use kiwi flavoured syrup for adding additional taste. This shake tastes heavenly delicious when served chilled.

8. Papaya Shakeshakes on train

Papaya shakes are also very popular among gym going people. The main key ingredient of this shake is papaya grinded with milk and sugar. Hence, if you’re a health-conscious person then you must try tasty and healthy papaya shakes on train from RailRecipe.

IRCTC e-catering services

Indian Railways had introduced IRCTC for providing additional services to passengers. Now, India Railways also provides e-catering services on trains. Passengers can easily order their desired meal on the train by the help of e-catering services. There are many e-catering companies in India but very few ones are officially authorised by IRCTC. RailRecipe is an IRCTC authorised e-catering company that delivers top-notch quality of food directly on the train seat. If you’re also looking for fresh, delicious and hygienically prepared food on the train then you must order your shakes on train from RailRecipe.

How to Order Train Food from RailRecipe?

Ordering food from RailRecipe is not a big deal. You can easily order your desired meal from RailRecipe in just a few clicks. For ordering food in train from RailRecipe website or App follow these steps given below.

Visit to RailRecipe website or you can also download RailRecipe Mobile App

  1. Afterwards, enter your 10-digit PNR number
  2. After entering the PNR details the website or App will show you the available locations (Station) where you can easily receive your food orders
  3. After choosing the location, select the restaurant from where you want to place your food order
  4. Afterwards, choose your desired meal from the vast menu of RailRecipe
  5. Proceed, and enter your personal details
  6. Complete your payment process and place your food order

After placing a food order from RailRecipe just sit back and relax, our delivery guy will surely deliver your food order on time to your train seat. Sometimes it might happen that passengers face serious internet connection issues while traveling via train hence, in that case you can easily call us on our helpline number 844-844-0386. Our customer care executive will help you in placing your food order according to your taste and preferences. Now, you can easily order your favorite shakes on train from the RailRecipe website or App.

RailRecipe is not an ordinary e-catering company, it is officially authorized by IRCTC that provide hassle-free food ordering platforms for the passengers. RailRecipe is linked with top-notch FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authorities of India) approved partner restaurants that deliver fresh, delicious, and hygienically prepared food on train. Our services are live on more than 600+ Railway Stations in India. Hence, from next time whenever you plan to travel via train then do not forget to order your desired meal on the train from RailRecipe.


Enjoy Delicious and Refreshing Flavors of Shakes on Train

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