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Most of the travelers are disappointed by the look and taste of the pantry food on train options during the journey. The most widely recognized objection that Indian Railways gets is the nature and the taste of the food given by pantry cars.

The ongoing covid-19 outbreak throughout the country makes it nearly impossible for customers to order food from outside. However, consuming food via e-catering applications like RailRecipe customers have analyzed that it is the safest e-catering application to order food on train.

Indian Railways had required e-catering in trains to be postponed even as these special trains were running because of the danger of spreading Covid. Yet seeing the significance of nutritious, hygienic, and tasty food for the health of the travelers, a choice has been taken by Indian Railways to continue the e-catering administrations in trains from 8th June. As soon as the IRCTC announced, the people felt relieved that they would now have the food of their choice while traveling via train. 

Following this choice, RailRecipe has additionally begun furnishing on the web e-cooking in trains with no human contact to assist travelers with the best services and delve into their cherished food at their seat with practically no worry about cleanliness. 

What Makes Us the Safest e-catering Application?

Numerous cafés in the city are intentionally shutting down for a couple of days during the Covid-19 outbreak, with an end goal of avoiding the gatherings and keeping the least contact with one another. However, it is difficult for the accommodation business to close down as many individuals depend on it day by day. With more organizations offering telecommuting choices, the people who don’t have the method for cooking on their own have a chance to eat at eateries around the city. 

Observing the scenario throughout the country due to highly contagious covid-19, we decided to deliver food to our customers in a way that is untouched by the hands. RailRecipe takes all the preventive measures while providing the food to the customer to enjoy their meal with satisfaction to their health. Our customers’ health and happiness are our priority, and for maintaining it, our delivery staff had completed their dose of vaccination. They carry a face shield, mask, and gloves while handling the food to the customers. 

Benefits of Ordering From RailRecipe

One can have many benefits while ordering their food from RailRecipe, the advantages which you will undoubtedly love to have.  

  • Untouchable by bare hands- The RailRecipe delivers to their customers is untouched and free from any contact, making the application much more reliable to order food in train.
  • Super fast delivery- The moment our customer orders their food, we initiate the delivery process with the concerned hotel/restaurant/cafe from where they want to receive the food parcel. We value our beloved customers’ time so that we deliver food within no time. 
  • Variety- We offer a lot of food varieties from different places to our customers to have plenty of options to choose from for themselves and can munch on their food and end up loving it. 

Why RailRecipe?

RailRecipe is your travel that offers you the best food on train options for providing our customers a good food on train experience combined with cleanliness and security. Our delivery employees take all the preventive measures while delivering the food to you.

We provide varieties of foods to our customers from the best venues. We ensure that the kitchen staff preparing the food and food delivery staff go through a standard temperature check. Along with it, they put proper facial coverings and gloves with them.

We promise to deliver super fresh food on train right at your berth without doing any settlement with the quality, taste, and warmth of the food. You have to download the RailRecipe application and request food on trains. Appreciate nutritious dinners while watching the delightful scenes passing by from windows. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How would I begin to order from my favorite restaurant or cafe?

It is not difficult to arrange food of your choice online by train from RailRecipe. You can visit our site or download RailRecipe app from Google Play Store. The food ordering process is straightforward and basic. Enter the 10-digit PNR number; the site will divert you to the following page, where the traveler needs to choose their boarding station. When you choose the boarding station, the connection point will show the station name with the accomplice restaurant and its food menu.

Select the food things to request and add them to the cart. The connection point will divert you to the installment page, where choices like Debit Card/Credit Card/Internet Banking/Paytm/Freecharge/PayUMoney are accessible for installment. Select our installment strategy and submit your request. You will get an affirmation SMS and email for something similar. It’s good to go! You will accept your request on your berth. 

2) Will a customer drop or change their order?

 We permit our customers to drop or change their order 2 hours before the recently concluded conveyance time or 8 pm on any working day, whichever is prior. We request you kindly inform our team of the cancellation or the change.

3)What can one do in the matter of any issue with my order?

In case you want any help, call our helpline number 8448440386, and you will be associated with one of our customer care executive who will settle your request-related issues. You can likewise fill form at our customer complaint section, and our customer support department will get back to you within 24 hours.


Order Food on Train with RailRecipe e-catering

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