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The most awaited festival is here, and everyone is indulging in the preparation of it! Here is a guide to celebrate diwali and get diwali special food on train at an affordable price.

The festive season has already arrived, and we are celebrating one festival after another. Now the time comes up to celebrate the festival of light.

According to Hindu mythology, it is one of the important festivals celebrated across India and a few other countries. Goddess Lakshmi puja is performed during Diwali by many devotees and people in business. Goddess Lakshmi is the resemblance of prosperity and wealth. Moreover, devotees perform the puja rituals in the evening time after cleaning & decorating their house to welcome goddess Laxmi.

Online Diwali Food on Train

According to Hindu Mythology, Diwali is marked as the welcome ceremony of Lord Rama in Ayodhya, along with his wife, Goddess Sita, and brother Laxman. They return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. In Bengal, this time is celebrated as Kali Puja. The lighting during the Diwali festival resembles to win of light or good over evil/darkness. The festival Diwali comes every month of Kartika as per the Hindu calendar.

Diwali 2021 Calendar

Diwali Special Food on Train


The festival of light will celebrate on 4th November 2021. The celebration will start from 1st November and take 6 days and end on the 6th November 2021 .Check the complete list below:

1-11-2021 Govatsa Dwadashi
2-11-2021 Dhanteras
3-11-2021 Choti Diwali (Kali Puja in Bengal)
4-11-2021 Diwali
5-11-2021 Govardhan Puja
6-11-2021 Bhaiya Dooj

All You Need to Know About Diwali Celebration

The preparation of Diwali starts with cleaning of the house, replacement of curtain, bedsheet with the new one, so the makeover look totally fresh. Afterward, the house is decorated with lights, rangoli, flowers, candles, and more. Additionally, just turn around on Diwali, and you will find every house is looking bright and light up like a ceremony during this time. The preparation doesn’t stop here!!

The preparation of any festival is incomplete without tasty food. People around different parts of India make various delicacies to celebrate the moment.

If you are wondering what are dishes that you can cherish during your journey before meeting your family. RailRecipe is making this task easier for you. Here we are enlisting a few recipes for Diwali that will add more enthusiasm to your celebration.

1)Biryani: Diwali Special Food on Train

Biryani Diwali Food on Train
Biryani is among the top list dishes among foodies across Indian and different countries. Every foodie enjoys eating biryani, and it is prevalent from north to south India. Different parts of the country come with other spices of biryani that change their flavor and taste.

2)Chole Bhature

chole-bhature-Diwali food in train

Chole Bhature dish is well known that it doesn’t need any introduction. It is the staple food of Punjab that is cooked with different spices and fluffy bhature. The dish is served with onion salad and pickles to complete the flavor.

3)Gulab Jamun

The hot and soft Gulab jamun melts in your mouth is must ordered dessert. Order this to complete your meal and add sweetness to your journey.

4)Kaju Barfi

Kaju Katli Diwali Food on Train

When it comes to Dessert, Kaju Barfi doesn’t need any kind of introduction. It is a classical mithai that comes with a rich taste and lavish look. The process of making Kaju Barfi is quite simple, and the best you can easily order it in a few clicks from RailRecipe without any additional delivery fee.

5)Pizza: Diwali Special Food on Train 


Pizza is one the most favorite dish that everyone like irrespective of their age. You will find different variants of Pizza on RailRecipe. from Margherita pizza to Barbeque Chicken Pizza. We cover all your demands. Order your favorite pizza from the RailRecipe application in just a few taps and enjoy your journey!

Uniquely Designed Diwali Gift Hampers Available on RailRecipe

We understand the value of the festival and your time. Don’t worry if you don’t get time to buy gifts for a family member. You will get Personalized Diwali gift hampers from our restaurant vendors like Kamath Cafe at an affordable price to bring smiles to the faces of your family members. The personalized Diwali gift hampers contain the following items:

Diwali Gift Hampers RailRecipe

1) Assorted Cookies.
2) Assorted Muffins.
3) Assorted Chocolate.
4) Brownie.

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Diwali Special Food on Train: Conclusion

If you want to treat yourself to the best cuisine and quality food on train during your train journey, we can help you anytime you want! RailRecipe provide you a vast collection of restaurants with many payment options. Download the official RailRecipe app and order food on the train now in few clicks to enjoy the diwali special food on train.

“Make this Festival of Light a Grand affair with RailRecipe this Year. Happy Diwali”

How to Get Diwali Special Food on Train at an Affordable Price?

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