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Indian Railways is becoming modern and technologically advanced slowly and gradually by introducing high-tech trains to provide modern electrified rail network lines facilities. Recently our Prime Minister had said that Indian Railways are moving forward with the aim of 100 percent electrification of all rail network lines in the next few months. This ambitious effort aimed at transforming one of the world’s largest rail networks into a more efficient and eco-friendly system. Hence, our country’s railway system is all set to achieve complete electrification of its broad gauge network soon. As our country’s economy is also moving towards growth day by day then this electrification rail network lines was much needed. Hence, Indian Railways are all set to become the largest green railways in the world. Apart from that many of the major regions in India are already fully electrified.

The Indian Government had planned this project in order to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. We all understand the fact that today for us the most important thing is good surroundings and atmosphere. This electrification rail network lines will surely help in maintaining a clean environment. Apart from that, This Electrification offers several benefits such as improvement I’m energy efficiency, a significant reduction in fuel costs, formation of less green gas emission etc. Today a large number of rail networks operate on diesel, which is not high in cost but also very dangerous for our environment. The electrification of the rail network will help the Indian Railways to cut down the utilization of diesel by switching on electricity.

Major Key Points About Indian Electrification Rail Network Lines

  • Budget of the Project

The budget of this project allocated Rs.6,500 crore for further electrification projects. One of the senior railway officials said “With a dedicated fund of Rs. 6,500 crore in FY25 for further electrification projects, India is committed to achieving complete electrification,”.

  •  Routes of Electrification

Indian Railways is all set to electrify 7,188 kilometers of rail network lines in 2023-24. The main routes of this electrification rail network lines include Ahmedabad-Rajkot-Okha (499 km), Bengaluru-Talugappa (371 km), and Bathinda-Firozpur-Jalandhar (301 km). This is assumed that the shift to electric traction is likely to cut 24 percent of carbon emissions by 2027-28. Apart from that, Indian Railways had electrified 40,000 route kilometers on the broad gauge network in 2014-15. According to railway officials, electrification is happening at a high speed compared to 2014-15.rail network lines

There are many benefits of this electrification of rail network lines but one of the best benefits will be a clean and fresh environment. Pollution is our basic need right now and the government must think about it. As we often discussed earlier, Indian Railways introduces new facilities for the passengers in order to make their journey more comfortable and convenient. Indian Railways had introduced IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) for managing ticketing, catering and tourism departments on trains. Have you ever heard about ordering food on the train? If not then let me tell you that now it is possible by the help of e-catering services on trains. There are many e-catering companies in the market but very few ones are officially authorised by IRCTC. RailRecipe is an IRCTC-authorised e-catering company that delivers top-notch quality of food directly on the train seat during the train journey.

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Indian Railways expects all of its rail network lines to be electrified by 2025

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