Top 21 Biggest Railway Station in India

The Biggest Railway station in India and many trains with small substations make the 3rd most expansive railways network worldwide. It is one of India’s most adapted and convenient means of transport, especially for long-distance traveling. The Indian Railway network is the 3rd largest chain of the network across the world, and the Indian railway network has a total length of 67,956 KM track and more than 7500 railway stations. The railway network of India is under the authority of the Indian Railways Ministry.

The number of passengers availing Indian Railway transportation service is escalating every passing day. To meet the public’s huge demands, the Government of India is continuously working on setting the biggest and more extensive railway stations. Moreover, they are taking the initiative to deliver food on train to make the journey a delight. Here we have listed the top 21 biggest railway Stations of India.

List of Top 21 Biggest Railway station in India & Important Facts  

 Howrah Junction Railway Station  

Howrah Junction Railway Station

When it comes to the passenger crowd, the Howrah Junction Railway station is one of the busiest train stations worldwide. The station serves more than 1 million passengers every day. The station consists of a total of 23 platforms. Howrah Junction of West Bengal is the biggest railway station and serves about 600 passengers every day.

  1. Location:- Lower foreshore road, W.B

  2. Zone:- Eastern Railway zone

  3. Lines:- Howrah-Delhi, Howrah-Mumbai

 Sealdah Railway Station    

Sealdah Railway Station

Sealdah Railway station resides in the Suburban part of Kolkata. The station serves more than 1.8 million passengers every day, and it is 158 yr old railway station in India. The Saledah Railway station consists of a total of 20 platforms.

  1. Location: Sealdah, Kolkata, W.B

  2. Zone: Eastern Railway Zone

  3. Station: SDAH

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 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) Mumbai   

 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) Mumbai 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a world UNESCO heritage site situated in the state of Maharastra.7 platforms are used by suburban trains, whereas 11 other platforms hold long-distance trains that help the passengers to travel from one station to another.

  1. Location: Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

  2. Zone: Central Railway Zone

  3. Line: Mumbai- Nagpur-Howrah line & Mumbai-Chennai line

New Delhi Railway Station ( The Capital City)

New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi railway station is a railway station that resides in the capital city of India. Delhi railway station collects the highest revenue with its services in India. The frequency of passenger movement at Delhi railway station is highest, making it busiest among all.

  1. Location: New Delhi, India

  2. Zone: Northern railway Zone

  3. Station Code: NDLS

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 Chennai Central Railway Station    

 Chennai Junction Railway Station

The Railway station of Chennai is one of the most famous & prominent landmarks that you find in the city. George Harding designed the architectural building of this railway station. The railway tracks have an average length of 600 meters. The entire railway station consists of 17 platforms. It marks its name as one of the cleanest railway stations in India and serves 550,000 passengers regularly.

  1. Location: Grand Western Trunk Road, Chennai

  2. Zone: Southern Railway Zone

  3. Line: Chennai-New Delhi, Chennai-Howrah, Chennai-Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station

Ahmedabad Railway Station 

Ahmedabad Junction is a major Railway station of state Gujarat. It comes as 2nd profitable and highest-earning railway station after the new Delhi railway junction. The Railway station is famous locally as Kalupur station because it resides kalupur wall area. The total number of platforms available at Ahmedabad Railway station is 12. The Railway station is full of amenities like a resting room, elevators, VIP lounge, and others.

  1. Location: Kalupur, Gujarat, India

  2. Zone: Western Railway Zone

  3. Lines: Ahmedabad- Mumbai, Ahmedabad-Delhi, and Ahmedabad-Jaipur line

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Bangalore City Railway Station  

Bangalore Junction Railway Station

Bangalore city is the hub of IT and is popularly known as the garden city of India. The railway station marks its name among the busiest railway stations in India. The Bangalore railway station consists of a total of 10 platforms along with 3 entrances in a different direction. It holds a rush of 565,000 passengers every day.

  1. Location: Gubbi Cross, Railway station road, Bangalore

  2. Zone: South-western railway zone

  3. Line: Mysore-Bangalore Railway line and  Guntakal Bangalore Section

PrayagRaj Junction Railway Station 

PrayagRaj Junction Railway Station

Prayagraj Railway station is the headquarters of the North Central Zone of Indian Railways. Formerly it was known as Allahabad Junction. The railway station has a total of 10 platforms and serves a lot of passengers during Kumbh Mela.

  1. Location: Leader road, PrayagRaj, U.P

  2. Zone: North-central Railway Zone

  3. Line: Howrah-Delhi mainline and Howrah-Mumbai Line

Kanpur Central Railway Station 

Kanpur Central Railway Station

Kanpur Central is the 3rd busiest railway station after Howrah Junction and the new Delhi railway station. The Railways station has the largest interlocking route system across the globe. According to current reports of North Central Railways, meeting the station requires at least 10 more platforms to serve the passenger traffic it is getting.

  1. Location: Ghantaghar  Crossing, Kanpur

  2. Zone: North Central Railway Zone

  3. Line: Howrah-Delhi mainline

 Kharagpur Junction Railway Station

Kharapur Railway Station 

Kharagpur Junction is known as the gateway to the south Eastern Railway. It has the 3rd most extended platform length. The remodeling and inauguration of the newly designed Kharagpur railway station were done on 6 Oct 2013. The Railway station has Asia’s most extensive solid interlocking system. People traveling via train must enjoy the Dum Aloo and puri here by ordering through a reliable e-catering partner such as RailRecipe.

  1. Location: West Bengal, India

  2. Zone: Southeastern Railway Zone

  3. Line: Asansol- Puri Line and Howrah Nagpur line

 Vijayawada Junction Railway Station

Vijayawada railway Station 

The construction of the Vijaywada Railway station was completed in the year 1888. The Vijaywada railway station opens the mainline of New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai Chennai, making transportation easier. The station is listed as one of the busiest Railway stations in India, holding a crowd of 1.6 lakh passengers every day.

