Deliver Delicious Food Order Online in Trains

From a click on your smartphone to the point of delivery on your berth, online food ordering in trains traverses through a lot of tech and non-tech based pathways. We completely understand the hunger every train traveler feels and we thank for the healthy choices that you opted to order food online during train journey in places of buying it from stray shops and other un-authorised sellers. After all, choices is where the journey to healthy food begins. Hunger pangs are no doubt un-controllable and Railrecipe is here to make a difference to the way you have been eating during train journey.

From Your Choices to Our process:

As soon as you opt to order food online in train and place your order with us, we receive all the details pertaining to your journey and the menu items that you have opted for your lunch or dinner. Our backend team monitors every detail related to your order. At times, it might be that you would receive a confirmation callback from our team to verify the order details. This step itself is vital as we have seen issues with passengers exchanging their berth or maybe to confirm regarding the payment failures and more. Upon successful backend verification, the orders are communicated to the concerned location service partner or restaurant along with your contact details.

Communication to Partner

All Restaurant partners have a defined menu and prices and it varies as per location. Due to this very reason, we might not have been able to share you the menu until we receive the PNR details. We expect a little bit of co-operation on this part while you are placing your food order with us. PNR helps us to get all the details related to your train route and the stations where we cans serve you for your journey. In case you don’t have a PNR, we request you to share the train number along with boarding date. Upon successful placement of order and confirmation checks, the orders are routed from “Placed” to “Accepted” state and it’s only after this step that we confirm order processing further. The orders are communicated via our channel in auto routed manner.

Food Preparation and Packaging

Upon order receipt, our food partners process the orders and look into successful completion in terms of preparation and packaging. All our partners follow strict guidelines in terms of food preparation and packaging. We also underlay strict norms to ensure that the food is delivered as per your preference and within the time frame. Packaging norms include materials used and other additional concerns. Our food partner might contact you to confirm on the exact location or modifications if any received from your end.

Delivering Tasteful Happiness

Once the order is marked as out for delivery, we insist our travellers to be on their respective berth. Please make sure, your calling number is reachable. The food is served hot and we assure that utmost care is taken to avoid any spillage during the delivery process.

This might amaze you that the whole of the process enlisted above are carried out in a span of 60 mins. The time span is very strict and on account of this very reason, we request to place order at-least an hour prior to your up-coming station.

Quick Tips to Ensure Better Food Delivery in Trains:

  • Share your correct PNR and additional PNR’s if traveling in groups.
  • Pay online to avoid last minute rush for change and also quick food handling.
  • Ensure your calling number is reachable. In case you are ordering for someone else, share their calling number as well.
  • Please be on your seat and avoid any movement at the time of delivery.
  • For any order related assistance, call on help-line number at 8448440386.
  • In case of any payment failure, please call and confirm as we can convert the same to cash on delivery as well.
  • Don’t forget to check out for offers for group orders in train.
  • We ensure proper delivery, but in case we miss due to un-controllable issues, be rest assured that we will try to arrange the delivery at next possible station and in case of no possibility, we refund the online payment within next 72 hours.

Travelling next week or month?? Book your food online in train and experience a whole new of exploring destinations via Indian Railways.

What All it Takes to Deliver Delicious Food Order Online in Trains

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