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Research and Analysis conducted by RailRecipe on families reveals that families without kids have been seen traveling frequently as compared to families who have kids in their family. The common reason for less frequent travel has been found quoted by most respondents as, With kids and infants, mommies generally resist making journeys thinking about all the discomforts during train journeys. Kids and Infants do not get proper food during journeys and hence they are to be fed packaged food and chocolates which makes parents worry about their kid’s health.

Hence to address these real-time health issues among kids & infants, RailRecipe has started online delivery of pure, fresh & hot milk on trains which is handed over directly at your seat in running trains so that no babies and kids are left without drinking pure milk on trains.

Let’s take note of 10 food items on trains that the Train Travelers accompanying Infants & Kids (6 months-12 years) frequently order from RailRecipe:-

Pure Milk

Once your baby is 6 months old, RailRecipe advises you to start feeding cow milk mixed with formula milk, sterile water, and Ceralacs to have a smooth transition and to get the right nutrition at the right age. While Infants (between 1-3 years of age) & kids can be offered to drink Cow Milk all alone. You may order pure milk on trains by calling RailRecipe at 8448440386 or you may order through its website or by downloading the RailRecipe food ordering App from the Play store. We serve you pure & hot milk ready to drink at any train location in PAN India.

Filtered Pure & boiled (Sterile) Water for the baby

RailRecipe recommends you use filtered boiled water even if it is bottled for preparing formula to feed babies on the train. Therefore to avoid any confusion over how safe drinking water for babies is? RailRecipe is serving filtered pure boiled (sterile) water to feed normal, premature & babies who are sick so that your baby is safe while making the journey on the train.

Khichadi – The Superfood

Khichadi is a highly recommended first meal for six-month-old babies as it has rice & moong dal which are easily digestible and are light in proteins. Later infants can be introduced to properly mashed vegetable khichadi with or without eggs to pack it up with more proteins and low carbs. To buy Khichadi online for babies, toddlers, and kids on trains call RailRecipe and place an order online, we serve you the purest recipes from FSSAI Restaurants nearest to your train location.

Special Cereal Soup – Rice / Moong Dal / Fresh Vegetables

The liquid & smooth flow makes it easier to swallow for babies and has a healthy and nutritional value. The plain rice soup is highly recommended by nutritionists to start feeding babies when they complete 6 months of their age followed by a highly liquid form of Moong Dal Soup to get wholesome food for the healthy growth of babies. Buy Fresh Soups for babies on the train through RailRecipe @ 8448440386.

Boiled Eggs

RailRecipe recommends you serve babies one mashed boiled egg every day for the healthy growth of their body. It can be fed mashed in soup or with cereals or directly at your baby’s convenience. Eggs are considered an early source of Omega 3, iron, fat, and Vitamin D important for brain & bone development. To eat freshly boiled eggs on a training call RailRecipe

Fresh Fruit Juices

From age immemorial, fresh juices are considered an immunity booster. When kids go fussy over food, RailRecipe recommends buying fresh Juices available in different colors extracted from fresh strawberries, apples, litchis, oranges, pineapple, mangoes, pomegranates & grapes to feed 6-month-old babies & kids during train journeys.

Fruit Salad

Kids enjoy eating Rainbow fruit salad dressings made with their favorite colored fruits such as plum, peach, kiwi, apple, and oranges. Serve them the best kids-friendly fruit with or without yogurt on trains with RailRecipe and feed them easy, healthy & delicious food on train.

Milk-based Sweets & Desserts

Nothing works better for sweet tooth other than serving milk-based juicy sweets and desserts to pep up their moodIndian desserts use a lot of milk & sugar syrup and dry fruits to enrich the flavor and to meet delicious taste. Kids love to eat Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Creamy Kheer, Mishti Doi, and Kaju Katli on trains to name a few popular buys from RailRecipe. RailRecipe Special Carrot Halwa in winter prepared with a whole lot of khoya and elaichi for flavors becomes a must-buy for your kids while you are making train journeys in winter in India.

Vegetable & Paneer Pizza on fresh bread (Refined flour & wheat flour)

Pizza has been our all-time favorite food for kids today but it is our responsibility to make it healthiest with the fresh dough in refined flour or wheat flour toppled with a whole lot of multicolored vegetables, mushrooms, olives, cottage cheese, and mozzarella cheese to serve nutrition to a child with every bite. RailRecipe serves fresh Pizza for kids on trains so that they never miss Parties even on trains.

Sandwiches with fresh Salad/Vegetable/Egg/fresh Paneer

The fresh and multi-ingredient stuffed sandwiches are kids-friendly and a must-buy food for kids on train. Perfectly grilled and toasted sandwiches made with mayo, fresh veggies, leafy greens, and cottage cheese make it wholesome & healthy to eat on trains.

Now, All Children are invited to enjoy their journey on the train! Now parents can plan their train journey with their kids without even worrying about their appetite! Book train tickets from Indian Railways & food on train for Kids, Toddlers & Babies from RailRecipe @ 8448440786.

Healthy & Yummy RailRecipe’s Food On Train for Infants & Kids

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