Bihar Diwas 2023

Bihar is an eastern state of India and is known for its junction of different religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc to name a few. If you want to know amazing interesting facts about Bihar then you are at the right place because in this blog I am going to discuss Bihar and Bihar Diwas.

Bihar: An Introduction

Bihar is known as the ancient land of Buddha because they nourished to enlighten here. Bihar witnessed the unforgettable golden period of Indian history. Bihar is also known as the first-ever place in the country where the seeds of the first republic were sown and cultivated the first crop of democracy. Bihar is rich in everything like knowledge, production of crops, fruits, etc. Bihar people are known for their intellects who spread the light of knowledge and wisdom not only in the country but in the whole world.

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Patna is the capital city of Bihar which is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganga. The history of Bihar has many things to highlight like the rise of Buddha to The Seleucid-Mauryan War. We celebrate Bihar Diwas every year in order to celebrate the separation of Bihar from The Bengal Presidency in 1912. As we all know 22 March is known as the formation day of the state of Bihar and is called ‘Bihar Diwas’.

Why do we celebrate Bihar Diwas?

As we all know that Bihar and Orissa were separated from Bengal on 22 March 1912, with Patna as the capital of the state. So, on the 22nd of March Bihar state got its own identity as it was separated from the Bengal Presidency by the British in 1912. Since after that, we celebrate this day (22nd March) as a “Foundation Day of Bihar”.

Bihar Diwas is celebrated on the foundation day of Bihar which is on 22nd March. This year also we are ready to celebrate Bihar Diwas and preparations are in full swing. The state is going to celebrate the biggest celebration in a grand way where they are organizing a three-day program in the Gandhi Maidan in Patna beginning March 22. On this day Bihar started its glorious history after bifurcation from Bengal presidency in 1912. This year’s main theme is ‘Yuva Shakti ki Pragati.

Bihar Diwas Celebration 2023

Many programs are going to be organized by many departments like Education Department, Art and Culture Department, Social Welfare and Tourism Department, and Industry Department. Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation is going to present laser shows at two places in the capital. Tourists will get a chance to see a laser show by the department in the historical Golghar and Mangal Talab located in Patna City. Apart from that popular singers like Javed Ali and Maithili Thakur will perform on 22nd March in the historical Gandhi Maidan. As I mentioned earlier that Bihar Diwas Utsav is a three-day celebration, this year we are going to celebrate this Utsav from the 22nd to the 24th of March.

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Bihar Utsav or Bihar Diwas is much more than a celebration. The Bihar government had taken an initiative to celebrate the foundation day of the state from the year 2010. The main reason behind this celebration was to restore the pride and honor of the state and to praise the feeling of Being Bihari among the citizens of the state. The Bihar government is going to organize many events and cultural programs for this celebration.

If you are from Bihar but currently are not living in the state then let me tell you one thing Bihar Utsav festivities can be seen across many cities in India. This utsav is not only limited to Patna only because there are various cities where you can visit during Bihar Diwas. Some of the most popular places where you can visit during Bihar Diwas are mentioned below.

  1. Patna

If we talk about Bihar Diwas then the capital city Patna needs no introduction because Patna is known as the hub of all Bihar Diwas celebrations. Several departments of Bihar organize many events, celebrations, shows, performances, and other cultural events. They also organize camps for blood and eye donations, folk dances, and other events in historic Gandhi maidan along with Gaya, Darbhanga, and Bhagalpur. Many popular Bollywood celebrities, popular singers, and actors use to participate in this celebration in order to make this event more grand and unforgettable.

  1. Delhi

Many Bihar people live in Delhi. The Bihar state government has taken initiative to organize the “Bihar Utsav” at Dilli Haat. If you are from Bihar and living far from the state then you can visit Delhi Haat where you will find the real taste and atmosphere of Bihar. In Delhi Haat, Bihar Utsav is nothing but a cultural event showcasing the real beauty of Bihar’s art, culture, food, craft, and heritage. Apart from that you can taste the real flavors and taste of Bihari cuisines such as Litti-Chokha, Khaja, etc.

  1. Mumbai

You will find various events in Mumbai during Bihar Diwas such as competitive programs, and film screening that shows Bihari culture and tradition.

  1. Bengaluru

Many cultural events take place in Bengaluru as well during Bihar Diwas. If you are from Bihar and living in Bengaluru then you can visit these events that take place across the city. In these celebrations, you will find various things such as folk dances and songs of Bihar. Apart from that you can also taste the real flavors of Bihari cuisines.

  1. Chennai

You will find many events in Chennai as well on the occasion of Bihar Diwas. The city organizes many events such as singing and dancing performances, sports competitions, and cultural events. They also organize several exhibitions that showcase the art of the state, its culture, heritage, and the recent process and development of the state.


Bihar Diwas is celebrated to cherish the formation of the state. As I mentioned earlier that Bihar Diwas is the biggest celebration of the state so all offices, companies, and educational institutes coming under the state government announces holiday on Bihar Diwas.

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Bihar Diwas 2023: The Biggest Celebration of the Eastern State

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