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Who doesn’t love to travel? Food can add more delight to your journey, and RailRecipe offers you food from a premium quality restaurant that too at a discount? Food on train coupon code can add smiles to your miles journey. Everybody wants to grab a bite of quality food after boarding the train. Food during traveling serves as a mental reward to a traveler.

Moreover, it is proven that the memory captured is more enhanced when tasty and quality food gets mixed with your traveling experience. What could be more exciting if that quality food is directly delivered on your berth, just in a few taps?

 Rail Recipe (an authorized partner of IRCTC) understands your need and has constantly been serving its e-catering. The organization is engaged in providing your favorite dish directly on your seats. Indian Passengers have to order with their phones through the Rail Recipe app or website to have their quality Food in Train.

Its exclusive and attractive coupons code, one can attract huge discounts. Rail Recipe has varieties of food coupons in its bag and suits every passenger. So, whether you are traveling alone, with friends, family, groups, or a larger mob, Rail Recipe has a sure discount for you on your every order.

food in train
Food on train coupon code

 Food on Train Coupon Code: Discount Offers

Got your tickets? Found your train? Had your seat? Relax! Now what next probably you are wondering, well what could be better than a refreshment tea or coffee or a snack or breakfast or a well-served meal? In India, having a morsel mixed with exotic views of landscapes through the window is considered best.

 Like the diversities of this country, food is also diversified and classified according to its various regions and cultures. India has varieties of foods that this country has been on top of every traveler and abroad. Keeping this as its base vision, Rail Recipe always tries to cope with these diversities of culture, foods, passengers, taste preferences, and zest.

Being a part of India, Rail Recipe always serves the best real taste of India directly on your berth. Moreover, it understands the feeling and zest of traveling, and it constantly proves how traveling and food are inseparable from each other. Rail Recipe brings a variety of coupons for its users, which attracts discounts and smiles, happiness, and satisfaction to a passenger traveling in train. The main discount coupons provided by Rail Recipe are:

New Year Vibes

Are you onboard on the first day of the year 2022? Congratulations! You are a true voyager. To help you celebrate your New year in your train journey, Rail Recipe brings a discount coupon for you. Now, avail of a discount of INR 100 on all your orders above INR 1000. 

 Use Coupon code RR22 to Avail of the discount from Rail Recipe.

Cakes &  Pastries: Reason for Celebration

Are you a dessert lover? Do you crave the sweet dish while traveling? If you want to celebrate any special occasion of yours while journey, Rail Recipe is there for you in your celebration. To enhance your craving for cakes or pastries, Rail Recipe provides 20% off on all the orders of cakes and pastries above INR 2000.

 Use food on train Coupon code RR20 to Avail this offer from the Rail Recipe app from your phone or visit our website.

 Pizza & Snacks: Grab a Quick Bite

 Missed your breakfast or skipped your lunch? If you plan for a snack for a Brunch, then Rail Recipe has some plans for you. You can now get a flat 15% discount on all your snacks orders above INR 1500. So, what are you waiting for? 

 Use our Coupon Code FOOD15 to get this offer. Rail Recipe also provides discounts on your Brunch.

Meals: Satisfy Your Hunger with RailRecipe

 If you are in the middle of your journey and the day and it’s time for your lunch, the Rail recipe is there to increase your hunger and satisfaction while minimizing your costs and payments. Now, get 5% off on all your meals on orders above INR 200.

 To avail of this offer, use Coupon code MEAL5.

 Good Food: Means Good Mood

 Craving for good food o fellow passengers? Well, hold on, Rail Recipe has something for you too. Now, get 5% off on all your orders above INR 250.

 To avail of this coupon code, use RR05 from your Rail Recipe app or visit our website and order.

 Beverage: A Complete Meal

 Are you tired of your journey? Want to press your reset button? If you are fond of having beverages on the go, Rail Recipe provides 10% off on all your orders above INR 500.

 To avail of this offer, use food on train Coupon Code RR10.

 Tea & Coffee

 Chai! Garam Chai! Now have a hot sip among various varieties of our tea and coffee directly on your berth. Now get 10% off from masala chai to Latte. Rail recipe brings you a 10% discount on orders above INR 500.

 Use Coupon code RAIL10 to Avail this offer of Rail Recipe from the app or website. Order now.

 Free Delivery

Now get a flat off of Rs 20 on all orders above INR 250. Rail recipe provides free delivery on all orders above INR 250.

 Apply FREE on all your orders above INR 250 to get free delivery from Rail Recipe. After all, Passenger smile for us is paramount.

 Group Order

Are you the hero of your herd? So, Captain! To save your group of Avengers from starving and vanishing from the Blip! Rail Recipe is your secret helping hand. Get flat 25% off on your orders above INR 3000 and show them that you deserve to be the Captain America in your Avengers.

Use Coupon Code GROUP25 from our RailRecipe app and our website to avail of this offer. All coupon codes are available only on prepaid orders, apart from the meal. For the meal, the COD option is available.

 Conclusion: Food on Train Coupon Code

Everyone loves the variety of foods. Everybody wants to grab a morsel of quality, taste, and love. All of them become available during the journey and directly on the berth; what is more fun than that? Rail Recipe (Authorized Partner of IRCTC) provides additional discounts to add more coolness. Like varieties of food and culture in India, it has a variety of discount coupons available to every variety of traveler and passenger needs. 

From Single individual to Group traveler, from tea sipper to meal skipper, Rail recipe is there to provide you the food you need at its best price and quality on every order. Moreover, exciting discount coupons add flavors and tastes to your food and happiness. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an offer that best suits you? Order now!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What are the offers for a person traveling in a group?

A: Rail Recipe understands the needs of a foodie, and it indeed has an offer for a group. Use coupon code GROUP25 to get a discount of 25%. Check more in the offer section.

 Q: Is there any offer for this new year?

 A: Yes! Now you can use our code RR22 to get a sure discount of INR 100. This food on train coupon code is available on orders above INR 1000.

 Q: How can I place an order from Rail Recipe?

 A: Get our app from the play store/Appstore or visit our website. Enter your PNR number and check the plethora of food menus available on our site. After selecting your favorite food on train and adding it to your cart, proceed to checkout, where you will be prompted for your final bill. That is where you choose and enter your desired Coupon code and avail of the discount. All done! Relax! We will eagerly deliver your food hot and fresh right onto your berth. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Food on Train Coupon Code And Discount Offer

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