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Travelling brings happiness, refreshes your mind, and provides you with many different lessons. Food can add more refreshment to your journey. Have you heard about the food served on train restaurants? The word train restaurants might amaze you, but it is possible now to avoid unhealthy pantry food and enjoy restaurants like food on train.

People can eat from the food stalls and pantries around the stations and train, but is it safe to eat them? Moreover, when we are in the phase of a pandemic. Health, hygiene, and sanitization are essential, and people cannot ignore them anyways, and that you can only get from IRCTC’s authorized e-catering partner RailRecipe.

RailRecipe: Changing the Food Delivery Options on Train

RailRecipe (the authorized e- catering partner of IRCTC) is an online service that works similarly to other food delivery applications. The only difference between RailRecipe and other food delivering services is that they provide the food at your home or office. Moreover, RailRecipe offers you the delivery option while traveling by train.

Our organization has the solution for all your cravings while traveling via train. Now you can sit, relax and enjoy your food while on a train. For receiving food on train order at the desired station, the order confirmation must be done a minimum of an hour ago. You need to follow just a few simple steps, like entering your PNR details and choosing the station where you want your food order to be delivered while ordering food from us.

Our Policies & Restaurant Vendors: Food Served on Train Restaurant 

RailRecipe has joined hands with the FSSAI approved restaurants that follow all guidelines and protocols of food safety and sanitization of the world health organization and COVID-19 guidelines. Isn’t it like the food served in train restaurants gives you that warm feeling. We provide food in train with safety and precautions, like the cherry on the top? Not only this we also offer various discounts on your food order on train. For the offers and discounts, you can apply the promo code, which would be available in the order option. For more details, you can reach out to the customer support team at 8448440386.

Food Served on Train Restaurant Menu

RailRecipe has a wide variety of menus. We serve numerous cuisine and options like (veg thali, non-veg thali, biryani, pizza, momos, and various other cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Jain Parsee food). You can order breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and fast food, Ala carte and what not. Let’s look for the options in the menu that you can order from the rail recipe.

  1. BREAKFAST– How to start a day when you are on the train? For breakfast, you can order poha, sandwiches, uthappam. It will make a great and healthy start to your day.
  2. LUNCH- Enjoy the lunch date with the family, friends, or special ones on the train. Okay, order something like thali, north Indian, Chinese to make your journey more memorable. 
  3. SNACKS– Snacks are very confusing to think. How to satisfy these cravings? We have options like pizza momos, burgers, french fries, and more.
  4. DINNER– The best and most ordered dinner is biryani and thali. People find it more convenient and comfortable while eating.

RailRecipe also cares for your special dietary requirements, such as Jain food or group food order. It is almost a purely vegan diet that excludes onions, garlic, and potatoes as they all are roots and underground veggies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to order food on train from RailRecipe?

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Enter your PNR details
  3. Choose your station and timing for the delivery of food.
  4. You have both payment options online or “cash on delivery.”
  5. confirm your order.
  6. Now seat and relax. You will get the fresh food on your seat at your chosen time and station.

 Q: Is RailRecipe an authorized partner of IRCTC?

A: Yes, RAIL RECIPE is an authorized e-catering partner of IRCTC.

 Q: Is it safe to eat food served on train restaurant by RailRecipe?

A: Yes, it is safe to order food from rail recipe as it has a partnership with the restaurants which are FSSAI approved and IRCTC approved. And also follow the guidelines and protocols of pandemic and FSSAI.

Q: How to  reach us in case of any query?

A: You can easily reach out to the customer support team of RailRecipe via visiting the official website; you can mail or call the toll-free number 8448440386.


The e- catering services have made our journey more convenient and stress-free. RailRecipe takes care of the travelers belonging to every section of the society and provides the option for every passenger. So, don’t think much and go ahead to order your food.

Food Served on Train Restaurant Details

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