Indian Railway reservation system and services , since its inception in 1986, has been engaged in providing service in transportation to the nation. However, In 1951 the process of nationalization of Indian railways get completed. It has the largest rail network in Asia while the second-largest rail network globally. Today, the Indian railway runs more than 13,000 trains in the country, connecting every corner of the nation. On the Indian railway, there are freight and passenger trains, in which passenger trains are low compared to the freight carrying trains.

 The coolest part of the Indian Railway system is that it operates under a single management system after having such a vast range. It is so vast that a separate budget comes for Indian Railways. Indian Railways holds the Guinness Book world record for having the world’s most extensive relay route interlocking system in Delhi. Out of many other interesting facts, the Indian railway has the longest railway platform globally, in Kharagpur, West Bengal. Earlier, it was in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. 

 Indian Railway operates very distinctively, and so does its reservation system. Despite having such a broader scope, the Indian Railway Reservation system is quite simple and magnificent at the same time.

 Know About Different Indian Railway Reservation System

 Indian Railway Reservation System is a system where a traveler reserves his seat before traveling. This facility has many windows and categories, which provides an ease to passengers. By giving a few details and some payment, a traveler can choose among their favorite coaches between General, Sleeper, or AC coaches.

Apart from that, they can choose their favorite seats too according to their needs. A passenger can choose Online or Offline modes of booking their tickets, both of which are easy. To cater requirements of different categories to different passengers, IRCTC has a variety of quotas of reservations in its Indian Railway Reservation System.


It is the most common type of seat booking under the reservation system provided by IRCTC. General reservations can be made both either online and offline. However, keeping the current scenario in mind, it is prudent to use the online method. A traveler booking through this quota must first select their favorite app’s source and destination journey stations.

Then after selecting their train and coaches, they have to provide their basic passenger details like Name, Age, Mobile Number, E-mail ID, and other few details. After that, they can opt for their preferences, if any. Travelers can enter their GST details if any, and they can opt for traveling Insurance, which is provided as a checklist while booking.

 After making the choices and declaring the same, one has to make a payment (including some agent and gateway charges in case booking is done through online mode). After payment confirmation, passengers get confirmed seats, sometimes RAC (Reservation after Cancellation), passenger tickets are generated with a unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) and are sent on their respective mobile number and email ID.

From there, they can download the same. A traveler can book up to a maximum of 6 such tickets in a month. It is important to note that while booking through Online mode, You can’t travel with a ticket if it does not clear the waiting list. A traveler can also book their tickets through IRCTC official website.


 This quota is for emergency booking. If you want to book your seats on a short notice period, this quota is undoubtedly handy for you. Like its name, this reservation category is available only 24 hours before the departure of the train, and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also, the fare under tatkal is always higher than the regular ticket booking. 

While booking through tatkal, a traveler cannot get a refund if he cancels his ticket unless the ticket is for a 1st class coach. The booking time window opens at 10 AM for AC coaches while 11 AM for Non- AC coaches. This booking in Indian Railway Reservation System is quite popular after general booking and is helpful and handy while journeying in emergencies.


This booking is, in actuality, a premium version of the tatkal booking. Launched in 2014 as a substitute for tatkal, booking charges through this are pretty higher than that in tatkal. The booking timing is the same as that of the tatkal booking. The dynamic prices under this booking system allow confirmed seats for the passenger and are usually double that of tatkal. 

 The significant difference between premium tatkal and tatkal is that Premium tatkal is only available if you book a ticket via the IRCTC website, while anyone likes general booking. One can book tatkal tickets online or traditionally through Railway ticket counters, while Premium tatkal cannot. Another significant difference is while Premium tatkal gives travelers time for booking while tatkal booking exhaust itself as soon as it is available. In Premium tatkal, There is no concession policy such as A child fare is as similar as the total price for an adult. However, one can’t book RAC and waiting list tickets under this Indian Railway Reservation System.


Ladies quota provision came into existence in 2011, and this quota booking is only available for ladies. Under this system, ladies who travel alone or with a child below 3 years of age can avail of this booking. Often, under this quota, 6 seats are specially reserved for ladies. The booking procedure is the same as that for the general quota. One can book the ticket on ladies quota via online and offline modes. So, women can use this quota if they have trouble booking seats on a train during the journey.

 NOTE- In all the above Indian Railway Reservation System, a passenger should always carry an ID card with them.


 Indian Railway is one of the largest railways in the world. Besides having such an immense vastness, the Indian Railway Reservation system always ensures that a traveler’s journey is hassle-free and full of ease by utilizing its various booking quotas. Its management understands that every traveler is essential to them, and their comfort is paramount. Having 160 years of experience and earning profits mostly from freights, Indian Railway cares for its passengers very well.


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 Q: How to book tickets in IRCTC?

 A: One can book tickets can either online as well as offline mode. For offline options, passengers need to visit the railway ticket counter from where they have to fill a form of details, make payment and get a window ticket. A passenger has to visit IRCTC’s official website from other online apps to book in online mode to get their tickets. A small online form has to fill with personal details and details of other travelers, including a mobile number and E-mail ID. They can download their tickets from their respective given mail by making payment.

 Q: What is a PNR?

 A: PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, allotted to a traveler after successfully booking their respective berths. It serves as an identification for communication while a traveler is on the journey.

 Q: Are there any more quotas under Indian Railway Reservation System?

 A: Yes! Parliament house quota for Hon’ble Members of Parliament (Sitting and Former), Senior Citizen quota for senior citizens, women above age 45 years. In addition, this quota is also available for pregnant women, Foreign Tourist quota for foreigners, defense quota for defense personnel, and Physically handicapped quotas are available for divyangjans.

 Q: What is the Difference between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal?

A: Premium tatkal is just an advancement to a tatkal booking under the Indian Railway Reservation System in which the fare is quite double, and availability of seat probability is sure. Moreover, in Premium tatkal, children will charge the same fare as adults.

Q: In a month a person can book how many tickets?

A: A person can book a maximum of 6 tickets per month while booking through various quotas under Indian Railway Reservation System.






Indian Railway Reservation System & Services

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