Get Food on Train in no Time from RailRecipe

Delivering food on train is a wonder task cause we don’t get a second chance in case of any delay like your usual food orders at home. As soon as your train reaches the station, our delivery person needs to rush against all hurdles to provide you with on-time delivery directly at your berth. However, we still manage successful delivery with the rate of 95-98% every day.


All We Get is Few Minutes

Get Food on Train in No time

Time is one of the challenging factors faced by our delivery person. As we all are aware most of the time train rest only for 2-3 minutes. When we accept a food order from the customer, we know that the task will be challenging for our delivery person. A train halts for 2-3 minutes, ideally at any station, and we cross all the hurdles to provide you hygienic food order on train.

1) Finding the Correct Coaches : Get Food on Train Directly at Your Seats

You must find yourself in a situation where you find the arrangement of caches properly in regular sequence. In such a case, our delivery person uses all their knowledge about the probability of the coach’s position where they need to deliver the food parcel.

2) Crossing All the Crowd

Once our delivery person has located the coaches, it’s time to enter the desired coaches after the train arrives. However its sounds too easy, but it isn’t! As soon as the train arrives, coaches get crowded with passengers who want to leave or enter the train. The delivery person manages all these crowds and makes their way through them to reach customers.

3) Make Ways to Reach Particular Train Berth

Once the delivery person enters the particular compartment, he moves towards the passenger berth. They also face some challenges if the user doesn’t stay at their seat as they might move somewhere else in search of the delivery person. That’s creating huge trouble. So, we kindly request our customers to have patience and stay at their seats our delivery person will reach directly to you at your train berth.

4) Confirmation of Your Order ID While You Get Food on Train

Once the delivery person reaches the desired coach and finds passengers’ berth, they need to identify and crosscheck them before delivering the parcel. He requires you to wait as long you take to match all the details. Once they get satisfied checking the details, they hand over the parcel and ask for payment in case of COD.

5)Collect Cash & Return Change( if any)

It is not the case with every food order, but applicable in cash on delivery options. Moreover, there might be chances that you don’t have the exact amount of cash, and it will take some more time to return the change.

Since the train has started to take its own pace, the delivery boy/girl will move out in the running train before it takes its regular speed.

We aim to serve thousands of passengers on train through our e-catering service. We try to satisfy every passenger test buds. The long time relationship and happy faces are rewards that we get in exchange for this service.

Conclusion : Know How to Get Food On Train With Us?

While booking your travel tickets via Indian Railways, don’t forget to order food on the train with RailRecipe to avoid the last-minute hassle. RailRecipe is an IRCTC authorized e-catering website that provides the food delivery service on train in no time. Explore the taste of town with us and make your journey memorable. Download the RailRecipe app or visit our website to place your order. You can directly call us at 844-844-0386!

Get Food on Train in No Time from RailRecipe

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