Underground Railway Station

We often discussed the growth and development of India. Our country is launching underground railway station and introducing high-tech trains and railway stations for upgrading the railway system in India. Have you ever heard about the first underground railway station in India? If not, then this article is just for you! Indian Railways is all set to introduce India’s first underground railway station in West Bengal Teesta Bazar.

First Underground Railway Station

The first underground railway station in Sikkim will be built as an important part of the Sivok-Rangpo Railway Project that was launched back in October 2009. The construction of this railway station will bring revolutionary change in Sikkim because it was the only state that didn’t have access to railways. This underground railway station is a significant milestone in the history of the country’s urban transportation. According to Deputy Railway Manager of Alipurduar, Amarjeet Aggarwal the Rangpo station station is the form of a touristic and defensive point of view for Sikkim and India. This railway station is located in  Sikkim, West Bengal. The construction of this underground railway station is underway as an important part of the Sivok-Rangpo railway project. This is to let you know that this is one of the first projects that aimed to enhance the connectivity between West Bengal and Sikkim.

Sivok-Rangpo Railway ProjectUnderground Railway Station

The length of this tunnel will be 45 km-long that primarily comprises tunnels, along with open fillings of open yards and bridges. The total length of this station will be 44.96 km where the length of the comprises tunnel will be 38.65 km and the length of the comprises tunnel while the length of the comprises bridges will be 2.24 km.

Significance and Key Features

This underground railway station “Teesta Bazar” comes under tunnel number seven. The total length of the platform will be 620 metres while the measure of the entire tunnel will be 650 metres. The project director Mr. Mohinder Singh said that, we would be able to accommodate full-length train in this tunnel. He also said that they have incorporated full measures for passenger ventilation. The Teesta Bazar Railway Station is one of the most important railway stations in Kolkata, as it connects Darjeeling to Gangtok, hence, it will be so convenient for passengers who want to travel to these hill stations. It is assumed that the construction of this railway station will be completed by 2024, this incredible and ambitious project shows a remarkable leap forward in transportation infrastructure. The underground railway station has a long platform nestled beneath a tunnel having a total length of 650 meters. The construction department of this railway station had made sure to care about the comfort, safety and adequate ventilation for emergency situations.

Increase Tourism in SikkimUnderground Railway Station

Apart from enhancing the transportation system this initiative also holds a significant potential in order to increase tourism in Sikkim. The Indian Railways had proved that anything can be possible when you work with full dedication. This project will surely set a remarkable history in the infrastructural construction of Indian Railways.

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Sikkim is all set for its First Underground Railway Station

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