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In India, food not only connects with our emotions but also it satisfies our soul as well. We Indians used to cook special street foods on every special occasion. We believe that food is something that brings people together. Every state of our country has its own specialist like South Indian people love lightweight meal idli and dosas but at the same time Punjabi people prefer spicy foods like chole bhature. Food preferences of every Indian state are totally different from each other because it also depends on the weather conditions and taste preferences.

Large number of people in our country love having street foods. Have you ever thought about having delicious street foods on the train while travelling? If not then let me tell you that today you can easily enjoy your favorite street foods on the train. Indian Railways had introduced e-catering services on trains for providing the passengers top-notch quality of food directly on the train seat.

IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) is a subsidiary body of Indian Railways that provides tourism, catering and ticketing services. There are many e-catering companies in the market but very few ones are officially authorized by IRCTC. This is for your information that RailRecipe is an IRCTC authorized e-catering company that delivers fresh and warm food on train in just a few clicks.

Order Street Foods on Train Online

Indian people love having delicious street foods but sometimes local vendors sell unhygienic and uncovered street foods. With the help of e-catering services provided by IRCTC today passengers don’t need to be dependent on those unhygienic foods. Passengers can easily order their favourite street foods on train with the help of e-catering services provided by IRCTC. From Punjabi chole bhature to Maharashtrian vada pav, from Chennai special dosa to Sikkim special momos. Passengers can order any street foods on the train easily. Here, in this blog we’re going to discuss some of the special street foods that passengers can easily order on the train.

Maharashtrian Vada Pav

street foods

Vada pav is one of the famous dishes in Maharashtra. It is basically soft and spicy fluffy buns known as Pav, usually stuffed with a friend batter coated potato rolls called Batata Vada and laced with sweet red chutney and spicy green chutney. It is one of the most popular and famous snacks that people love having with tea. If you also want to have Vada pav on the train while travelling then let me tell you that it is possible with RailRecipe. Passengers can easily order their Vada pav on train from RailRecipe.

Crispy Samosa

street foods

Whenever we talk about street foods then nothing can beat the popularity of crispy and tasty Samosas. This snack is popular all over the country due to its crispy texture and delicious potato fillings. It is usually served with chutney. If you are also thinking about what to order for your evening snack on the train then let me tell you that Samosas could be the best option for you. Do order crispy and tasty triangular shaped delightful treats on the train and enjoy your journey.

Punjabi Chole Bhature

street foods

We talked earlier that Punjabi people love having spicy and heavy foods like chole bhature, aloo paratha etc. Chole Bhature is one of the most popular street foods that is not only popular only in Punjab but also in all over the country. Chole is basically a spicy, tangy chickpea curry served with soft and fluffy fried leavened bread known as Bhature. If you’re also a spicy and delicious food loving person then do not forget to order street style Punjabi chole bhature on train from RailRecipe.

Delicious Pav Bhaji

street foods

Have you ever ordered pav bhaji on a train? If not then for what you’re waiting for? Go and explore a wide range of RailRecipe menus for fulfilling your tummy with delicious meals. Pav bhaji is also one of the most popular Maharashtrian street foods that is popular all over the country. It is basically various kinds of vegetables mixed with spicy curry sauce often served with soft and fluffy buns known as Pav. If you also want to have this delicious yet spicy meal on the train then do order it today from RailRecipe.

Sikkim Special Momos

street foods

Our young generation has gone crazy for momos. The discussion of popular street foods of India is totally incomplete without momos because today momos are the king of street foods. It is basically a type of steamed dumplings that are known as momos after being served with spicy red chutney. Momos are basically Tibetan and Nepali Cuisine but it is also very much popular in all over India. If you’re traveling via train and want to have some street style momos then do not forget to order it on train from RailRecipe.¬†These are some of the most popular street foods that passengers can easily order food on train from RailRecipe.

Apart from these, there are many more food options available on our website. If you’re also planning to travel via train then do not forget to order your desired meal on train from RailRecipe website or you can also download RailRecipe App. If you’re not a techie guy then you can also easily order your desired meal by calling us on our helpline number 844-844-0386. Our customer care executive team will surely help you in placing your food orders according to your taste and preferences. RailRecipe will always be there to fulfil all your food related requirements in just a few clicks.¬† So, for what you’re waiting for? Hurry up! Order your desired meal today.

Enjoy Your Train Journey with Delightful Street Foods

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