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Are you finding food in train vendors that provide tasty, hygienically prepared food? Then I must say you have reached the right spot. Railrecipe is the only best food in train company which always satisfy your appetite with the home taste cuisine during train travelling.

Gone are the days when travelling by Rail meant worrying about meals. You no longer need to bring food from home with you on your train journey to satisfy your hunger. RailRecipe is here for all Indian train travellers to satisfy their appetite with the home taste cuisine right to their train seats.

Railrecipe is an E-catering service that provides food all over Indian train travellers at a reasonable price. In this blog, you can get to know all about the RailRecipe food delivery in train service and how any train travellers can buy food in train from RailRecipe. 

buy food in train

How can I order my favourite food on train using the RailRecipe Online portal?

Railrecipe allows anybody to order their desired meal in a few simple steps. Let’s take a look at how anyone can order their favourite foods from the RailRecipe website in just 6 simple steps.

1) Enter The Right PNR Details:

To Order your favourite or desired food from Railrecipe, you need to enter the right PNR details in the appeared RailRecipe Order food in Train dashboard.

2) Select The Appropriate Station:

You have to select station where you would want our delivery person to bring the ordered meal. You will receive the delicious food at your train seat from our delivery person.

3) Select The Food Items You Want To Have:

Select the food, juice, snacks, and other items you want to have from the Railrecipe menu and go to the checkout section.

4) Apply Promo-code:

Don’t forget to apply the promo code. Using the appropriate promo code will get massive savings of money. Do check our blog on promo code in 2022.

5) Kindly Proceed To Checkout:

RailRecipe provides their users multiple gateways for payment. You can pay online or by cash on delivery, whichever is more convenient for you.

6) Enjoy the Favourite Ordered Meal:

You will get your ordered dishes, open them, and then relax and enjoy your meals.

How can I order food on train

How can I order food from RailRecipe via call on the train?

Follow the steps below to order meals from Railrecipe by Call.

1) Dial RailRecipe Tol-Free Number:

Ring our toll-Free number 844-844-0386 anytime from 6 am to 11 pm to place an order.

2) Place Order On Call:

Place an order by communicating with a Railrecipe customer service representative. 

3) Have Your Ordered Meal:

You have your meal on time, just unpack it and enjoy your train travel with RailRecipes’ delectable food.

order food in train on call

How can I order food from RailRecipe on the train using the RailRecipe app?

Follow the given steps to order food via Railrecipe App.

1) Download And Install RailRecipe App:

First & foremost, on your android or apple phone, download the Railrecipe free application to order meals in train from the Google play store or the iOS app store

2) Feed The Correct PNR Number And Seat Number:

In the application of RailRecipe, you need to enter the correct details to order the meal. (PNR number and Seat Number). 

3) Select Your Preferred Railway Station:

Pick the station where you want the food delivered to you.

4) Add To Cart The Desired Food:

When you select a food item from the menu, it will instantly “Add to Cart.” Choose the cuisine you’d want to eat during supper or lunch.

5) Select A Payment Mode:

Choose the mode of payment that is most convenient for you to transact the amount from a variety of alternatives.

6) Food will be served to your seat:

RailRecipe delivery executive will deliver the meal right at your train seat on time. 

order food in train through app

What type of Food we can order from Railrecipe on Train

RailRecipe’s innovative e-catering service provides a wide range of food options to customers, including:

1) North Indian Dishes:

The taste of North cuisine is incredible due to the speciality of the species used in the food. RailRecipes is a proven e-catering service that offers its customers the best flavourful North Indian food. Simply click the ‘place order’ button to have any type of North Indian food, pickles, or snacks, and your ordered North Indian dishes will be delivered to your seat.

North Indian Dishes

2) South Indian:

Idli, Dosa, Sambar, Medu Vada, Uttapam, Upma, Pongal, Nariyal Chutney, and so on are some of the culinary items that spring to mind when we say “South Indian Dishes.”. But these South Indian food Can We have on the train? Yes, You can get your favourite South Indian dishes right at your seat by ordering them on RailRecipe.

