New Year is on the way to meet us all. Most of us will get a vibe with the new year party mode. Whether you are a party animal or enjoy the solitude, New Year’s 1st day needs to be memorable. However, do you know about lucky new year food on train?

There are specific cultural and traditional stories related to new year luck food on train that people from world are following for a long time. New Year embark a new beginning; however, many stories are out there related to the new year celebration.

Fish: Chinese New Year Food for Prosperity

Fish is a symbol of luck and happiness. According to Chinese tradition, there is eating fish on New year’s eve. Fish resembles abundance, and everyone wants enough joy and peace at the end of the year. If Chinese people eat fish at the end of the year, they begin the new year with a positive mindset of success. There are varieties of ways to cook and eat fish. However, fish can also be eaten as pickles in some parts of the world. You can eat it by steaming, cooking, frying, and more.

Momos: Bless You with Wealth Throughout Year

The Indian version of momos is actually Chinese dumplings. Momos are one of the new lucky food to have on the train. It is a popular Chinese dish to enjoy on new year’s eve in different parts of the world. The history of Chinese dumplings starts from 1800 only. It is an old saying that the more dumpling you have in the new year, the more money will fill your wallet in the coming year.

Spring Rolls: A Sing of Wealth

Spring rolls are a significant attraction for spring festivals or new year celebrations. It is one of the popular quick bites for passengers traveling via train. According to the preferences, they come in a cylindrical shape and are stuffed with veggies, chicken minces, eggs, or mutton. They are fried until it gets golden yellow color.

Coin Cake: Lucky New Year Food on Train

Coin cake has a different story; on the eve of the new year, cakes are baked in the shape of a coin, and few of them have hidden coins. The one who gets the coin considers as the luckiest throughout the year. Afterward, the one who receives the coin cut the cake and enjoy the celebration with their family and friends

Lentils: Invitation to Prosperity

It might sound weird, but people are eating lentils in different parts of the world. Lentils with sausage are the best combination that people enjoy during the celebration. Eating lentils is claimed as an invitation to wealth and prosperity.

Noodles: A sign of Long Life Blessing

The more extended size of noodle particles gives a sign of longevity, and that’s why people across different parts of the world are consuming it with great chaos. The new year custom involves eating long noodles without breaking them into smaller pieces.

Fruits: Lucky Grapes

Lucky grapes is a fun game that is played and is famous in different parts of the world. The game was invented back in the year 1909 in Spain. Each grape represents the extra months of the year. People participating in the game have to swallow all the grapes irrespective of their taste. It is believed that people who swallow all the grapes can go through all the trouble coming in the year.


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                We, the team of RailRecipe, wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!

Top 7 Lucky New Year Food on Train

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