vande sadharan train for common man

The Indian Railways is the national railway system that is operated and managed by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. Railways play a crucial role in the economic growth and development of our country as it supports the transportation of goods and commodities across the country. Hence, Railways is known as the “Backbone of the Indian Economy”. In this piece, I will explore the Vande Sadharan train which is being launched by Indian Railways.

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Apart from transportation, Indian Railways also helps in connecting various parts of the country by providing efficient and affordable service to millions of passengers every day. The Railway network covers a vast expanse by connecting minor rural villages to major metro cities and towns across the country. It is divided into zones to divisions to manage operations efficiently. Hence, Indian Railways is introducing premium high-speed trains with top-notch facilities every year. Recent High-speed express trains launched  One of the most popular high-speed express trains launched by Indian Railways is Vande Bharat Express.

Vande Bharat Express Train: A Revolution in Indian Railways

Indian Railways introduced a high-speed train service in India with modern facilities named Vande Bharat Express in September 2021. This train is also known as Train 18 and it is one of the fastest and most modern trains introduced by Indian Railways. Vande Bharat Express or Train 18 is a revolution in Indian Railways because this train has all the modern features with unlimited facilities along with comfort for the passengers. Vande Bharat Express train is mainly popular for its speed hence, the train is designed to operate at a maximum speed of 180 km/h (112mph).

This high-speed express train reduces travel time between major Indian cities. Apart from that, this train is equipped with various facilities including a GPS-based passenger information system, AC coaches, rotating seats, onboard Wi-Fi, modular toilets, and many more facilities for making the journey comfortable for the passengers. Currently, the Vande Bharat Train operates 10 routes that are mentioned below:

  • Nagpur – Bilaspur Vande Bharat Express
  • Howrah – New Jalpaiguri Vande Bharat Express
  • Mumbai – Shirdi Vande Bharat Express
  • Mumbai – Solapur Vande Bharat Express
  • Chennai – Mysore Vande Bharat Express
  • New Delhi – Varanasi Vande Bharat Express
  • New Delhi – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra (J & K)
  • New Delhi – Amb Andaura Vande Bharat Express
  • Gandhinagar – Mumbai Vande Bharat Express
  • Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam Vande Bharat Express

Vande Sadharan Train for Common Man

features of vande sadharan train

Vande Bharat Express is one of the fastest trains introduced by Indian Railways with top-notch facilities for the passengers. The price of the ticket for this semi-speed high-tech train is quite high because it also provides top-notch facilities. Hence, Indian Railways had decided to introduce an affordable non-AC train with upgraded second-class unreserved and second-class 3-tier sleeper coaches for common people.

The main idea behind this special train is to provide a superior travel experience for the common man. The body of this train will resemble the original Vande Bharat Train. This train is planned to consist of 8 second-class unreserved coaches, 12 second-class 3-tier coaches along with 2-second luggage and also Divyaang friendly coaches. The Indian Government has already started to manufacture a cheaper version of the Vande Bharat Express Train.

Why Do the Indian Railways Need Vande Sadharan Trains for Common Man?

The Vande Bharat Express train was full of modern features with top-notch facilities hence, this train had gained so much attention and appreciation. Hence, after the success of the Vande Bharat Express Train, the government planned to expand the fleet and introduce Vande Bharat Train for the common man. Vande Sadharan train will have second-class and third-class sleeper coaches and the ticket prices will be more budget-friendly for common people.

Vande Bharat Express train is an extra special train because it has all the top-notch facilities for the passengers but common people can’t afford to travel via Vande Bharat Express Train. Hence, the Government of India and Indian Railways decided To introduce the same train with less facilities for common people.

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RailRecipe is a prominent platform in India and officially authorised by IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) that allows passengers to order food online to consume on train journeys. RailRecipe aims to provide fresh, delicious, and hygienically prepared food on trains. Ordering food from RailRecipe is very convenient and hassle-free because you just need your 10-digit PNR number for placing food order. RailRecipe delivers food on more than 560+ stations and is linked with 2500+ restaurant partners that deliver the best food directly at your seat.

RailRecipe has a variety of dishes on the menu no matter whatever you want to have while travelling via train. We serve veg, non-veg, Chinese, South-Indian, North- Indian, Continental as well as sattvik and jain food etc. You can order anything you want while travelling via train. You just need to enter your 10-digit PNR number and place your food order 1 hour prior to your desired location (the railway station where you want to receive your food order). You can place your food order from RailRecipe in three ways here, in this blog the details regarding the same are mentioned below:

  • Order from Website- You can order your food directly from the RailRecipe website – You just need to visit our official website and then enter your 10-digit PNR number and after that, the website will show you the location (railway station) where you can receive your food order. After selecting the desired location the website will show you the outlets that are serving that location afterwards, choose your desired meal then add to cart and proceed to payment. After placing your food order you don’t need to worry because our delivery guy will deliver your food order on your train seat.
  • Order From RailRecipe App- You can order your food from the RailRecipe app. You just need to download our app from Playstore and then log in and place your food order by entering a 10-digit PNR number.
  • Call on Helpline Number- If you are not a techie guy then you can also place your food order by calling us on our helpline number 8448440386. Our customer care executives are always there for your help and they will place your food order on your behalf and you will receive your order on your train seat without any inconvenience.

RailRecipe is not an ordinary e-catering company, it is an IRCTC- authorised platform that delivers the best food on the train. Hence, From next time whenever you plan to travel via train then, kindly do not forget to place your food order from RailRecipe.

Indian Railways to Soon Launch Vande Sadharan Trains for Common Man

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