10 Best Navratri Food Items to Order in Train Journey

In Navratri Duration, we adore Goddess Durga and her nine different forms or avatars by commemorating the impending nine-day Navratri celebration. This nine-day period of religious fervor for India and Indian people worldwide is a time for worship, celebration, fasting, and spiritual development. For mental calmness and “Durga Maa Darshan”, people also choose to go to the locations known for the Durga Puja celebration during Navratri. People typically prefer to travel by train during the Navratri season because airfare costs tend to increase around that time. In this blog, we will be mentioning top Navratri food items to order in train.

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The eagerness of devotees and travelers to experience the rhythm of the Navratri season from the train window is another factor in choosing to go by rail. When traveling by train, eating Navratri cuisine, such as Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa, can enhance your enjoyment of viewing the scenery outside the window. RailRecipe is the top e-catering service, and we offer Special Navratri meals, including Navratri Vrat Thali, on trains.

Significance of Navratri Festival

The Sanskrit word “Navratri” combines the words “Nava” which means nine, and “Ratri”,which means night. One of the most popular Hindu celebrations to honor the goddess Durga lasts for nine joyous nights each year. It is thought that the unifying theme of Navratri celebrations is the triumph of Good over Evil. On Vijayadashami, the tenth day of Navaratri, Maa Durga slew Mahishashur, a buffalo-headed monster from Hindu mythology, while Maryada Purushotam Rama killed Ravan.

Every year, people observe Vijayadasami by watching the stage play “RavanVadh”, also known as Ramlila. Most people refrain from eating non-vegetarian cuisine during Navratri, and meals are cooked with garlic and onion. Nine days of fasting are practiced, which is said to be beneficial. It’s a celebration of Delicate the Durga’s tireless efforts for her victory.

What’s the Special Navratri Food Items to Order in Train

1. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is low in protein, vitamins, and minerals but high in starch and carbs. Sabudana, peanuts, and mild spices are used to make this dish, which is simple to digest. A diet rich in peanuts is more well-balanced. Sabudana Khichdi will increase your energy level and refill the body with the necessary nutrients during a fast. It is a must-have dish for the Navratri festival.

2. Kuttu Ka Dosa

During Navratri fasting, buckwheat flour, also known as Kuttu ka atta, is widely consumed. Protein, magnesium, and vitamin E are among the many nutrients it contains. It has a lot of fiber and protein. Try a different Kuttu from RailRecipe if you enjoy dosas. You can savor the crispy dosa made with Kuttu ka atta and filled with potatoes. This dosa will taste better with mint and coconut chutney.

3. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa

Your favorite snack for the tea break is here! Samosas, one of your favorite foods, are now available for consumption while traveling. People like Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa during Navratri; to order it on your train journey, click the “Order Now” button. Sendha namak, chestnut flour, and a spiced chironji filling are among the ingredients.

4. Makhana Kheer

Makhana, milk, and almonds are the ingredients of Makhana Kheer. Navratri fasting is the devotee’s all timefavorite treat. It’s amazing to taste Makhana Kheer while traveling by train. With Railrecipe, you can now have Makhana Kheer whenever you want.

5. Navratri Thali

Kuttu Puri, Buttermilk, Raita, Paneer’s Vegetable, Aaloo’s Vegetable, Vrat Papad, and fruit salad are all included in the special Navratri thali. The vegetables are properly prepared with the safety of the ingredients and the purity needed by the devotees in mind. To avail of exclusive Navratri Thali, browse the Railrecipe food menu and place an order.

6. Aloo Paratha (made of Singhada flour)

During your Navratri fast, fill your tummy with our delicious Aloo Paratha food. Aloo paratha, prepared from Singhada wheat and packed with a mixture of aloo and sendha namak sourced from top restaurants, is available from RailRecipe.

7. French Fries (Fast)

Get Ghee-fried potatoes along with sendha namak will provide crunch to your tea time. Train passengers can use the RailRecipe website, mobile application, or phone number to place an order for special Food of French fries.

8. Paneer Paratha (made of Singhada flour)

Similar to Aloo Paratha, but with Paneer and some vegetables within. With your significant other on the train, make your dinner even more wonderful with Railrecipe.

9. Sabudana Vada

Here is the alternative Sabudana recipe! Devotees often use the Sabudana Vada. Your evening on the train will be more special with a crunchy Vada and coriander-chili chatni.

10. Curd / Butter Milk

One can make a healthy option when fasting by consuming curd or buttermilk. Curd and buttermilk are available in RailRecipe app.

What to Eat During the Navratri Fast?

Religious fasting, or Vrat, is less about the Food we eat and more about our relationship with the All-Powerful. In addition, fasting is done to purify the body, mind, and spirit. Since there is no established guideline for the Indian Navratri fasting/Vrat, devotees frequently don’t know what to eat.

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Our bodies regularly experience diminished immunity during seasonal changes, and some foods are considered to attract negative karma. Therefore, in order to avoid their unfavorable impacts, we should refrain from eating such meals now. Here are some fasting rules to assist you in understanding what you may and cannot eat:

Two Methods of Fasting:

  • Falahar Vrat, in which we can consume Only fruits, milk, coconut, and dry fruits, and without salt.
  • Salt Diet includes consumption of Particular flours, few vegetables, limited spices, and no processed and polished food items.

What to Eat in Navratri?

  • Flour – Sama Chawal, Sago (Sabudana), Kuttu Atta, Singhare Ka Atta, Amaranth (Rajgira), Fox Nut Flour
  • Milk Products – Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Malai, Khoya, Cream, Ghee.
  • Nuts – Peanuts (Moongphali), Makhana (Fox Nuts ), Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Walnuts, Pine Nuts,
  • Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds.
  • Spices – Rock Salt (Sendha Namak), Jeera (Cumin Seeds), Kali Mirch (Black Pepper Powder), Green
  • Cardamom (Chhoti Elaichi), Amchoor Powder (Mango Powder), Cloves (laung)
  • Fruits – All fresh fruits, Coconut Water
  • Root Vegetables – Potatoes (Aloo), Sweet Potato (Shakarkand), Colocasia (Arbi), Raw Banana, Kaddu (Yellow Pumpkin), Cucumber, Ginger (Adrak), Raw Green Papaya
  • Vegetables – Coriander leaves, Green chili, Lemons (Neeboo), Lauki (Bottle Gourd)
  • Cooking Oils– Ghee or Peanut Oil (Avoid refined oils).

What Not to eat in Navratri?

  • Grains (Whole Wheat Flour, Besan, Sooji, Rice)
  • Legumes / Pulses
  • Meat Products (Eggs, Chicken, Lamb)
  • Hing (Asafoetida)
  • Processed Food (including regular salt)
  • Turmeric (Haldi)
  • Garam Masala

RailRecipe Wishes you a Very Happy Navratri!

10 Best Navratri Food Items to Order in Train Journey

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