South Indian food

3) Chinese:

Many people love Chinese food items. But while travelling, how do we get Manchurian or Hakka noodles? Due to the RailRecipe, you don’t have to wait; just order the Chinese food, and our delivery person brings your ordered Chinese food to your seat. Any Chinese items like Manchurian, Hakka noodles, Fried rice, Soups and Manchow and so on are readily available for you.

Chinese food

4) Fast Food:

Want to have fast food in train with hygienically prepared? Railrecipe can serve you your favourite meal at the selected station during your journey to make your travel more delightful. Mumbai’s famous Vada Pav, Thukpa from Arunachal Pradesh, Laksa from Assam, Dahi Samosa from Haryana etc., are all lip-Smacking fast food which you can order from Railrecipe and enjoy during train travelling.

Fast Food

5) Veg Thali (Mini, Deluxe, Standard and Maharaja):

RailRecipe can give its consumers the taste of nutritious and home-cooked food with great taste on the train. Mini Veg Thali, Deluxe Thali, Basic Thali, and Maharaja thali are some of the Thali alternatives. Paneer Butter Masala, Seasonal Vegetables, Chapati, Dal fry, Raita, Salad, Desserts, Curd, Papad, and Pickle are all found on Delux Veg Thali. Our top restaurant’s partner made the Veg Thali with the right addition of species and salt in a hygienic way, resulting in a flavour of Food A-1. 

Veg Thali (Mini, Deluxe, Standard and Maharaja)

6) Non-Veg Thali:

On your train travel, you’d want to enjoy a Chicken Curry, Chicken Paratha, Chicken Biryani, and Butter Chicken. RailRecipe is the only platform to satisfy your appetite for non-vegetarian cuisine while travelling by train. There are three types of non-vegetarian thalis: Deluxe Thali, Mini Thali, and Standard Thali. Butter chicken/chicken curry, chapati/paratha, seasonal veg, dal fry, raita, sweet, curd, salad, papad, and pickle are among the non-vegetarian foods included in the Deluxe thali. The Deluxe Non-Vegetarian Thali is the most popular and must-order thali on the train.

Non-Veg Thali

Why is Railrecipe popular for online food delivery in trains?

food delivery in train

Railrecipe is the provider of any foods and drinks items like snacks, tea, coffee, milk, sharbat, biryani, pizza, cakes etc., on the train on time. You can get your favourite food and juice on the train seat by just ordering it from RailRecipe. Pure Veg Food, Non-Veg Food, Jain Food, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Beverages, Sweets, any things you will get with just one click. Plus, Railrecipe does not charge any delivery costs from their consumers. The food quality & taste is incredible, and the pricing is very much affordable. 

“RailRecipe is No.1 Meal in Train Vendor”

RailRecipe is No.1 Meal in Train Vendor

Want to have Beverages on your train journey?

Railrecipe is a platform dedicated only to meet the demands of its customers in every possible manner. Rather than want to have any food, you can also order any Drinks or Beverages to provide hydration to your body. On a summer train journey, we all feel fatigued and tired. For refreshment of mind or mood, we have to drink healthy and nutritious beverages. Aam Panna, Sattu Sarbat, Kokam Sarbat, Nariyal Pani, Ganne Ka Ras, and so on are the juices you can order from RailRecipe. Do check out our blog’s top 10 Amazing beverages you must drink during train travelling. Don’t forget to order your desired beverages on your train journey from Railrecipe.

6 Major benefits of ordering food while train travelling from RailRecipe

benefits of ordering food from RailRecipe

1) Get a Wide Range of Cuisine Choices:

On the Railrecipe menu, you will find different kinds of cuisines, whether you want Idli Dosa or Paneer Tikka, any things you will get right at your seat. RailRecipe not only lets you order renowned dishes, but it also allows you to order any local/regional cuisines so you won’t miss your home even on long train travels. The cuisine we provide has a home flavour.

