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Have you ever been in a scenario where you couldn’t find quality, hygienic meals to feed your family and yourself on a train? In this blog know how to order food in train. Railrecipe is aware that consuming hygienic food during our train journey is impractical because neither the pantry nor the station booths offer hygienic cuisine of the highest quality. RailRecipe, an official IRCTC restaurant partner that is renowned for its exceptional service, offers food delivery in trains in a bid to address the problem of people seeking hygienic food that is “Swaad” also good enough and beloved by even youngsters. RailRecipe enables you to get online food in Indian Railways for passengers.

With the help of this E-catering platform, your train journey will be enhanced with delicious meals. RailRecipe E-catering is like a friend to train passengers because it may make your journey seem like your home by delivering delectable cuisine when needed. At RailRecipes, the food and service are similar to what you would receive from a family man who also serves you. By offering delicious Indian food that is prepared in top-notch FSSAI-approved restaurants and delivering it to train passengers, RailRecipe’s food service makes for a pleasurable experience.

order food in trainOrder Food In Train

Railrecipe is a structured or well-mannered on-train E-catering service; it is not a typical online catering platform. The platform is perfect for delivering food, tea, coffee, or any other eatable item. Because RailRecipe is here to deliver high-quality meals, customers don’t have to worry about the food’s quality as it is sourced from top-notch FSSAI approved Restaurants that adhere to each FSSAI guideline. On the Rail Recipe food menu, there are an infinite number of meal alternatives. The passenger’s preferred station receives nutritious meals from RailRecipe.

You will quickly receive the food you ordered on any train, at any time, at any railway station, and on any platform. When purchasing food from RailRecipe, you can specify the station name to which you want the meal delivered in addition to the food item and amount. RailRecipe offers a significant discount on meal orders placed in groups or in bulk. The meal delivery system in trains, RailRecipe, is entirely AI-based.

RailRecipe Enable to Get Online Food in Indian Railways in Mainly 3 Ways

In order to place an order, consumers can use one of three methods provided by RailRecipe, an official IRCTC e-catering partner:

(1) Visit our official website

(2) Download our RailRecipe app, or

(3) Call our toll-free number at 844-844-0386.

How to Order food in Train from RailRecipe Website?

Anyone can use Railrecipe to place an order for their preferred meal in a few easy steps. Let’s look at how, in just 6 easy steps, anyone can order their favorite dishes from the RailRecipe website.

Enter The Right PNR Details: You must input the correct PNR information in the RailRecipe “Order food” form that appears in our dashboard in order to order your favorite or preferred meal from RailRecipe.

Select The Appropriate Station: The station you want our delivery person to bring the ordered meal to must be chosen. Our delivery guy will deliver the delectable cuisine to your railway seat.

Select The Food Items You Want To Have: From the Rail recipe menu, choose the food, juice, snacks, and other products you want to order, then proceed to the checkout area.

Apply Promo-code: Remember to use the discount code. With the right promo code, you can save a tonne of money. Please visit our blog for information about discounts in 2022.

Kindly Proceed To Checkout: RailRecipe offers a variety of payment channels to its customers. If paying online or with cash on delivery is more convenient for you, you can do so.

Enjoy the Favourite Ordered Meal: After receiving your requested items, you can relax and savor your meals.

How to Grab Preferred Food in Train from RailRecipe App?

How to order food in train via Railrecipe App.

Download And Install RailRecipe App: To order meals while traveling, download the free Railrecipe app to your Android or iPhone from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Feed The Correct PNR Number And Seat Number: You must enter the information in the RailRecipe application to place your order for food. Seat number and PNR number.

Select Your Preferred Railway Station: Choose the station where you want your food to be delivered.

Add To Cart The Desired Food: A food item from the menu will immediately “Add to Cart” when you choose it. Pick the cuisine you wish to eat for lunch or dinner.

Select A Payment Mode: From a range of options, pick the payment method that makes the most sense for you to transfer the money.

Food will be served to your seat: The meal will be promptly delivered to your train seat by a RailRecipe delivery representative.

How can I order food from RailRecipe via call on the train?

Follow these simple steps below to order food from Rail recipe by Call.

Dial RailRecipe Tol-Free Number: To place an order, call our toll-free number, 844-844-0386, any time between 6 am and 11 night.

Place Order On Call: Contact a Rail recipe customer service professional to place an order.

Have Your Ordered Meal: You have your supper at the appointed time; simply unpack it and savor the delicious food from RailRecipes while traveling by train.

How Does RailRecipe Enable Indian Railways Travelers to Order Food Online?

You can order meals from your preferred restaurants through the food delivery service Rail Recipe, and they will be delivered right to your train seat. Ordering, paying for and getting your food on board all take place in a matter of minutes. Because the ordering, cooking, and delivery of food on Rail Recipe are all AI-based processes, RailRecipe is a fast meal delivery service on trains. You can book meals on trains by using the PNR number associated with the confirmed ticket.

1) You can order hygienic and nutritious cuisine by entering your PNR, Train Name, or Train Number details on the Rail Recipe portal or app.

2) Place an order by choosing the meals you want from the Rail Recipe website and following the on-screen instructions.

3) After you place your order on the, the backend system double-checks and verifies the information.

4) Your meal order request is prepared and delivered to the RailRecipe FSSAI-certified restaurant partner for processing after being confirmed by the backend system.

5) After that, a message is delivered to your cell number with the information about orders the restaurant has accepted (which you gave while ordering meals).

6) A Rail Recipe restaurant partner with FSSAI approval calls you to confirm and verify your order.

7) Following that, restaurants will hygienically make your requested food and package it securely to prevent leaks (You get your order food in appropriate packing)

8) Our delivery representative then removes the food box and brings it to your train seat.

Your purchase will be delivered on schedule, and the food will be fresh and packaged beautifully to prevent cross-contamination.

How Does RailRecipe Enable their Consumer to Track their Food Order on Trains?

After placing an order on Rail Recipe, do you want to check the order status? Since you can also track the status of your order, Rail Recipe is the ideal platform for food delivery on trains. You periodically receive the order status through the mobile message from RailRecipe, but you can also check the order’s status right now. You can easily get updates on the food reservation you made with us.

Follow these easy steps to get order updates:

  1. Navigate to RailRecipe’s “Check Status of Order” area.
  2. In the box that appears after you fill out the “ORDER ID” number, enter your Order ID. Your registered mobile number’s inbox message and the email address you provided when submitting your order both contain the order ID.
  3. After filling out the order ID, enter your registered cellphone number. This is only being done for security reasons so that we may check our databases for any changes to your order.
  4. After entering the Order ID and cellphone number, click the “Track Order” option. Once you click the “Track Order” option, the status of your food order will be shown.

How the Order status is shown

You’ll see a linear figure reflecting the status of the order when you enter your order id and mobile number to check the status of a meal order on Rail Recipe.

Order Placed: This shows that the order has been received and is awaiting restaurant confirmation.

Order accepted: The restaurant has confirmed the order on their end.

Delivered: We’ve delivered your order.

Alternative Ways to Track your Order

You can also check the status of your order by calling or chatting.

  1. Chat: There is an option to “Chat live with our food consultants.” The food advisor will communicate the status of your order after receiving your Order Id and phone number.
  2. Calling: You can reach us by dialing 844-844-0386 if you don’t have internet access on your phone and want to check the status of your meal order. Our culinary experts will answer any of your questions regarding your order or the status of your order when you call.

“Enjoy Munching on the train with RailRecipe!”

How To Order Food in Train From RailRecipe?

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