Special Navratri Thali on Train

Among all the festivals, Navratri is the most anticipated and cherished. India’s most widely celebrated festival is the nine-nights, ten-days feast. India’s every region immerses itself in spirituality during this time to commemorate Devi Durga’s nine important avatars and Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana. People, in honor of Devi Durga, stay away from foods containing onions and garlic. It is believed that Devi Durga should not be honored with the fragrance of unclean food. Devotees even practice fasting and the Falahar Vrat and Salt Diet. RailRecipe provides special Navratri thali for such people.

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One of the most critical aspects of the Puja festival is the Upvaas since it is believed that because of it, Durga grants her “Aashirvad” to her devotees. However, procuring Vrat ka khana on trains running on Indian Railways during Durga Puja can be difficult. Because of this issue, RailRecipe offers special Navratri food items in trains to rail travelers each year. Depending on their preferences, passengers can order fruits, special Navratri meals, milk, and an exclusive Navratri thali while on the train. This supply of Navratri food intends to nourish the Duga Bhakts.

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Special Navratri Thali From RailRecipe

During Navratri, the e-catering startup RailRecipe provides Sattvik thali, often referred to as Vrat Thali, to train passengers to enhance their travel. Our customized thali provides a full meal for the devotees traveling to their selected location for Durga Puja. The Vrat premium thali includes a variety of Navratri foods to please the palates of rail travelers who are specifically seeking Vrat Food. Food items during Navratri Upvas, however, may alter as restaurants and geographical areas vary. However, the hygienically produced, mouthwatering Navratri treats—complete with all the customs, like using rock salt and avoiding onion and garlic—remain unchanged. They are also still neatly packaged and brought right to your seat to make your travel enjoyable.

Premium Navratri Thali Contain

1. Kuttu Ki Puri

The crispy and delectable Kuttu Ki Puri or Vrat Ki Puri is a Navratri food item supplied by RailRecipe throughout the fastings, especially for Upvas. The Puri is made with mashed potatoes, Sendha namak (a purportedly pure salt according to Hindu mythology), and deep-fried in oil. Buckwheat is a nutritious substitute for wheat flour. The two are frequently served together because Vrat wale Aalo enhances the dish. RailRecipe Specially Offers Special Discount and Provide Great Navaratri Food for the Upvas One During Navratri Festival.

2. Singhare Ke Aate ki Puri

The delectable Vrat delicacy served to train passengers by RailRecipe in a special sattvic thali is Singhare ke Aate ki Puri. It is made with mashed potatoes, chestnut flour, a few other spices, and rock salt. Rail travelers can have Singhare Ki puri and Aloo ki sabji while traveling.

3. Vrat Wali Sabji

The traditional ingredients for Vrat Wali Sabji include Aalo, Himalayan salt, and a few spices. With gravy, it is a mouthwatering dish. On Navratri, the Sabji is meant to accompany the Kuttu or Singhare Ki Puri. The Sabji with Puri and other dishes from their Vrat thali may be enjoyed by passengers thanks to RailRecipe.

4. Plain Curd

With Special Navaratri cuisine and a Special Navratri discount from RailRecipe. We offer the Vrat Navratri thali has unsalted plain curd. In order to break their fast, they eat curd, a milk product that is said to be pure. It calms the stomach and aids those who are fasting from becoming thirsty. Passengers on a fast can eat puris and plain curd.

5. Sabudana Khichadi

A popular meal for Upvas is sabudana khichadi, which is made with mashed potatoes, roasted peanuts, spices, and curry leaves. It is a nutritious food that people who are partially fasting eat. Himalayan salt is used to make khichdi, a meal for fasting. Sabudana khichadi is made by a RailRecipe partner in a hygienic atmosphere.

6. Fried Peanut

Fried peanuts are served with the Navratri meal as a snack for devotees. You can think about adding lemon and Himalayan salt to it for flavor. While traveling for a special occasion, travelers can eat this delightful and healthful food item.

7. Fried Makhana

Fried peanuts can be substituted with roasted Makhana. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus, among other elements. When taken during Upvas, it gives travelers the energy they need to get through the day without worrying about their health. On RailRecipe, you can quickly order any Navratri dish.

8. Fruits

Fruits are often very nutrient-dense and beneficial to health. Food for the Navratri fast includes certain fruits. Additionally, passengers who use RailRecipe exclusively on Falahar can request fruits like bananas, apples, and cucumbers on trains individually.

9. Bhagar

Railrecipe also offers Bhagar for the Upvas feast. Bha gar, also known as Variche Bhat or Varai, is the Sama ke Chawal. It is a traditional supper that is typically eaten when fasting. Additionally, travelers can have Sama Ke Chawal (Barnyard Millet) with Puri, Idli, Uttapam, etc., during Navratri.

10. Rajgiri Aate Ki Puri

Additional option to Singhare Ki Puri and Kuttu ki Puri. The dough for the Puri is made from mashed potatoes, water, ghee, and amaranth flour. With great enthusiasm, people eat this crispy and tasty Puri. Rajagiri, Kuttu, and Singhare ki puri can all be swapped out for arrowroot flour puris in the Vrat Wali Thali.

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“Through RailRecipe, Passengers can order additional Navratri-specific foods, such as Sabudana Kheer, Makhana Kheer, Sabudana Vade, etc., apart from the Vrat wali thali.”

How to Order Navratri Thali in Train From RailRecipe?

RailRecipe consumers can avail of Navaratri food from the Railrecipe food menu. We serve Vrat ka Khana at all the major stations, making the train journey convenient for travelers who observe fast for nine days.

There are three main ways to order Navratri food from RailRecipe

1. Website: Go to RailRecipe’s Official Website, check the Special Navratri food menu, and place an order by entering the PNR number and adding a Food item to the cart.

2. Mobile App: You can Download RailRecipe App on your phone and palace an order by clicking the “order now” button.

3. Calling: By calling on RailRecipe, register your Mobile number. You can also get your desired Navaratri food by co-ordinating with our executive.

Special Navarati Offers for RailRecipe Consumers

When ordering meals, RailRecipe provides a variety of offers in terms of savings and coupons. Rail passengers can take advantage of the Navratri special discounts to receive up to 20% off on food on train orders during Durga Puja. All food items are eligible for the discounts. Even pre-ordered food can be discounted for passengers.

Special Navratri Thali on Train to Relish Journey Experience

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