2) Hygienic Meals:

RailRecipe is dedicated to providing you with hygienic and fresh cuisine on a consistent basis since your health is our first priority. You can now be completely sure that only high-quality food will be brought to your train seat or sleeper when you order food from RailRecipe e-Catering service. We deliver your ordered food from top restaurants, which make the dishes hygienic, and our restaurant’s partners are also approved by FSSAI, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food.

3) Awesome Packaging:

You do not need to be concerned about food packaging. Food will be delivered in carefully sealed packets to prevent leaking. RailRecipe provides adequate packing for various food products so you can enjoy your favourite dishes without fear of spills.

4) Easy to Order:

Ordering food on Railrecipe is straightforward. To place an order, go to our website or download our app. You can also place an order by dialling 8448440386.

5) On-time Delivery:

RailRecipe is committed to delivering every food on time. We make every effort to provide high-quality meals to all passengers on time. RailRecipe’s real-time train running status system ensures that deliveries are never missed.

6) Discounts on Bulk Orders:

If you’re travelling in a group of 10 or more individuals, then you can get extra discounts on ordering food from RailRecipe. To get a hefty discount on a group food order and bulk food order, use the coupon codes. Take a look at RailRecipe’s coupons code blog.

How Does RailRecipe Food Delivery in Trains Work?

How Does RailRecipe Food Delivery in Trains Work

RailRecipe is a food delivery service that allows you to order meals from your favourite restaurants and deliver them right to the train seat. The process of ordering, paying for, and getting your meal on board takes just minutes. RailRecipe is a Fast Food Delivery in Train Service because the process of ordering food on Railrecipe to deliver food all process is AI-based in RailRecipe. To order a meal, you can use the confirmed ticket’s PNR number to book meals in trains.

1) You can grab the hygenic and healthy food from RailRecipe by entering your PNR, Train Name, or Train Number details on the RailRecipe portal or app.

2) Place an order by selecting your desired dishes from the RailRecipe site and complete all processes to place your order.

3) The backend system cross-checks and confirms the details after you place the order on the RailRecipe site.

4) After confirmation by the backend system, your food order request is generated and sent to the RailRecipe FSSAI certified restaurant partner for processing.

5) Then, with details of orders approved by the restaurant, a notice is sent to your mobile number (which you gave while ordering meals).

6) In addition, an FSSAI-approved restaurant partner of RailRecipe contacts you to verify and confirm your order.

7) After that, Restaurants prepare your food request in a proper hygienic way and arrange it in a properly sealed package to prevent any leakage (You get your order food in appropriate packing)

8) The food package is then taken out and delivered to your railway seat by our delivery executive.

You will receive your order on time, and the food you receive on the packaging is also excellent, preventing any food items in the box from being mixed up. 

Get Customer Service Support

Want to make a change to your meal order or have a question about reimbursements for meals that were missed? Our customer service representative will gladly assist you if you have any additional issues with your order.

You can reach us at 844-844-0386 between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. for any information, inquiries, complaints, refunds, or requests. You can also email RailRecipe at if you have any questions. Or even you can write your suggestion, complaints, the experience of your with RailRecipe food on the ‘Chat with Us’ box.

How to Track your Food Order in Train

Wants to check the order status after placing an order on RailRecipe? RailRecipe is the perfect platform for food delivery in train because you also get the feature to check your order status. You get the order status time to time from RailRecipe on your mobile message, but if you want to check the order’s current status, then also you can check. You can simply receive updates on your food booking with us. 

To get updates on your order, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the section of ‘Check Status of order’ of RailRecipe.

2) Enter your Order ID on the appeared box where you have asked to fill ‘ORDER ID’ number. You can find the order ID on your registered mobile number inbox message and email ID that you had specified while placing your order. 

3) Enter your registered mobile number after filling order ID. This is only for security purposes so that we can check for any updates to your order in our databases.

4) Click on the ‘Track Order’ button after filling Order ID and mobile number. The status of your meal order will be displayed once you click the ‘Track Order’ button.

How the Order status is shown

When you input your order id and mobile number to check the status of a meal order on RailRecipe, you’ll see a linear figure displaying the status of the order.