  1. Location: Vijaywada, A.P, India

  2. Zone: South Coast Railway Zone

  3. Line: Delhi-Chennai, Howrah-Chennai

 Bilaspur Junction Railway Station 

Bilaspur Junction
Bilaspur Junction

Bilaspur Railway Junction marked its name in the top 3 list of cleanest railway stations in India. The Bilaspur railways station is one of India’s highest ticket railway stations, serving a good number of passengers every day. A notable amount of passenger train and long-distance trains cross from this railway station every day.

  1. Location: Budhwari Bazar, Bilaspur

  2. Zone: South East Central railway zone

  3. Line: Howrah- Mumbai Line and Katni- Bilaspur line

Gorakhpur Junction railway Station

Gorakhpur Railway Station

Gorakhpur is famous worldwide for its longest railway platforms. The station comes under the state of Uttar Pradesh and connects the Mumbai line. The station serves 190 trains daily—moreover the number increase on special occasions like festivals or any other.

  1. Location: Dharamshala,Gorakhpur, U.P
  2. Zone: North-Eastern railways
  3. Line : Lucknow- Gorakhpur line

Luncknow Charbagh Railway Station 

Charbagh-Railway-Station Lucknow

The Lucknow charbagh Railway station is famous for its unique and fascinating beautiful design. Lucknow charbagh Railway station is not only the biggest but one of the primary passengers center of Uttar Pradesh. The station serves both metro and long-distance trains to connect different parts of the city and country.

  1. Location: Charbagh Lucknow, U.P
  2. Zone:  Northern railway zone
  3. Line: Varanasi- Lucknow line and Gorakhpur-Lucknow line

Varanasi Junction Railway Station 

Varanasi Junction Railway Station

Varanasi is famous as a city of temples. The number of passengers reaching here every day is enormous. During festivals like dev Deepawali and more, the number of passengers increases many folds. It is one of the busiest stations in India and has a total of 9 platforms to reach and leave the station.

  1. Location: Varanasi district,U.P
  2. Zone: Northern railway zone
  3. Line: Varanasi-Lucknow line and Mughalsarai-Kanpur Line

Patna Junction Railway Station 

Patna Junction

Patna Junction railway station is a commercial hub as it lies between both Delhi and Kolkata. The inauguration of Patna railway station was done in the year 1862, whereas its construction started in the year 1855. The interlocking system between the railway track of Patna junction to Rajendra Nagar Terminal was done and completed in 2012.

  1. Location: Nearby Mahavir Mandir Patna
  2. Zone: East Central Railway zone
  3. Line: Howrah-Delhi and Asansol-Patna

 Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction railway Station

DDU (Mughalsarai) Junction

The name of pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya junction is Mugalsarai Junction earlier. It was renamed in the region of CM Yogi Adityanath. The Mughalsari junction has marshaling yards that are the largest among all in Asia. Famous trains like Tejas Express and Rajdhani express stopped here.

  1. Location: Mughalsarai, U.P

  2. Zone: East  central Railway zone

  3. Line : Howrah-Mumbai line and Howrah-Delhi line

 Nagpur  Junction Railway Station 

Nagpur Junction

Nagpur station is one of the most famous and overcrowded railway stations in the state of Maharastra. The Railway station comes under the A-1 grade railway station of India. The development of Nagpur railway station is undergoing as per the meeting of Railway station to meet all the international requirements.

  1. Location: Sitabuldi, Maharastra

  2. Zone: Central Railway Zone

  3. Line: New Delhi-Chennai and Bhopal-Nagpur

Kalyan Junction Railway Station

Kalyan Junction Railway Station
Kalyan Junction Railway Station

Kalyan Junction is one of the biggest railway stations residing in the suburban area of Mumbai. It is the interconnecting station that connects Mumbai with other suburban areas. The railway station holds great importance when it comes to interconnected stations of Mumbai. According to the yard remodeling project, the number of platforms will be increasing in Kalyan Junction currently; the number of platforms in Kalyan Junction is 8. 

  1. Location: Mumbai Suburban

  2. Zone: Cental Railway Zone

  3. Line: Howrah- Mumbai and Mumbai-Solapur

Itrasi Junction Railway Station 


Itarsi is one of the important stations that lie between Mughalsari and Nagpur Junction. The number of crowds receives by Itarsi railway station every day makes it 8th busiest railway station in India.One remarkable thing about Itarsi Railway station is that it is connected to all sides of the country.

  1. Location: Hoshangabad district, M.P India

  2. Zone: West Central Railway zone

  3. Line: Delhi-Chennai and Howrah Chennai

Vishakhapatnam Railway Station 

Visakhapattnam Railway Station

Visakhapatnam railway station connects the coastal areas of southern India. It is one of the busiest railway stations and most train health here for 5-20 minutes. If you feel hungry at Visakhapatnam station, order food from RailRecipe app, and we will deliver food at berth to avoid any last-minute hassle.

  1. Location: Railway New Colony, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Zone: South Coast Railway Zone
  3. Line: Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada line

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Which is the Biggest railway station in India?

The different Railway station of India is renowned and famous because of their extraordinary facts and qualities. However, the Howrah railway junction is the biggest and largest railway station in India. 

Q:Which Train of Indian Railways is fastest to reach the destination?

Vande Bharat Express is the fastest among all the train options available in India. The average operating speed of Vande  Bharat is 180 km/hr, followed by gatimaan express with a speed of 160 Km/hr.

Top 21 Biggest Railway Station in India: All You Need to Know

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