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Travel is inevitable and almost 4.2 million people travel every single day via different modes of travel. Travel experience becomes merrier if you can enjoy every moment of your trip and shed the burden and worries of other things away from your shoulder and also get yourself assured that it would be taken care of in the best possible manner. Train journeys have their own challenges in India. Getting the reservations in place and boarding the train for which you have booked the journey. Food in train also has limited options and during the COVID 19 regimes, safety has become a major concern while dining out. Another toll would be to arrange veg food in train journey for someone traveling along with strict vegetarian rules in place.

If you are stuck in making choices to order pure veg food in a train journey, let the burden be shed away to someone who takes care of your taste and choices when it comes to food. RailRecipe has an extensive tie-up network with top restaurants that serve 100% pure veg food in train journeys right at your berth.

Why Order Veg Food Online in Train Journey? 

 A few reasons to choose online food booking in train services over the other modes include:

  • Safer Food Delivery Options: RailRecipe has taken care of safety concerns for delivering food from only FSSAI (Food Safety and Security Agency of India) approved restaurants. Every possible initiative has been undertaken to make sure that food delivery in safer than ever before in a train journey.

  • Offering Wider Choices of Veg Food in trains: The menu has been enriched with all possible recipes which one usually orders while walking into any restaurant. One can expect continental sandwich options while ordering veg breakfast during train journey. If you hail from South Indian state and traveling on some business trip, you don’t have to miss you pure south Indian breakfast recipes in the train journey.

  • Taking the Strict Vegetarian Instructions to Count- If you instruct us to get your order only from pure veg restaurant, we have made sure that your food is delivered from a pure veg restaurant only. RailRecipe believes in caring for the travelers preferences.

  • 600+ Cities Coverage- We are gradually expanding to every station with all the options in terms of delivering food in trains. RailRecipe has presence over 600+ cities across India. This gives you another reason to stay connected for planning food in train itinerary with RailRecipe.

  • Expert Support and Assistance- If you are planning to arrange food for someone you care or maybe your elderly parents on a religious trip, you can get one-to-one assistance from our expert food advisors for a complete meal plan for train journey. Even if you want to order food for group travel in trains, you can get in touch with RailRecipe hunger saviors.

How to Order Veg Food in Train Online? 

Quick and easy step to get pure veg food in train online include:

  • Share your PNR (a 10 digit number on your ticket) or train number on our website or with our food advisors on call/chat.

  • Choose any pure veg restaurant from the lists.

  • Choose the menu items to order pure veg breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in train journeys.

  • You can proceed to pre-pay via secure payment methods or opt for cash on delivery options.

  • Get veg food delivered in train on your seat.

Ordering for veg food in train journeys is no more a tough get and RailRecipe has made it easier for every traveler. Next time you plan a train journey, you don’t need to worry about arranging food from pure veg restaurants. For any added assistance, our food advisors are just a call away at 6287022786.

Ordering Veg Food in Train Journey Online- All You Need to Know

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