Order Placed: Indicates that the order has been received and is pending confirmation from the restaurant.

Order Accepted: The restaurant where the order was placed has verified it on their end.

Delivered: Your order has been delivered.

Alternative Ways to Track your Order

You have 2 more ways to check order status: Chat and Calling. 

1) Chat:

“Chat live with our food advisors” is an option. You can give the food advisor your Order Id and phone number, and they will share your order status.

2) Calling: 

If you don’t have internet data on your phone and Want to check your food order status, you can reach us by calling on 844-844-0386. You get all your answer related to your order or order status on call from our food advisors. 

Download the RailRecipe eCatering Food On Track app today!

“Enjoy Munching on the train with RailRecipe!”

Why Order Food Online on Trains from RailRecipe?

Why Order Food Online on Trains from RailRecipe

The reason is endless why you have to order food from RailRecipe. Here you can see some of the main reasons why you should order food from RailRecipe on your train journey.

Ordering meals in trains from RailRecipe is always a wonderful idea since you get:

1) All train Passenger get Hygienic Food when they order food from RailRecipe, and Top FSSAI prepares the food we deliver to approved Restaurants

2) RailRecipe Delivering hot, fresh, and yummy food to more than 560+ stations across India

3) You will find endless food menu options on the RailRecipe menu that suit all age groups.

4) For hygienic and fresh food delivery to train passengers, RailRecipe has a tie-up with FSSAI- Approved E- catering Service Providers

5) You also get a variety of choice food on RailRecipe. Whether you want pure Jain Thali or Maharaja Thali or a particular special sweet dish, everything you get on RailRecipe.

6) RailRecipe has consistently delivered food on time and to your seat. So it’s a record break that Railrecipe never fails to deliver food on time

7) You will realize that RailRecipe Customer Support is adequate because we know the value of our customers, which is why we are always available to answer any order-related questions, refund inquiries, and order status inquiries.

“Say goodbye to pantry food & stalls unhygienic food, and welcome RailRecipe.

no pantry food in train

Why Choose RailRecipe for E-Catering Services in Trains?

  • You get rid of carrying food from home.
  • You get to save from eating poor-quality pantries. 
  • You get secure from buying stale food from food stalls at railway stations.

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Food At Train: RailRecipe E-Catering Food Service

RailRecipe: Best Online Food in Train Organization

 Best Online Food in Train Organisation

  • RailRecipe is an ISO-certified company
  • IRCTC E-catering partner
  • Trusted FSSAI-certified Top Restaurants partner all over India 
  • No hidden fees and a transparent pricing structure
  • More than 560+ stations across India have train cuisine available.
  • More than 2500+ restaurants in India are partners with us.
  • More than 8500 trains — both Pantry and Non-Pantry trains – serve meals.
  • Over 40 lakhs meals have been served 
  • The percentage of repeat customers orders is 66%.
  • More than 97% of our customers are satisfied with our service.
  • The rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars.
  • One of the greatest train meal providers.

“RailRecipe is trending Online Food Delivery Service.”

RailRecipe is trending Online Food Delivery Service

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RailRecipe is a fantastic cuisine in a train service company that constantly makes its customers happy by serving excellent meals. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Go and order your desired food from Railrecipe.

Don’t forget to share your train journey with the food provided by RailRecipes?

Frequently Asked Questions about RailRecipe Services are answered here.

Q: What is RailRecipe?

A: RailRecipe is an e-catering service that provides meals to train travellers. The food that Railrecipe delivers to its customers is more delicious, and we source it from top restaurants that are FSSAI approved. RailRecipe is the official catering partner of IRCTC. When passengers on board a train and order food through RailRecipe. The food is delivered to their train seat at a predetermined stop. Because we provide cuisine from top restaurants, the taste is incredible, and the food is prepared in a hygienic manner. Food packing is excellent. RailRecipe is the most popular e-caterer for train cuisine.

RailRecipe is the only way to satisfy the appetite of Indian railway travellers. You can book meals online using RailRecipe.

