Can You Get Food on Train

Can You Get Food on Train? Traveling via train is an experience that one can not explain in words. In India, trains are the most adored medium for traveling. Individuals in India generally travel significant distances due to work, family, or celebrations. Indian Railways are a well-known method of transport in the train. As per the available data, over 76% of Indian passengers travel via train. Can you get Food on train to make everything a memorable part of the journey.

However, travelers can arrange food from Pantry vehicles on the train. The food they get is regularly not all that great. If you love to travel often or arrange a train venture soon, you can conveniently place food on train order from IRCTC approved e-cooking site RailRecipe.

Following the condition of Covid-19 last year, rail line administrations stopped in March. IRCTC rolled out some vital improvements, and perhaps the main change was that it would not serve food to travelers on the train to prevent contamination. As things gradually recovered with lockdowns and travel limitations facilitating the nation over the second wave of Covid-19, rail routes continued e-providing food administrations.  

Nowadays, people are fond of giving treats to themselves by munching on their favorite foods, making them consume something delicious. Ordering food from your favorite place has become a habit for the people, but it excites everyone when it comes to having the same at the train. Traveling is a series of joy and excitement, and that too on a train is another level of happiness. 

RailRecipe: Can You Get Food on Train?

RailRecipe, as the name pops up, the first thing that must have stroked your mind is that it is associated with food. Well, you are right; it certainly is. RailRecipe is a Patna-based e-catering organization that offers services to passengers traveling via trains. It is an approved food accomplice of IRCTC.

For ordering food, one can likewise check their train running status, PNR status, and live stations through its site and then order accordingly. RailRecipe interfaces travelers to cafes while traveling via train. It gives various food choices to the passengers availing Indian Railway services. 

The food options available to the passengers are Chinese, mainland shakes or pizza, Indian, continental, and many more. It offers its services at a very reasonable price which anyone can afford, and the food gets delivered right to your berth. One can likewise arrange cake or blossoms to make their unique one’s excursions more extraordinary. Requesting food/feast online through our Website and from there you can arrange food effectively while going via train.

How Does it Work?

If you are wondering can you get food on train, to get a mouth-watering dinner/food, confided in e-caterers like RailRecipe would be an ideal choice for you. RailRecipe is an e-catering best application to arrange food on train or food conveyance preparations that IRCTC approves. The application permits clients to put orders for food online inside the train. With the wide choice of food choices covering a wide scope of dishes from North Indian to South Indian, from new pias to delicious Chinese, and that’s just the beginning, you’re anticipating a tasty feast while traveling. Different choices include: 

  • Premium food accomplices
  • IRCTC approval
  • Accessible for Android and iOS
  • Cover an aggregate of 8000 station
  • Food requesting is accessible for contact by dialing 844-844-0386

The food on train you order will get delivered to your seat at your favored station. When the food gets delivered to you, the traveler and the specialist organization will get an email and SMS, which will have every one of the subtleties of the food request. 

Why RailRecipe?

Our main aim is to provide the best services by delivering quality food to our valuable customers. Our customers’ satisfaction is something we dedicatedly work on. We give the inevitable reasons to our customers why they should choose us to order their favorite meal.

  • Quality Food- We serve quality food to our customers so that they can enjoy their meal and end up with a sense of extreme contentment. 
  • Zero- Contact Delivery – We deliver food that is totally untouched by hands and freshly prepared by the respective cafes and restaurants. 
  • Fast Delivery- We deliver the food to the patient’s berth within no time. We respect the value of time of our customers. We deliver the food to them as soon as we can to enjoy their meal to the fullest. 

Food Order Cancellation: Can You Get Food on Train?

There may be conditions where the customer wants to cancel their food because of any unavoidable reasons for that we give them the choice of dropping the order as well. It is essential to dropping something like an hour before the booked time. 

If you wish to drop your food request off, try to cancel your order somewhere around one hour before the planned season of the food delivery. The refund will credit within 3-5 working days from the date of cancellation. In case of a query during a food order, the customer support executive is available 24*7 for assistance or help. In that case, they can do the same by just giving us a call straightforwardly on RailRecipe helpline number 844-844-0386 for additional help, or drop your question on


If you too want to have some super delicious, mouth-watering meals while you are traveling to your destination via train, then the RailRecipe is the best choice you can make. Just order your food, sit back and relax. We will get your food delivered to your berth so that you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. If you still wondering that can you get food on train then you can now order your favorite food from your favorite places via RailRecipe within no time and with all the safety and precautions kept under consideration.

Can You Get Food on Train?

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