Can we travel with dog on train? You might have gone through such questions, and these kinds of questions are raised mainly by the person who must not have experience sharing life with dogs or any other pets. People generally own dogs or cats as pets. However, the number of dogs as pets is colossal in magnitude than any other animal. 

Dogs as pets share an inseparable bond in their owner’s life. They are the most loyal animals and faithful friends of humans. We don’t need to take any additional effort to love or pamper our pet dog. However, we find ourselves in a complex situation when traveling on a train with pets.

Many of us want to take our pets together wherever we go. To take your pets with you, it is necessary to know whether pets are allowed on trains. Yes, traveling with pets in India is possible. If you are looking for tips on how to carry a dog on train? How to book the ticket for dogs on the train? What are the rules and regulations? To get the answer to all your query read the article thoroughly. We understand that knowing Indian Railways Rules and Regulations from more people might confuse you. Therefore to help all the Indian Railway Passengers, we are coming up with a compiled list for you.

Is it Allowed to Travel With Dog On Train? 

An Ultimate Guide to Travel with Pets on Train 

Yes! Indian Railways allows you to take your Dogs with you by train. However, there are certain conditions, rules, and regulations by Indian Railways. You can only take your dog near you if you are traveling first-class AC coach. Otherwise, you need to take the permission of passengers.  Your pet will be transported in a luggage van and treated as luggage in some cases.

To travel with a dog on train, you need to inform the parcel office of the station where you need to board the train. You will get a booking slip after paying a charge of Rs 10. It will serve as a train ticket for your dog. 

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Indian Railways Rules And Guide to Travel with Dog On Train

How to carry dog on train

  1. As we have discussed earlier, it is better to travel with your dog on train with a First-class AC coach. However, you need to reserve the whole compartment to ensure the safety of your pet.

  2. Passengers are not allowed to carry pets on train in any classes. However, dogs on train can be carried by brake or luggage van. A specially designed box for dogs to carry them.

  3. You need to contact the Parcel office at least two days before if you want that your pet gets accommodated in these boxes.

  4. If you carry your dog on a train near you without any permission, you will have to pay a fine according to the dog’s weight, and these fines are prepaid in nature.

  5. If the dog is playing the role of seeing the eye of a Blind person, the tariff will remain the same as the Brake van even if the dog remains inside the compartment.use code food15 on train food orders

  6. It is solely the owner’s responsibility to arrange food in train and water for the dog throughout the journey.

  7. If you are traveling with your dog in First class share an AC coach. In case of any objection from other passengers, your dog will be shifted to the guard’s van, and you won’t be eligible to get any refund.

  8. Dogs are not allowed inside the train compartments irrespective of their coaches.

  9. If your dog breaks any rules of Indian Railways, it will be shifted to a brake van immediately, and you will be fined additional fees that are six times more than the Luggage scale rate.

  10. In the case of dogs of a large size, they can’t be carried inside dog boxes. They will be carried in other vehicles at the same cost.

Is Your Pet Safe While Travelling Via Indian Railways? 

Is Travelling with dog safe on train?

Indian Railways is one of the most convenient ways to carry your loved pet for a long journey. It is a safe and affordable option that you can go for. Knowing the simple laws of the Indian Railway, you can carry pets of all shapes and sizes, including dogs. It is advisable to travel in a first-class AC coach with your dogs. To have your dogs with you, the passengers need to book the whole train compartment, and you will easily reach the destination with your dogs.

However, the situation becomes complex if the dog is carried to the guard’s van as the condition of dog boxes here isn’t that great. The boxes have cramped iron shutters and lack air conditioning to maintain the appropriate temperature for your pet on train.

Dogs On Train: Best Tips for Travelling with Pets

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