RailRecipe has proven to become one of the Indian Railways’ major meal suppliers. With the collaboration of our 2500+ restaurant partners throughout India, we offer meals in trains at over 560 stops and 8500 trains.

RailRecipe is known for its tastier cuisine, on-time delivery, customer support, easy-to-order food method, number of ways to get food through Railrecipe, fair price, and a variety of food options, among other features.

Q: How do I start ordering from my favourite restaurant?

A: It’s simple to order food from RailRecipe. You can order food through the RailRecipe website, the RailRecipe app, or by calling 8448440386. Enter your PNR number in the app or on the website to order meals. The website will then take you to the following page, where the passenger can pick up their boarding station. The interface will display the station name along with the partner restaurant’s meal menu after the boarding station has been selected. Add the food or snacks, or juice items to your cart that you want to order. You will be redirected to the payment page. Place your order after selecting a payment option. You will get a confirmation message. It’s all ready to go! Your order will be delivered to your berth.

Q: Is there any booking charge to order food on RailRecipe?

A: No, RailRecipe doesn’t take any kind of booking charge for ordering food. 

Q: Does RailRecipe take any food delivery charge?

A: No, RailRecipe doesn’t take any delivery charges. Delivery of food in train is free for all on board train passengers from RailRecipe.

Q: How can I pay for the meal I’ve ordered from RailRecipe?

A: When submitting orders, RailRecipe allows travellers to select their preferred method of payment. You have the choice to choose any of the payment methods that are most convenient for you. Credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Diners/American Express), Debit cards (MasterCard/Visa/Rupay/Maestro), Internet banking from all banks, and digital wallets (Paytm, PayUmoney, and Mobikwik) are all available online.

You can also pay cash on delivery if you choose (COD). Your order will be delivered to your seat, and you have to pay the ordered food amount to the delivery executive.

Q: Do I need to pay any tip to the delivery person?

A: Not at all; you no need to pay any extra money to the delivery executive. The amount you have to pay is the cost of the ordered meal that you already know through the message after you place the order. You have to pay the ordered amount online or via COD. Railrecipe doesn’t charge any delivery fee.

Q: Can I order food from RailRecipe anytime?

A: Every day, from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., passengers can order meals for their train journey.

Q: Is it possible to place food orders in advance from RailRecipe? What is the process?

A: RailRecipe allows you to place food orders in advance. Simply go to the Railrecipe website or app, choose the date you want to order meals, and follow the on-screen instructions. You have the option of paying online, in advance, or with Cash on Delivery (COD). However, if you’re purchasing meals for a group trip, you’ll need to pay 40% in advance by electronic transfer, and the remainder will be given to the delivery person. You may also place your meal order in advance by calling 8448440386.

Q: Is there a guaranteed delivery time?

A: The delivery time is determined by the current train status. RailRecipe keeps track of trains in real-time and interacts with restaurants to ensure that you have the food you ordered at your seat when the train arrives at the station you specified. Mostly we try to deliver food on time. Delivery time is based on train running status.

Q: How can I cancel my food order by train?

A: If you want to cancel your food for some reason, then you can contact the support team of RailRecipe at 8448440386. You have until one hour before the scheduled arrival of the train where your meal is to be delivered to cancel your order.

There is a 10% administration cost for cancellations up to 24 hours before the delivery time for prepaid orders and a 25% administrative fee for cancellations up to one hour before the delivery time for prepaid orders. In 5-7 working days, you will get a refund.

Q: What should I do if there is any problem with my order?

A: If you have any problems during placing your order or have any questions about payment or food order, please call RailRecipe helpline number 8448440386. You will be connected to one of our customer service representatives who will assist you handle any order-related difficulties. Instead of calling, you can also fill out our feedback form, and a member of our complaint handling team will contact you. You can also reach out to us at

Q: Will I get my order when the train is late?

A: After you place the order from RailRecipe, We track the train running status in order to fulfil the delivery of your ordered fresh meal at your seat. Whether the train is delayed for more than 2 hours, our customer service representative will contact you to confirm if you are still interested in getting your ordered meal. If your train arrives at the delivery station beyond the restaurant’s operating hours (usually 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.), your order will be automatically cancelled, and you will be notified through the mail and mobile SMS. If you already paid the ordered meal amount online, then you will get it to receive in 4 to 5 business days.

