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Winter season is all about cold mornings, warm coffee, chilly nights, cozy blankets, bonfire, and traveling to holiday destinations during Christmas and New Year. It is known as the coldest season of the year which falls between autumn and spring. Traveling via trains and warm foods are the best combination during winter. Exploring India is the best way to utilize your winter holidays with lots of delicious foods. Generally, we feel hungrier in winter as the body works and spends more energy to keep us warm from the inside, so we desire to eat more. So, eat warm foods wherever you are in these chilly times. If you are traveling you can always try our winter food on train option.

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There are certain food items that help our body to stay warm during the winter season like soups, fruits, garlic, til, spices, hot-beverages, dry fruits, nuts, etc. While traveling by train during winter we crave something hot and spicy. RailRecipe is here to satisfy your soul by providing you with the best winter food on train options. It will not only provide healthy, hygienic, and fresh food but also easy and comfortable payment options. All you need to do that just visit our website or download our app for ordering your food you can also place your order by calling us at 844-844-0386. After that, it’s our responsibility to deliver the best in your bogie.

Why Warm Food Is Beneficial In Winter?

Whatever we consume affects our body no matter what food it is. Winter generally means cracked feet, chapped lips, and flaky skin so it is very necessary for us to keep ourselves warm and hydrated from inside. In order to keep our bodies warm we should always try to consume warm foods in the winter season. According to Ayurveda, having warm food in winter morning as a first meal is very beneficial for our overall digestive system. Foods that are warm in nature usually warm up our entire body and also hot food makes the digestion process run smoother.

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Due to the chilly atmosphere, our body craves hot and rich food which provides more nutrition, warmth, and vitamins to our body. Some foods which are very beneficial to have in the winter season are listed below:

  • Red Meat and Eggs– It contains a good amount of iron, protein, and vitamin B12 which helps our body to maintain a strong immune system.
  • Cereals– Food items like bajra, jowar, ragi, etc are rich in omega 3, vitamin A, C, and K which provides all kind of nutrition to our body. It helps to maintain our immune system properly.
  • Leafy Green Vegetables– Fresh green vegetables are very beneficial for our bodies because they contain a huge amount of vitamins. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, coriander leaf, kale, etc act as an antioxidant that provides a large number of iron and lots of vitamins to our body.
  • Soup– It is the best way to enjoy the winter season while lying in bed inside a cozy blanket. Soups are loaded with lots of vegetables that contain antioxidants and vitamins.

Enjoy Winter Food On Train From RailRecipe

There are certain winter foods that you can easily enjoy while traveling on Indian railways. Some of the most popular winter special cuisines are mentioned below:

Gajar Ka Halwa

gajar ka halwa

If we talk about the winter sweet dish Gajar ka halwa needs no introduction. It is known as one of the most delicious desserts in the winter season. This sweet dish is made with red grated carrots, dry fruits, ghee, and mawa. It doesn’t need a large number of ingredients but only time and patience while cooking. Carrot is very beneficial for our overall health because it contains a huge amount of vitamins A, C, K, and fiber.

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People love having gajar ka halwa in winter but imagine having this super delicious dessert while traveling on a train, yes now you can easily order gajar ka halwa on the train by RailRecipe. All you need to do that just place your order on our official website or download our app. You can also call us at 8448440386 for placing your order. After that, it’s our responsibility to deliver mouth-watering delicious halwa on your Railway seat.



Who doesn’t want to have hot, crispy, and tasty samosa in winter? Samosas are known as one of the most loved snacks in our country and especially during the winter season. Many people like to enjoy hot and crispy samosa with tea because it is a perfect tea-time treat. Hot samosas filled with flavorful fillings are the best and most wholesome snacks while traveling. So, next time whenever you are traveling on a train order your favorite go-to snacks from

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji on train

It is a popular street food, especially in Maharashtra. It is a delicious combination of different seasonal vegetables cooked and massed together and served with soft butter-toasted dinner rolls (pav). It is a flavorsome and healthy dish that has a delicious blend of spicy seasonal vegetables. Imagine having hot and spicy Pav Bhaji on the train during winter, Yes! It is possible with RailRecipe. You can easily order pav bhaji while traveling via train on RailRecipe after that it’s our responsibility to deliver this mouth-watering meal on your train.

