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We often discussed in various blogs about the growth and development of our country. India is developing economically as well as technologically. There are many monumental engineering achievements taking place from the last few years. Here, in this blog we’re going to discuss one of the most amazing constructional achievements in India. Have you ever heard about the world highest railway bridge over the Chenab River ? If not then this blog is just for you because here we’re going to discuss all the detailed information about this railway bridge.

The world highest railway bridge over Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir was so much in trend as it received a significant milestone with a successful completion for the first ever trial run. This bridge showcases the marvel of modern and incredible engineering and shows the infrastructural power of our country. This bridge is made over the Chenab river and it is the key component of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla rail link (USBRL) project, that aims to improve the connectivity to the Kashmir Valley.

Structural of World Highest Railway Bridge

This incredible architectural construction is the highest railway bridge over the Chenab River. Let’s discuss some of the most amazing highlights of this highest railway bridge

  • Height and Dimensions : The height of the bridge will be at 359 metres (1,178 feet) above the riverbed. This fact will surprise you that the height of this railway bridge surpasses even the height of the Eiffel Tower!. The incredible height of this railway bridge makes it the tallest railway bridge globally. The bridge extends for 1,315 metres (4,314 feet) and the central arch span of this bridge will be 467 metres (1,532 feet).
  • Constructional Challenges: The construction of Chenab Bridge was not an easy task due to extreme harsh weather conditions, rugged terrain and the seismic activity of the region. This is for your information that a special kind of high-strength steel was used to withstand the extreme forces of nature.
  • Design and Construction of the Bridge

The design of the world highest railway bridge incorporates several innovative techniques to address the challenges of its own location and height. The world’s highest railway bridge on Chenab river was designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 266 km/h. The arch of the railway bridge was made by using the incremental launching method.

  • Environmental and Social Impact: We all understand the fact that the environmental and social impact of a specific place plays a major role in the construction process. During the construction of the world highest railway bridge people had taken some measures to minimise the environmental footprint of the construction activities. The process including sustainable practices by using environment friendly materials are very helpful during the construction process.
  • Social Impact: One of the main social impacts that had taken place is that the project provided employment. Yes! As we all understand the fact that one of the biggest issues in our country is lack of employment. The Indian government is regularly working and introducing new schemes and projects to provide employment opportunities for people in India. After the Introduction of this project, the new employment opportunity had taken place for the local population in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.
  • Tourism Potential: It is expected that this construction of Chenab Bridge will surely attract the tourists to visit and see this architectural marvel. The breathtaking height and stunning and picturesque landscape in the surroundings will surely make it a must visit destination.

If you’re also curious to see this incredible architectural charm then you should visit before our country is developing on another level and this construction is the proof. It is often said Indian Railways are known as the Backbone of Indian Economy, hence this construction of railway bridge was much needed in order to extend the railway connectivity in India.

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The World Highest Railway Bridge Over the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir

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