New Vande Bharat fare list released

New Vande Bharat 2: In a continued attempt to give passengers the greatest amenities, Indian Railways will introduce the new Vande Bharat Express, a high-speed train. A new avatar of Vande Bharat Express is anticipated to launch on September 30, 2022. In this article know about new Vande Bharat fare list, route and its ticket price.

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Key Points of the Vande Bharat 2

  • In addition, the 32-inch LCD TVs on the new Vande Bharat will be larger than those on the previous model, which were 24 inches.
  • Air conditioners that are 15% more energy-efficient and that cool the traction motors with clean, dust-free air will make traveling more comfortable.
  • According to the Ministry of Railways, the new Vande Bharat Express’s roof-mounted Roof Mounted Package Unit (RMPU) has photo-catalytic ultraviolet air filtration technology installed for air purification.
  • The side recliner seat amenity, which is now only available to Executive Class passengers, will now be available to all passenger classes.
  • In order to filter and clean the air coming through fresh air and return air, this system was built and installed on both ends of the RMPU under the guidance of the Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO), Chandigarh.
  • The first Vande Bharat Express was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15, 2019.
  • ICF had previously launched coaches made in India a few months ago. These trains have a self-propelled engine that uses 30% less power and may preserve diesel.

New Vande Bharat Route

The new Vande Bharat 2 differs significantly from the original Vande Bharat in a number of ways. It is anticipated that it will depart for Mumbai on September 30 from Ahmedabad. However, the Indian Railways have not released any formal statements.

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New Vande Bharat Fare list

For train passengers, the announcement that preparations are being made to introduce the enhanced version of the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat train, dubbed “Vande Bharat 2,” from the Railways on September 30 will be welcome news. People are quite curious to know the passenger rates of the new Vande Bharat. According to a media report, passengers in the executive class of the Vande Bharat Express traveling between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will be required to pay a base charge of Rs 2,349 for their tickets. Rs 1,144 is listed as the base fare for the chair car. GST is excluded from this. However, no such official statement was made by the Railway on the Vande Bharat 2 travel fair.

Have to pay 1.4 times the original fare of Shatabdi

There will be two stations where the new Vande Bharat would halt between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. This will shorten the distance between the nation’s two financial centers. It is reported that passengers on the Vande Bharat will pay a fare that is 1.4 times more expensive than that of the Shatabdi Express trains.

Ahmedabad to Surat base fare is Rs 1,312

From Ahmedabad to Surat, the base fare for executive class on Vande Bharat will be Rs 1,312, and for chair car, Rs 634. The base cost for the executive class from Surat to Mumbai is Rs 1,522, while the chair car is Rs 739.

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Vande Bharat 2 is a super fast train

Even when compared to the Tejas Express or Vande Bharat, this express train is fast. 180 kmph is the top speed limit for the new Vande Bharat created by ICF Chennai. However, the railway track cannot now withstand speeds of more than 130 kmph.

Departure and arrival time of the new Vande Bharat Express

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The new Vande Bharat Express is scheduled to depart Ahmedabad at 7:25 AM and arrive in Mumbai at 1:30 PM. It will depart Mumbai Central at 2:40 PM and arrive in Ahmedabad at 9:05 PM.

The difference between the two trains will be 45 to 75 minutes in each direction, and the Vande Bharat Express’ run time will also be less than the Tejas Express, which takes roughly 6.25 to 6.50 hours on each route.

New Vande Bharat Fare List Released | Vande Bharat 2 Route And Ticket Price

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