Chole Bhature

chole bhature on train

Chole Bhature needs no introduction if we talk about Punjabi cuisine. It is one of the most popular street food meals in northern India, particularly in the Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi areas. It is also known as puri-chole which is a combination of spicy chana masala (spicy white chickpea) and bhatura/puri (deep-fried bread made from maida). It tastes deliciously fulfilling and satisfying when served hot. Enjoy hot and spicy chole-bhature while traveling on a train.


momos on train

It is a hugely popular street food in our country. Momo is a dish with origins in Nepal and also north India. They are basically bite-size dumplings made with a spoonful of stuffing wrapped in dough. The cooking method of this dish is steaming and sometimes deep-frying after steaming. It tastes deliciously yummy and is served with chutney and mayonnaise. Now, you can enjoy hot and tasty momos while traveling on a train. Just place your order on our website or call us at 8448440386.

Egg Curry

egg curry on train

Winter cuisines are totally incomplete without Eggs. It is known as one of the best sources of protein which is packed with about 13 different nutrients and vitamins. It contains about 74 calories and it is important for overall healthy development. Apart from that egg contains all 9 essential amino acids, Omega-3, Fatty acids, and antioxidants. Consuming eggs in winter is very beneficial because it is categorized as warm food.

Egg Curry is made by cooking an egg in gravy made of tomatoes, onions, and ground spices. It tastes delicious that is not only fulfilling but also loaded with large numbers of proteins, Healthy fats, Calcium, Multivitamins, and minerals. It is served with chapattis or rice. Now you can also enjoy egg curry while traveling via train. All you need to do that just place your order and relax.

After that, it is our responsibility to deliver the best taste on your Railway seat.


biryani on train

Biryani needs no introduction due to its popularity all over the world. It is the most popular dish in South Asia. Apart from that, it is the single most ordered dish on Indian online food ordering and delivery service. Biryani comes in different verities like Chicken biryani, Veg biryani, Paneer biryani, Egg biryani, Mutton biryani etc. It tastes delicious and is served with raita, Sorba, and salad.

It is a complete and fulfilling meal. Now, you can order your favorite biryani while traveling on a train. All you need to do that just place your order on our website or you can also download our app. We are also available on 8448440386, so what are you waiting for just place your order while traveling and enjoy hot and delicious biryani on the train.


soup on train

Winters are unimaginable without soups. We usually crave warm foods during winter and soups are the best way to stay warm from the inside. It not only tastes delicious but also contains a lot of good ingredients like veggies, black pepper, etc. Soups are very beneficial for health and super easy to prepare during cold chilly weather. Imagine having hot soup during winter vacation while traveling via train, No, I am not joking! You can order soups during your train journey. All you need to do that just place your order on our website or you can also download our app. We are also available on 8448440386. Call us and place your order on your next train journey.

These are the must-have winter food on train that you can enjoy during your journey. Winter comes with lots of holidays and vacations so; most people plan to spend their Christmas and new year while exploring new places with their loved ones in Himachal Pradesh or Kashmir or other holiday destination by train. So, RailRecipe is here to satisfy all their food cravings by providing tasty, healthy, and hygienic food on your Railway seat. All you need to do that just place your order on 8448440386. After that, it’s our responsibility to deliver the delicious hot meal in your bogie on your seat. The complete process of ordering food on RailRecipe is mentioned below:

Steps For Ordering Winter Food on Train

  • Visit our website or download RailRecipe app. You can also call us at 8448440386.
  • Order winter food on train by entering your PNR Number.
  • Choose the dishes you want to have from the appearing menu of RailRecipe.
  • Place an order, and choose which boarding station you like to receive meals at.
  • Add food items to your cart from the multiple menu selections of different restaurants for lunch, dinner, breakfast, or whatever you want.
  • Don’t forget to apply the coupons from the food list in train offers.
  • Choose the payment method- COD (cash on delivery) or online payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation message via SMS or email of your orders.
  • After that, the delivery guy will bring your food order without any human interaction at the time or station you have chosen. Now, enjoy your hot, healthy, and delicious meal at your Railway seat.
  • Do not forget to give us your precious feedback.

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Train journeys are all about lots of new memories and exciting experiences so, next time whenever you will travel by train do not forget to order your favorite winter food on train from

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