Q: Can I order Regional food from RailRecipe?

A: Yes! Whether you desire Maharashtra’s Puran Poli, Rajasthan’s Daal Baati Churma, or Bihar’s Litti Chokha, any regional or local food can be served to your railway seat. On Railrecipe’s Order Meal page, you’ll find a variety of regional and famous cuisines. You can order traditional food or regional cuisine while travelling by train with RailRecipe easily. RailRecipe is one of the famous platforms for delivering tasty regional food in a train because the food we deliver to our consumers is from a top restaurants partner of Railrecipe, which is FSSAI certified.

Q: Is RailRecipe delivering food to a pantry train?

A: Yes, Railrecipe can supply food to both pantry and non-pantry trains; in other words, RailRecipe can deliver fresh food to any train passenger.

Q: What if the internet connection is lost at any step in the middle of placing an order?

A: If you are placing an order on Railrecipe and the internet connection is lost, then you need to check that you get an SMS of placing an order successfully. If the connection is lost in any other steps of ordering food and you haven’t completed all steps to successfully place an order. Then you can place an order by calling the Railrecipe at 8448440386. Or have any query in ordering food in train from Railrecipe or have any payments issue and doubts then also you can call us on the given number. Our customer care executive helps you out in every possible manner.

Q: I Don’t have access to the Internet. Can I still Order food from Railrecipe?

A: You can place an order through our website, application or call us on the Number 8448440386. So if you haven’t had access to the internet, then you can also call us for ordering food. And if you want to know how to connect railway wifi on mobile, then do check this blog of ours.

Q: Where is my personal information used?

A: We never share any personal information( phone number and email id) with our restaurant’s partner. We just take your personal information to use it for informing you about the delivery status of the ordered food. We take security precautions very seriously in order to protect our consumer’s personal information.

Q: What if I have a group order?

A: You have to choose the tab “Group Order.” you will be redirected to an enquiry form. Fill in the form’s areas with information such as your name, phone number, email address, and the bulk order query. Also, fill up the 10 digit PNR number. After you have completed the form with all the correct information, click the “Send Enquiry” button. Our customer care person call you in a short period of time after you have enquired about the group food order. You can ask all your queries about the group food ordered from Railrecipe on-call. And also, you can place an order on call. If in an upcoming week you are going to board the train, then also you can call the RailRecipe customer care number to solve the query about the group food in train.

Q: How Does RailRecipe e-catering work?

A: Our meal delivery procedure is straightforward. It is simple to place an order and receive a meal for our customers. Anyone can order meals from Railrecipe with a few simple clicks. The entire procedure takes place online. The meal delivery procedure begins once the passenger confirms his or her order. It’s a step-by-step procedure as follows:

Step 1: Received food order from a consumer on the RailRecipe portal, app or call.

Step 2: The RailRecipe backend team double-checks orders by checking the passenger’s PNR number or train number, location, and seat number.

Step 3: The order is approved to proceed after verifying the passenger’s information.

Step 4: RailRecipe notifies the restaurant partners of that particular station for processing the meal. And also, the consumer receives a notification informing them that their order has been accepted for delivery. And also, the restaurant verifies the order by phoning the customer after receiving the order details from the e-catering partners.

Step 5: Our restaurant partners’ food is hygienically cooked, packaged and handover to the delivery person.

Step 6: Our customer receives the ordered meal at their train seat by the delivery person.

Q: What are the services offered by RailRecipe?

A: RailRecipe’s AI-enabled interface provides a variety of services for its users.

  • Ordering food, snacks, all food type Online in Train
  • Checking the PNR status feature with Confirmation Probability
  • Station details
  • Train details
  • Checking train schedule or Train timetable
  • Fare enquiry or train fare calculator
  • Live Train Running status
  • Platform Location
  • Train Arrivals and Departures in Real-Time at the Station

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