best places to celebrate holi in india

Holi brings ultimate happiness to our lives. The festival signifies a colorful atmosphere, delicious foods, and lots of Bollywood-style dance. According to Hindu traditions, this celebration lasts for two days. It begins with Holika Dahan which is also called Chhoti Holi, followed by Holi on the second day. Holika Dahan signifies the victory of good over evil. According to the Hindu calendar, we celebrate the Holi festival in the month of Phalgun – falling between February and March. Holi festival is one of the most important festivals in India that is celebrated by the entire country. India is an incredible country and our cultures and traditions are reflected in our festivals. We have the best places to celebrate Holi in India.

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People play with colors, colorful water-filled balloons and with gulaal, etc in the morning and dance to Holi songs with full enthusiasm. Apart from that there are also some places in India where people celebrate Holi in a different way. There are places where you can visit during this Festival in order to experience the new cultures and traditions of our country. So, if you are also the kind of person who wants to explore India by visiting different places then you’re at the right place.

Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India

Read on to know the best places to celebrate Holi in India. Every state and every place has its own unique way to celebrate Holi.

Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh


Vrindavan is all about Lord Krishna’s playland and his spiritual vibes because Vrindavan is the birthplace of Krishna. Vrindavan is very popular for its beautiful temples like Banke Bihari TemplePrem Mandir, and ISKCON temple which attract many people by manifesting classic beauty with elegant architecture. If you want to enjoy this beautiful festival in a peaceful and spiritual way then Vrindavan can be the best option for you where you will experience different activities related to Lord Krishna like the Matki-Phod competition, colorful Holi at Banke Bihari Temple, etc.

Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Shanti niketan

You can celebrate this beautiful colorful festival in Bengali style at Shantiniketan in West Bengal. This is to let you know that in West Bengal Holi is known as Dol Jatra or simply Dol. You often heard that Bengali people celebrate Durga Puja with lots of enthusiasm but apart from that Bengalis also celebrate Holi full of happiness. As we all know that Holi falls between the month of Phalgun in the season of spring so in Shantiniketan this colorful festival is known as Basanta Utsav.

If You want to celebrate Holi in a unique and cultural way by taking inspiration from the vibrant colors of Holi then Shantiniketan can be the best place for you. On Holi, the people of Shantiniketan along with the students of the university dress up in colorful clothes and sing and dance to the song of Tagore and play with colorful colors and celebrate Holi.

Barsana, Uttar Pradesh


Have you ever heard about Lathmar Holi? If not then let me tell you. Lathmar Holi is very popular in Barsana which is located near Mathura, a small town and also one of the best places to celebrate Holi in India. In Barsana, people celebrate this colorful festival in a unique way. In Lathmar Holi women beat men playfully with the help of Lath (wooden stick). People start playing Lathmar Holi one week prior to the main festival and it is known as one of the most popular and fun-filled events that everyone should experience once in their life.

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Pushkar, Rajasthan


Pushkar is a holy town in Rajasthan that celebrates Holi with so much excitement and enthusiasm. This colorful festival in Pushkar starts with a traditional Holi bonfire that is also known as Holika Dahan which signifies the victory of good over evil. The next morning people play Holi with different colors.

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Anandpur Sahib

As we all know Punjabi people celebrate every festival full of happiness just like Anandpur Sahib celebrates Holi full of happiness and enthusiasm. The colorful Holi festival in Punjab is called Hola Mohalla and is more like the six colorful displays of pageantry. Hola Mohalla which is also called Hola is a three-day-long six festival that falls during the festival of Holi.

One of the most interesting facts is that the Hola Mohalla festival was started by the great Guru Gobind Singh of Punjab for the Sikhs community to practice military exercises. People celebrate this festival just like Holi by putting Colors on each other’s faces and also displaying martial arts, mock battles, and other displays. In this festival, the Sikh community showcases its values of service, selflessness, and bravery.

Jaipur, Rajasthan


Have you ever thought about enjoying this beautiful and colorful festival in Pink City Jaipur? If not, then let me tell you that you should definitely think about it because in Holi Jaipur transforms from Pink City to a colorful city. The main thing that makes their Holi more special is that the celebrations take place in a palace and it is hosted by the royal family to support local charities. Rajasthan is popular for its old-age cultures and traditions like Rajasthani folk songs with dance etc. You will experience a different peaceful and royal atmosphere in Rajasthan.



Delhi is the place where the heart of India lies. Holi is a fun-filled enthusiastic affair that transforms Delhi into a colorful rainbow. You will find colorful balloons, pichkaris, and gulal everywhere in Delhi. If you are traveling to Delhi in Holi then do not forget to participate in the Holi Moo Festival where you can enjoy this beautiful festival with lots of music, dance, and food. Apart from that there are places in Delhi like Janmastmi park, Maharana Pratap ISBT, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Garden of Five Senses, etc where you will find amazing Holi parties.

Hampi, Karnataka


Hampi in Karnataka is known as one of the best places to celebrate Holi. In Hampi, this beautiful festival starts with Holika Dahan and after that, on the next day people celebrate Holi by putting Colors on each other’s faces and they get indulged in delightful cheer. So, if you want to celebrate Holi in a different way then Hampi in Karnataka can be the best place for you.

Precautions To Take During Holi

Holi is an incredible festival that draws people from all over the world. People celebrate this colorful fest with happiness, joy, and enthusiasm. While playing Holi, people should have some precautions to be safe and healthy. Here I’m mentioning a few safety precautions that you might not want to miss:

  • Avoid synthetic colors because they are quite harmful to our skin, instead, look for organic herbal colors.
  • Teach your child to avoid water balloons.
  • Keep your eyes and mouth protected. Use sunglasses and masks.
  • Stay with your child.
  • Do not apply colors to one’s eyes or mouth.
  • Apply coconut oil or any other cream all over the body before going out to play with colors. Apart from that the hair should also be oiled so that the colors do not stick to the hair.
  • Ensure that you Play gently with the colors. Don’t rub Colors on anyone’s face because this can be harmful to the skin.

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8 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India

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