5 Tips to Order Food Online In Train Journey

Over 3.2 Million people travel every single day via Indian Railways. With this huge scale of traffic, Indian Railways is one of the most used travel modes for the Indian population. The need to food is no doubt inevitable for every human and it’s something that bothers everyone traveling away from their comfort zone. Thanks to the advent of IRCTC Authorised E-catering Partner RailRecipe which offers easy ways to order food online in train journey. If you haven’t tried hands-on to order food in train journey, you are missing an easy avenue to quench the hunger during traveling. It’s pretty easy to order food and get it delivered on your seat and it’s surely gonna amaze your travel experience for all upcoming journey. Here’re quick tips to order food online in trains:

  • Valid PNR: PNR is an acronym for “Passenger Name Record”, is a digit unique identity number assigned to every traveler at the time of ticket booking via PRS counter or via online modes. The PNR is mentioned in the top left corner of ticket and is a 10 digit numeric value, containing all the details related to your train journey. This helps in booking food online in train easy via e-catering services. Upon entering PNR details, one can find list of restaurants one can book their food online in train.
  • Train Number information: In case you are not able to locate your PNR, please be handy with your 5 digit train number details for ordering food online in train.
  • Customise Your Menu as Per Your Preference: You can easily order from wider range of options available in the menu. The menu includes options such as Thali, Biryani, Veg and Non-Veg combos, Desserts and add ons. One can also order from Ala-Carte options.
  • Keep Your Details Handy: Make sure you share your reachable number and e-mail details to receive updates regarding your order.
  • Opt for COD/ Pre-Pay: It’s always advisable to pay online while booking your food in train. This avoids hassles for change and over charges. Online payment are done via secure payment gateway and also helps to avail pre-paid discounts on your food order in trains.

Other added precautions to take while ordering food online in train:

  • Proper seat and coach number info: Make sure you share your seat and coach number while ordering food online. In case of any swap of seats or coach, inform in advance regarding the same on the helpline number provided.
  • Be on your seat: In order to ensure proper delivery, please ensure your availability on your berth as this helps the delivery personnel to locate you at the time of delivery.
  • Make sure your call number is reachable: The number shared while ordering food is vital to receive updates and confirmation of order. Please ensure to keep it reachable.

Taking the aforementioned steps and precautions are easy ways to get food delivered during train journey. If you haven’t tried ordering food online in train, make sure you grab hands on this whole new way of traveling in train with awesome food delivered on your train berth. For any assistance and offers, one can call on 8448440386.

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Easy Steps to Order Food Online in Train from IRCTC Authorised E-catering Partner | RailRecipe

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