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The train journey can be the most amazing time for those who love traveling while making unforgettable memories. Imagine you’re traveling via train and craving for something fulfilling like a complete home meal then only thalis come to your mind. Thalis are something that will provide multiple delicious cuisines on a single platter. Our country India is full of versatility and every Indian thali contains different dishes from different states. Indian thalis contain a little bit of everything from side dishes to snacks to main dishes and desserts. So, next time whenever you plan to travel via train then do not forget to order thali on train from RailRecipe.

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Why Order Indian Thalis on Train?

There are many reasons that make Indian thalis the best choice when it comes to train journeys. If you also prefer train traveling and are worried about what to eat during the journey? Then you’re at the right place because in this blog I’m mentioning the most popular and delicious thali on Train. I know after reading the title of this blog you all must be wondering why thalis. So, here are some of the examples that will prove why thalis are the best option when it comes to train journeys.

  • Thalis are very affordable compared to other dishes.
  • They can be the most fulfilling and complete meal so you won’t have to worry about getting hungry on your journey.
  • Thalis are usually served fresh and hot.
  • If you want to try different cuisines on a single platter then thalis can be the best option for you.
  • They come with a variety of dishes like a side dish, sweet dish, main dish, and some snacks as well.
  • They can be a great way to taste dishes from different states.

Different Varieties of Thali On Train Available

If you also want to try thali on train journey, then in this blog you will get to know everything related to this topic. Firstly let me tell you one thing that you can order thali on train from RailRecipe. Yes, you read that right Railrecipe is an IRCTC (India Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) authorized e-catering company that delivers tasty, healthy, and hygienically prepared food on trains. We are continuously working our best in order to provide you with quality food during your train journey.

Railrecipe is linked with more than 2500+ restaurant partners that are FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) approved. So, here I’m mentioning some of the popular thalis that you can easily order on your next train journey.

Pure Veg Thali

pure veg thali

Pure Veg thali can be the best option for you if you’re vegetarian. Veg thali contains a wholesome combination of different dishes like main-course gravy, sabzi, salad, dal or curry, sweet dish, and side dishes like roti, naan, chapati, paratha or boiled rice, etc.

Non Veg Thali

non veg thali

This thali can be the best option for non-vegetarian food lovers. Non veg thali contains a variety of non-veg items egg curry, chicken curry, and fish curry along with roti or rice.

North Indian Thali

north indian thali

North Indian thali can be a complete meal itself because it contains a variety of North Indian cuisines like different curries, gravies, dal, rice, salad, yogurt, papad, sweet dish, etc. Popular cuisines play a major role in typical North Indian thali like paneer makhani, lachha paratha, dal fry, etc. So, next time whenever you plan to travel via train then kindly do not forget to order North Indian foods on the train.

South Indian Thali

south indian thali

If we talk about popular cuisines of our country then South Indian foods need no introduction at all due to their unique flavors and different tastes by using different ingredients like tamarind, mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconuts, etc. Apart from South Indian regions, South Indian foods are famous all over the country and beyond.

A typical South Indian thali contains popular South Indian cuisines like idli, coconut chutney, sambhar, medu vada, etc. South Indian foods are not only good for health but good for digestion also. So, next time whenever you plan to travel via train then kindly do not forget to visit the RailRecipe website for ordering food online on the train.

Jain Food Thali

jain food thali

As you all know that Jain foods are very less available but we are connected with some vendors who deliver fresh and pure Jain food on trains. Jain food thali is very different from other thalis because it never contains non-vegetarian items along with onion and garlic which makes Jain foods pure from other cuisines.

Saatvik Food Thali

saatvik food thali

You can easily order pure Saatvik Food on the train with Railrecipe. We can understand your concern for pure and sattvic food during your vrat so you don’t need to worry because we are here for you. As you all know that sattvic foods are all about nutrition, healthy and pure food made with high-quality ingredients and exotic flavors. Next time whenever you plan to travel via train then kindly do not forget to order your Sattvik food thali on the train.

Veg Deluxe Thali

veg deluxe thali

You can also try Veg Deluxe Thali on the train because this can be the best meal for your train journey. This special thali contains a variety of dishes like butter chapati, paneer butter masala, paneer makhani, papad, raita, seasonal vegetables, etc. So, if you want some fulfillment to have during your train journey then this thali can be the best option for you.

Veg Maharaja Thali

veg maharaja thali

Have you ever tried Veg Maharaja Thali on the train? If not then, what are you waiting for? Before describing to you about popular royal Maharaja thali on the train let me tell you that you can treat yourself to royal Veg Maharaja thali on the train with Railrecipe. As the name says everything, Maharaja thali is the most premium thali on train that you can order. This special thali contains a variety of royal delicacies such as paneer kadhi, butter roti, paneer makhani, dal fry, mix-veg, veg raita, papad, and salad with pickle. If you are traveling via train and want something super delicious and fulfilling then you can try Veg Maharaja thali.

Different Regional Thali On Train

As we all know that our country India is rich in its traditions, cultures, and customs. Each State has its own tastes, and choice preferences when it comes to food. You remove one state to another you will notice that the dishes, spices, and cooking methods will change rapidly. RailRecipe provides some of the great Indian regional thali options such as :

  • Maharashtrian Thali
  • Bengali Thali
  • Punjabi Thali

Regional thalis present varieties of exotic dishes from different states such as fish curry and Kosha Mangsho from Kolkata and Dal Baati, Bajre ki roti from Rajasthan, etc. So, if you are traveling to another state and craving something fulfilling and a complete home-like meal on your train seat then Regional thali can be a good option for you.

Maharashtrian Thali

In Maharashtrian thali, you will find dishes like bhajis, chicken and fish, Sabudana vada, etc. People from Maharashtra love extremely spicy and unique masalas in order to add spicy flavor to their cuisine.

Bengali Thali

Bengali thali also contains a variety of delicious delicacies like Fish curry, Kosha Mangsho, Patol Bhaja, etc. Apart from that one of the most popular Bengali sweet dishes is Rasogulla.

Punjabi Thali

When it comes to Indian cuisines then Punjabi Thali needs no introduction at all due to its rich taste with spicy flavors. You can easily enjoy Punjab thali on the train with RailRecipe. You will find different Punjabi delicacies in Punjabi thali like Aloo Kulcha, Punjabi Chole, Paneer Tikka, Butter Chicken, Makke di roti and sarso da saag, etc. So, next time whenever you plan to travel via train then kindly do forget to order your food from Railrecipe.

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