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Ordering pure Jain food on the go during train journey used to be a nightmare and people who followed strict choices in terms of food, used to struggle for meals of their choice during travel via train. With the advent of e-catering facilities, one can order pure Jain food while traveling in trains.

Jain Food Specialties

Jain people are embodied with strict non-violence practices in terms of their living, food etc. Jain food is strictly devoid of anything that is cultivated under the earth surface, which includes vegetable items such as onion, garlic, ginger etc. These veg items are strictly prohibited in Jain food items.

RailRecipe caters to Jain food requirements for people traveling in trains. We have partnered with restaurants that offer pure Jain food across India. Jain food orders can be placed one hour prior to the next station. For more info on Jain food options, just call us at 8448440386

Jain Food Order for Group Travel

If you are traveling in-group, we have special offers for you. For group food orders, call us 8448440386

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