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Finished ordering delicious food of your choice for your train journey today? Stay firm on your seat as the your food mater, RailRecipe is on it’s hunger savior mission to quench your hunger. If you are looking for updates regarding your food order with RailRecipe, here’s a faster way to keep yourself updated:

Enter Your Order ID : Every food order with RailRecipe has a unique order ID which is sent to the travelers mobile number via short message service (SMS) on the number used while placing the order. In order to track your food order in train with RailRecipe, you need to enter the same.

Enter Your Mobile Number: The number used to place order needs to be entered in order to track the food order.

Get Status of food order in train:As soon as you hit the submit button, you would receive an updated of your order with the real time status as:

Placed: This status of food order shows that the order has been successfully placed with RailRecipe.

Accepted: This tracking status shows that the food order placed with RailRecipe has been confirmed from the serving restaurant and would be delivered on your seat

Cancelled: It might be a rare tracking status you should expect while ordering food in train with RailRecipe. Such status shows that the order placed has been cancelled due to some issues and the reason behind the same would be mentioned via SMS sent to mobile number.

Un-Delivered: At rarest times, we might miss the delivery of food ordered with us. Although, we try to make alternative arrangements at next possible station, if not we have to confirm regarding the non-delivery issue.

RailRecipe ensures better food delivery in train and acts as a hunger savior. For any further assistance, one can reach out to us via chat support or on call at 8448440386

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