how to order pure jain food on train journey

Food preferences vary from person to person and it’s much affected by the imbibed cultural values in India. We all have come across various food cultures while traveling by train. Apart from veg food options, there are specific requirements of people from Jain sects as their food habits are quite unique. Also, to order pure Jain food on trains was like a nightmare earlier.

Travelling is inevitable, be it for reasons of work, business, or for some family excursion trips. People from different religious sects travel across India. Food availability is a major concern for journeys exceeding 12 hrs of travel, It is a tough job to ensure proper availability of food that too pure veg food. Jain sects people are the most affected ones as the availability of Jain food on train is the least expected thing during the train journeys.

People manage their journey by consuming fruits and snack items during their journey. For people who are traveling along with their families, managing kids’ hunger is a nightmare and something tougher to manage. But not anymore, RailRecipe is here to provide fresh and healthy Jain food aboard the train.

How is Jain food different?

Jain followers have some inherent practices which they follow strictly in their food habits. Some of the unique facts related to the food are:

  • Jain food is devoid of any vegetable items which are produced under the earth’s crust.
  • Jain followers avoid having food after sunset.
  • It is specifically and strictly vegetarian.
  • The food requires the maintenance of strict hygiene norms.

Jain followers had to face a lot of issues during their journey as they had to live by other snacking options available and no options for their dine-in. Now, with the advent of technology and the rise of e-catering facilities in trains, one can get pure Jain food on train journeys as well. This has been made easy with tie-ups with pure Jain restaurants across India.

How to Order Pure Jain Food on Train?

With the advent of technology and thanks to e-catering from Indian railways, the availability to order pure Jain food on train journeys has now been made possible through the e-catering aggregator model of online food booking in trains. The unique feature of this model is creating an ecosystem of food suppliers who follow strict FSSAI guidelines. Pure Jain restaurants have been impaneled to meet such food demands during train journeys.

Steps to Order Pure Jain Food on Train

  1. Enter Your PNR/Train Number/Station Name: If you are traveling via Indian Railways and have a confirmed ticket, you must be aware of the 10-digit PNR number mentioned in the 1’O clock position of your ticket. If you are not able to find the PNR, open and enter your train number or even the station name at which you would like to order pure Jain food on train.
  2. Choose Jain Meal From the Menu Filter: Once you choose the Jain meals in the listed menu, you may view the available options in Jain food for the desired stations. Plan your meals accordingly.
  3. Customize Order: Choose from food options as per your preference. One can order Jain special meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.
  4. Check for Discounts on Group orders: Generally, if you’re traveling along with your family, your order value might mount up to a huge value. Do check for available discounts on group food orders on train. You may get up to 20% off on group food bookings.
  5. Pay Online/Cash On Delivery: It is advised to pay online for food bookings in order to avail discounts on food bookings in train and also to avoid any last-minute cash crunch.
  6. Enjoy Meals With your Loved ones.

That being said, it is now pretty easy to plan your meals way ahead or on the go even if you are looking to order pure Jain food on trains. For any assistance or special menu requests or maybe to Order train food for group travel, one can send in their request in advance as well.

Click here to download and order food through the RailRecipe Food Delivery App or Call @ 8448440386 to order pure Jain food on train while traveling.

Happy Journeying!!

How to Order Pure Jain Food on Train Journey?

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