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Do you crave eating Non-Veg recipes on train journeys? Would you like to order only from those food delivery providers that deliver extra quantities of Juicy Chicken Biryani on train with Raita and salad at the same ordered price on the train? Do you feel hungry for eating Juicy Chicken legs with freshly prepared green coriander chutney with fresh salad to uplift your boring mood on the train? Are you bored of eating Paneer Butter Masala and Chicken Masala every time on trains and now want to try Biryani from a top Indian restaurant for its aromatic flavors and rich texture on the train?

If yes, you are at the right place! Try fresh & juicy Biryani on Train from RailRecipe. We hand over your fresh food parcel on your train berth at any station across India.

Get Your Favourite Juicy Biryani on Train

Let’s take a look at RailRecipe’s featured Biryani which is popular among its train customers and has received positive feedback for hygienically cooked, quick & tasty cuisines of their desire delivered right away at train’s seat during their journeys:-

Each Non-Veg food is cooked at FSSAI-recommended restaurants introducing different flavors and techniques of cooking. We went on the Biryani trail being delivered on trains by RailRecipe and couldn’t help sharing with you. Let’s plan & order Biryani on train from the below-mentioned menu available exclusively with RailRecipe for you:-

Biryani: Collections Available with RailRecipe exclusively for Train Travelers:

  1. Special Chicken Dum Biryani (Lucknowi/Awadhi) The Indian Royal Mughlai cuisine Biryani is now world-famous. The royal recipe has not only the richest aroma but is also easily digestible and good as it lacks the hotness of chilies when you eat. Cooked in richly flavored spices like star anise, cinnamon & cloves, its long-grained Basmati Rice gets enriched with flavors of spices & aroma which makes it taste unique & awesome. To relive royal Nawab’s culture, kewra water, pure ghee, yogurt marinated chicken breast & legs with bones are all spread over basmati rice in different layers to lock different flavors in between the basmati rice. Its unique dum cooking techniques, absence of hot chilies, and extensive use of spices make its taste different from Chicken Fried Rice though both look light in color. Order Now with Raita, Salad & some Mixed pickles.
  1. Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biryani: Adding the Dum method while cooking chicken Biryani is a unique way to cook biryani in any pot with a dough-sealed top. This special cuisine from the land of Nizams is meaty, spicy, and has saffron-colored basmati grains. The basmati rice is partially cooked and layered with marinated raw chicken, fried onion, kewra water, saffron color, pure ghee, lemon juice, potatoes, mint, and coriander leaves inside the top sealed pot with wheat dough and put over low flame for 35 to 40 mins to cook and blend all the flavors until it is tender. Try now with Cold Drinks.
  1. Handi Chicken Dum Biryani: The USP of this dish is the use of a Handi – an earthen pot to enrich its soothing taste and relive the old tradition is the reason why this Handi Chicken Biryani is being ordered frequently. The basmati rice in Handi Chicken Biryani is compulsorily layered at the bottom and top of the earthen pot which is finished with the dum method of cooking. It also has juicy yogurt-marinated chicken, fried onions, kewra water, aromatic spices, saffron, mint & coriander leaves, and cooked in pure ghee. Savor this delicacy with Raita, Onions & pickles.
  1. Mutton Dum Biryani: Similar to the process of Chicken Dum Biryani, the difference lies just in the process of its longer marination time as raw mutton usually a little more time to tender. It is again dum-cooked so that the process of slow roasting releases maximum flavor. It has long-grained saffron-colored Basmati rice cooked with Mutton, fried onions, kewra water, aromatic spices, mint & coriander leaves, and lemon juice with pure ghee sprinkled all over. Order now with Cold Drinks. 
  1. Lamb/Keema Dum Biryani: This royal cuisine is a special Kashmir delight but now can be savored from RailRecipe at any train location. The Biryani has finely chopped lamb keema all over long-grained basmati rice with aromatic spices, kewra water, lemon juice, mint, and coriander leaves cooked in pure ghee, its flavor is delicious & unique because of minced meat of keema instead of meat chunks generally used in Mutton & Chicken biryani. Order now with Raita, onion, pickles, and cold drinks.

The best thing for train travelers is you can try, order & re-order all these different royal-flavored Biryani on train online through RailRecipe @8448440386 or through the website www.railrecipe.com.

Hence to enjoy the train journey thoroughly, make your food order in just three easy with RailRecipe now for the best Non Veg Food on train. Just click three buttons here at RailRecipe while sitting on a train to get your food parcel at the same seat as your train at any train location PAN India!

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