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When traveling with babies, it is imperative that some basic facilities be provided in the rail cabins. One of these, which has not been mentioned by Indian Railways until now, is a baby berth. On Mother’s Day, February 8, Indian Railways introduced a separate baby berth in a train, allowing newborns to sleep alongside their mothers. Now there will be baby berths on the reserved seats for female passengers. This is expected to bring about a sea change in security and comfort for newborn children and mothers traveling by rail.

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Indian Railways introduced a new berth designed specifically for mothers with babies. Knowledge Bites turns over the idea, noting that Q1’s acquisition of Virgin Trains appeared to have made little difference to its passenger numbers. Still, in this other Country, “baby berths” is already a thing.

Indian Railways recently included a ‘baby berth’ on its trains. The inclusion of the baby seat has been welcomed to an extent. However, there have been concerns that the carriage is only of use for younger, more manageable babies due to its size and design.

Introduction Of Foldable Baby Berths

The Northern Railways has released a new train modification, including a baby berth that will be more advantageous to women. The introduction of foldable baby berths is a significant step forward for the Indian Railway.

According to the Northern Railway Lucknow Division’s official Twitter account, the new newborn seat is foldable with hinges and can be locked with a stopper when needed. The Lucknow Mail published the Northern Railway’s Lucknow Division’s new newborn berth photographs.

Modification of Lower Berth in the Train

Because lower berths are already assigned for women, the Indian Railway has put women with younger babies adjacent to infant berths so that young children can travel with their mothers without any trouble. This berth is good for baby feeding. 

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The lower bed has an infant berth to prevent the child from falling out of the seat while sleeping. “Happy Mother’s Day,” Northern Railway Lucknow Division tweeted. To make it easier for women to travel with their babies, a baby berth has been added to Coach on the Lucknow Mail.

Women would be able to travel by train while remaining delightfully near to their children as a result of the addition of baby berth. Northern Railways’ Lucknow Division tested a baby berth in coach No.194129/B4, berths 12 and 60, on Mother’s Day. The infant seat is foldable and has a safety stopper.

The Objective of Baby Berth

With the goal of making rail travels more comfortable for new mothers and their newborns, the Indian Railways introduced foldable baby berths on certain trains.

Northern Railway’s Lucknow and Delhi divisions collaborated on implementing these infant berths with lower berths.

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Thought Behind the Initiative 

This effort aims to help moms feel at ease with their newborns. The infant berth is collapsible and fastened with a stopper for the baby’s ultimate safety. The infant berth is connected to the lower berth so that the youngster does not fall off the seat while sleeping. Straps have been provided to further assure the baby’s safety. This partnership will be especially advantageous for moms traveling with infants born.

When Northern Railways shared images of the newly launched infant berths, netizens couldn’t stop themselves and swamped the post with adulation. Many people believed that this was highly needed and that it should be implemented on all trains to make the journey simpler for moms.

As one user put it, “Excellent initiative, sir. Please implement it throughout India. It will be extremely beneficial to both newborns and mothers during feeding times.” Another person wrote, “BRAVO! Nice idea realized, hoping to see it in all trains.”

What will be the Size of Baby Berth?

The Northern Railway has placed two infant berths on Lucknow Mail, measuring 770 mm in length, 255 mm in breadth, and 76.2 mm in height, and fitted to 12 and 60 primary berths of the second cabins on both ends of coaches, respectively.

The lower berth is coupled to the folding baby berth. A stopper beneath the lower berth holds the infant berth in place. To use, just unlock the stopper and rotate the berth to the same level as the lower berth. To guarantee safety, a slider close to the berth should be secured. The berth also features a side support railing that must be unfurled before use. The berth can be inverted back below the lower berth when not used.

Baby Berth on Trial Basis?

These additional berths for young children are now being put on trial in several trains.

Officially, two slots have been added to the Lucknow Mail, which runs from Lucknow to New Delhi. 

The Railways stated that with the addition of this new service, ladies traveling with a breastfed child would feel more at peace.

In a tweet, the Railways also uploaded a photo of a ‘baby delivery,’ stating that a baby berth, along with two berths, has been installed in the Lucknow Mail’s three-tier AC coach. The infant berth service will soon be expanded to other trains as well.

Northern Railways’ Lucknow and Delhi divisions collaborated to debut the infant berth on Mother’s Day. If the proposal is approved, it will be deployed on all trains.

Reservation for Seats with Baby Berth

There is no process for booking a baby berth because they were introduced on a trial basis. However, a passenger can approach the railway ticket inspector and seek to exchange seats with someone who has been allocated the lower berth with a baby berth attached.

In the future, while booking a ticket, mothers will provide information about their kids. A baby berth will be made available to the lady for children under the age of five. It will be available free of cost.

What are the Efforts Indian Railways has taken for Women?

Railways make efforts to give lower berths to ladies traveling alone, pregnant women, and mothers traveling with children under the age of five. The width of the reserved berths on the train is narrow, making it difficult for mothers to travel with young children.

As a result, plans have been developed to include a seat for children, with the bottom berth allocated for ladies. The railways have taken precautions to ensure that the youngster does not fall off the train seat.

When buying a reservation ticket, the names of children under the age of five must be provided, and a baby berth will be made available to mothers.

Indian Railways Introduces Baby Berth For New Mothers

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