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Indian Railways needs no introduction at all as it is the 4th largest rail network in the world. Millions of Indian people use trains for their traveling purposes. However, there are certain train travel rules and regulations by Indian Railways. It is to make sure that each passenger gets the best travel experience and that the rail network functions well. Every traveler should know about all the guidelines so as to not face any problems in the future while traveling.

Indian Railways have introduced train travel guidelines for train passengers in order to provide them with a better and more comfortable travel experience. Basically, these rules are for the convenience of onboard passengers. Here are some major rules and regulations which are helpful for passengers while traveling on a train.

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Train Travel Rules And Guidelines

1. Middle Berth Rule in Train

If you also travel by train, then here is some information for you. If you get a middle berth after seat allocation on your train journey, then you can sleep on it only from 9 pm to 6 pm. Yes! you read that right. According to the rules, every train has its own respective reserved sleeping hours. So that, if you are allotted a middle berth then you cannot keep your berth up beyond the sleeping hours which are 9 pm to 6 am.

If you still do so, then your co-passenger with a lower berth can stop you from doing. Middle berths are mostly disliked by most passengers due to uneven sleeping hours. One of the biggest disadvantages of the middle berth is that passengers can hardly use this during the daytime if other passengers are sitting on the lower berth.

2. Alarm Chain Pulling Rule

We all use to travel by train once in life apart from that many people in our country use the train for their traveling purposes almost every day. Trains are known as the lifeline of our country but there are certain railway rules which every passenger should know. One of the most important rules is pulling of Alarm Chain, without any reason or sufficient cause pulling the chain is a punishable offense under section 141 of the Indian Railway Act, 1989. If any person pulls the alarm chain without any reason, then, He/she has to face certain circumstances as a penalty including imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of Rs. 1000 or both.

3. There are certain situations in which passengers can pull the alarm chain, these are mentioned below:

* If the train catches fire.

* If any child or passenger misses the train.

* If a physically challenged or old age person is taking time to board the train while it starts running.

* If suddenly any kind of health emergency takes place in the bogie like heart attacks, seizure, etc.

These are some of the circumstances in which passengers can pull the alarm chain. The train stops immediately after pulling the chain. So, if a train is running at a speed of 110 km/hr, it might stop completely within 3-4 minutes of the chain being pulled. The alarm chains are connected to the main brake pipe of the train. That is the reason Indian Railways has introduced these train travel rules.

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4. Rule For Loud Sound

In order to make the train journey more comfortable and soothing for the passengers. Indian Railways had introduced some rules related to loud sound and loud music. According to this rule talking over loud phones and playing loud music is strictly prohibited in Indian Railways. The passenger who will be caught playing loud music or talking loudly will have to face certain circumstances and will be dealt with strictly. These sets of rules are introduced by the Ministry of Railways because they received many complaints regarding the loud sound issue. It is mentioned in the rule that no passenger will talk in a loud voice on their phones or listen to music at loud volumes is strictly prohibited.

5. Luggage Rule in Train

Indian Railways has been the easiest and most comfortable transport option for many passengers due to the allowance of unlimited luggage. But, the new luggage rule is now implemented by the Indian Railways. Passengers will now have to either limit their luggage weight or should be willing to pay extra money for overweight luggage just like air service.

6. Rules for luggage of different classes and their free allowance

*AC First Class – 70 kilograms free allowance

*AC 2-Tier sleeper/First class – 50 kilograms free allowance

*AC 3- tier sleeper/AC chair car – 40 kilograms free allowance

*Sleeper class- 40 kilograms

*Second class- 35 kilograms

7. Rule for Journey Extension

Indian Railway introduced this rule of journey extension, especially for those passengers who book their tickets for one or two stations before their desired train deboarding station. The main reason behind pre-booking of tickets is generally unavailability of the tickets or any other reason. If any passenger wants to extend his ticket further, he/she has to approach the TTE on board just before arriving at the destination station then he will extend the ticket. Indian Railways allow extension of the journey and this can be done by approaching the ticket-checking staff before reaching the desired destination or after completing the booked journey. The passengers have to pay the fare for the extended portion of the journey.

8. The 10 Pm Rule

Indian Railways had introduced certain rules to provide the best and most comfortable travel experience to their passengers. The 10 pm rule, also known as the night rule is to make sure that passengers can sleep well.

* TTE cannot come to check the tickets of the passengers after 10 pm.

* Passengers who are traveling in groups cannot talk or interact with each other after 10 pm.

* A passenger with a middle berth can sleep in his berth only from 10 pm to 6 am.

* Indian Railways has restricted loud sounds and music on trains after 10 pm.

* Online food delivery services cannot serve food after 10 pm.

9. Prices of The Packed Food Should Be Appropriate Within the Station Premise

According to this rule, the Railway Act 1989 clearly mentioned that the IRCTC-authorized food vendors who are selling packed food items and water bottles cannot sell their products at a high price or at price higher than the MRP. If any vendor is caught in the act then they have to face implications like cancellation of their license or a hefty fine being imposed. Railways have a toll-free number of 1800111321 to register complaints in this regard.

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10. Travel Rule for Waiting List Passengers

IRCTC provides the facility of online ticket booking in India. Passengers can book their advance online ticket from IRCTC official website 120 days before the scheduled travel. While in the process of booking a ticket, those passengers who get confirmed status or RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) status then, they can travel on the scheduled date. But if a passenger gets WL status, then, they cannot travel on the tickets as they will not be provided any seat or berth in the train.

According to another Indian Railways rule, passengers can travel using the waiting ticket only when if they have got that ticket from offline mode at various railway stations. Online unconfirmed tickets are not eligible for this service.


A large number of people use the Indian rail network in their day-to-day life and work. Apart from that Indian Railways and IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) have come up with train travel rules and regulations that we have discussed above. It is for the betterment of the Indian Railways and its passengers. Still, a large number of people are not aware of the Rules/Policies/Conditions of the Railways. Train Passengers should know all the rules and regulations which are followed by Indian Railways or IRCTC. RailRecipe provides fresh and tasty food on train to all passengers. You can order food by visiting or by calling on 8448440386.

Top 10 Train Travel Rules By Indian Railways | Train Travel Guidelines

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