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The national train enquiry system Indian Railway provides you relatively easy process. One can easily book their tickets both in online and offline mode. Even special tickets facilities such as tatkal and premium tatkal ticket booking options are also available for passengers who wish to book tickets in the comfort of their home. Same as for convenience, the NTES helps passengers know the details they are looking for in no time. If you want to know the details of the National train reservation system or your train, you need to get familiar with the National train Enquiry system. Let’s move to the next section and know about it in detail.

National Train Enquiry System (NTES ): Indian Railway Reservation System

National Train Enquiry System is a service portal managed by Indian Railways. It helps passengers availing of Indian railway services to get a real-time update about the train schedules. In addition, it gives information about the train schedule, live updates, Diverted destinations, and stations. Different information you can gather from NTES are mentioned below:

  1.  Enquire about the train Live Schedule
  2. Know about the train reschedule timings
  3. Know about the change date and timings
  4. You can enquire or get to know about diverted train routes.
  5. You can also check about the canceled train and any trip that terminated.
  6.  Passengers can check the train between stations and live updates about timings.

From the points as mentioned above, you can say that NTES is useful for the passengers to figure out every single information about train in no time.

How NTES(National Train Enquiry System) Works?

There were times when you came across the news about train cancelation or a diversion of routes. NTES made the information about train updates easier for all. It helps get prior details about the updates, so you don’t make yourself panic at the last moment. You can check train status now before leaving your home to catch the train. It gives the information of the live status of the running train. NTES provides all the information from Back-end, and it is commonly known as NTES status.

NTES app has all the information arranged in simpler steps and organized ways to make it user-friendly. The passengers can get each info one by one. You don’t find the look messy or get confused while using this app. The user can choose the interface with the required information they are looking for.

Features of NTES Application

Track Running Status of Train 

It is one of the beneficial features of the NTES application. Anyone can easily track the running status of the train. It gives the information place and timing and delay duration in case any. It also provides information about the reschedule train.

How to Use this feature?

  1. Open Nation Train Enquiry system app 
  2. Provide your train Number
  3. Enter station details
  4. Choose the date of Journey
  5. Tap on the show status option

Spot Live Station

It gives the information about the station in which train is currently and the previous station and next station during a specific time.

Track the Complete Schedule of Train
You can easily collect the information that tracks the schedule of the train entirely. You need to feed the details of the train that include its name and number. You can also check the timings, reschedule status, cancellation, or delay, if any.

Direct Train Availability

You can easily search direct train from the board in station to destination. It saves time, and you can easily find a direct train between the stations.

Cancellation Status of Train

It gives you precise and clear information about the canceled trains. It usually happens due to sudden emergencies and bad weather. You can easily find the list of canceled trains here.


There are chances that the train gets rescheduled due to specific unavoidable reasons. You can check the train timings and changes through it.

Route Diversion of Trains

Sometimes Indian Railways change or divert the final destination of trains to maintain balance for passengers need. You can check the train list with route diversion in this section.

Train Delay Info

Passengers availing Indian Railway service can quickly learn about the train timing delay by entering the train num. This feature enables passengers to avoid long waiting times at the railway station.

Know About Fares

The crucial point to plan any journey is fare details. However, the fares are different depending on the various classes. The train seats are 9 different classes that are listed below:

  1. EA: Anubhuti Class
  2. 1A: First AC
  3. EC: Executive Class
  4. 2A: AC 2 tier sleeper
  5. FC: First Class
  6. 3A: AC 3 tier
  7. CC: AC Chair Car
  8. SL: Sleeper Class
  9. 2S: Second Sitting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Check Fare with the Help of NTES?

A: To check the fare with the help of NTES ( National train enquiry system), follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go for the options tab, which you will find in the right corner at the top of the application
  3.  Choose Fare enquiry interface
  4. Enter the details
  5.  Tap on getting Fare options to know details

Q: How to make Train Seat Booking with NTES?

  1. Visit the official website of NTES(National Train Enquiry Service)
  2.  Choose the board in the station
  3. Select desire station
  4. Enter Journey date
  5. Select the class you want to travel
  6. Click on Find Train Options

Q: What is best app for train current live status?

 A: RailRecipe comes with additional features that allow you to check the live status of the train. Moreover, you can find various features like a train schedule, PNR status, train seat fare, and availability. You can quickly check the train’s current live status here.

Q: What is the best app for Railway Enquiry?

A: You can easily visit NTES official website for railway enqiury. However, You can check in on the RailRecipe app, too! They have additional features that show train live running status and ticket fares and delay of train in case any.


This information shows how important NTES is and beneficial for all taking Indian Railway Service. However, once you are done with your train ticket reservation, don’t forget to order food from the RailRecipe app or directly from the website. We deliver food on train directly at your berth in just a few taps.

“We wish you and safe and happy travelling “

National Train Enquiry System Indian Railway

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