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Explore the cultural importance of best food on train, where diverse flavors reflect regional heritage, offering a tasty journey through the country’s culinary diversity. Indian foods are so much popular all over the world for its unique and delicious taste of authentic spices and herbs. We all understand the fact that Indian food with its rich history and diversity holds a very important place in the culinary world. These foods not only taste heavenly and delicious but also extend beyond mere substances. The Indian food showcases the culture, tradition and history of the region. One of the most important things is that every type of Indian cuisine is totally different from each other in taste. In South India people used to prefer light weight meals usually made with fermented rice batter with steaming method like Idlis, dosas, uttapam and medu Vada etc with coconut chutney and sambar. On the other side, North Indian cuisines are loaded with spices, butter, oil and ghee etc. Every state in India has its own taste and preferences that totally depend upon the climate, culture and interest of people in the particular region.

The Best Food on Train Ordering Platform

Have you ever thought about ordering your favorite cuisine or dishes on the train? You might be thinking about how it can be possible, right? If yes! Then let me tell you that today passengers can easily order their desired best food on train in just a few clicks by the help of e-catering services on trains. Indian Railways had introduced IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) for managing ticketing, catering and tourism departments on trains. There are many e-catering companies in the market but very few ones are officially authorised by IRCTC. RailRecipe is a leading e-catering platform that provides hussle-free food ordering facilities on trains. If you’re also a Indian food-loving person then this article is just for you! Here, in this blog we’re going to discuss some of the most popular Indian cuisines. RailRecipe is officially authorized by IRCTC that delivers top-notch quality of food directly on the train seat.

Cultural Significance of Food

Indian foods are so much influenced by the culture, tradition and history of the particular region. Each and every region has its own unique flavours and taste. This diversity of food reflects India’s cultural heritage, climate and geography. As we discussed earlier, every state has its own unique flavours as well as cooking methods. South Indian people cook most of the food by steaming method with fermented rice batter. The main key ingredients of South Indian dishes are coconut, fermented rice, urad dal, kadhi leaves and mustard seeds etc. North Indian people love to add wheat-based as well as dairy products in their foods. In India people believe in unity that’s the reason they use to gather in festivals and eat sweets.

Healthy Benefits of Indian Foods

Indian foods not only taste good but also have an abundance of medicinal properties as well. Have you heard about Portuguese? If not then let me tell you that Portuguese came to India mainly for Indian spices. These spices are highly valued in most of the European countries specifically for their medicinal properties and ability to preserve food. The authentic Indian herbs and spices not only enhance flavours but also offer numerous health benefits. Some of the spices like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and garlic have high- inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In ancient times, Ayurveda taught us that food is emphasized as the key component of health and wellness. Hence, many traditional Indian dishes are designed to balance the health and wellness of our body.

Order These Delicious Regional Dishes on Train

Now, passengers can easily order their best food on train in just a few clicks from RailRecipe. Here, we’re discussing some of the most popular regional dishes that you can easily order on the train in just a few clicks.

  • Litti-Chokha – Whenever we talk about Bihari cuisine then this dish needs no introduction at all. Litti-Chokha is one of the most popular regional dishes in Bihar and popularly loved by the entire India. Passengers can easily order this dish on the train in just a few clicks from RailRecipe.Best Food on Train
  • Chole-Bhature – Whenever we talk about Indian regional dishes then how can we ignore Punjabis favourite Chole Bhature. Chole is basically spicy chickpea curry served with soft and fluffy fried bread known as Bhature. You can easily order this on the train from RailRecipe.Best Food on Train
  • Idli – South Indian dishes are very much popular specially for breakfast purposes. Idli is one of the most popular South Indian dishes often served with sambhar and coconut chutney. If you’re looking for light-weight and fulfilling meal options for your breakfast then idlis can be the best option for you.Best Food on Train
  • Rogan Josh- RailRecipe menu has varieties of food items. If you’re a non-vegetarian passenger and craving for authentic Kashmiri dishes on the train then do not forget to order Rogan Josh from RailRecipe.Best Food on Train
  • Vada-Pav – If you’re craving for snacks to have with chai then nothing can be the best option rather than Vada Pav. This authentic Maharashtrian dish tastes super delicious and especially when paired with chai. So, do not forget to order Vada Pav for your evening snacking on the train from RailRecipe.Best Food on Train

How To Order a Train from RailRecipe ?

Ordering the best food on train from RailRecipe is very easy. Passengers can easily order their desired meal on train from RailRecipe website or they can also easily download RailRecipe App. Apart from that, passengers can also place their food orders by calling us on our helpline number 844-844-0386. Our customer care executive team will surely help them in placing their orders according to their taste and preferences.Best Food on Train

RailRecipe also provides facilities to place pre-orders and bulk orders as well. If passengers are traveling with a group of people then they can easily pre-book your online food on train before boarding from RailRecipe. Apart from that our services are live on more than 600+railway stations pan India so, passengers don’t need to be dependent on those unhygienic uncovered food selling vendors for their food requirements. The RailRecipe menu has a large number of countless dishes that they can easily order and get delivered on their train seat.

Cultural Significance of Best Food on Train During Journey

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