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Anyone can check live train running status simply by entering the train name and train number. Further passengers need to enter the date of journey and boarding station. Now you will get information about the time of arrival and departure of the train. However, when you check the running status of the train from RailRecipe, you can get additional information like delays, platform number, and train between station details in no time.

Additional Features Available on RailRecipe while Checking Live Train Running Status

1) Distance covered by train from origin

2)Platform numbers

3)Arrival and departure time and delays

4) Total number of halts and their duration

5) Distance between two consecutive halts

6) Intermediate stations that don’t have any halts

Live train running status is a system that enables passengers to locate the same station at which trains are running at the current time. It is the quickest way to spot your train and its expected arrival time at the origin station or destination. You will get to know about upcoming stations and have real-time GPS enabled to make your travel experience more convenient.

How to Check Live Train Running Status with RailRecipe?

  1.  Visit the official website of RailRecipe
  2. Click on the live train running status option appearing on the page.
  3. Enter your train name or 5 digit train number
  4. Click on get ” live train running status” options.
  5. A new page appears on the screen with detailed information about the train number you are looking for.
  6.  You can find all the details about the journey station and journey date.
  7. Enter journey date and click on train running status 
  8.  A new web page appears that shows the current location of the train along with the expected arrival and departure time of the train at any station.

To get the exact and precise information, it is necessary to fill in the correct details first. You might get confused with journey day as most passengers make this mistake. Let us make it clear to you that you have train on 20th Jan and the scheduled time of train 21: 30, so the journey date remains the same; however, if the train timing is after 23:59 then you have to mention the next day’s date.If you are not getting the live train running status even after feeding all details. There might be several reasons:

  1. You might have entered incorrect information 
  2. The train running date may have some mistake
  3. The train isn’t started from the origin yet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Live Train Running Status Refers to?

A: Live train running train status refers to the process of locating trains with GPS enabled with IRCTC. It will also give information about the current location and delay status of the train in case of any. Additionally, it also does have upcoming train stops and their timings. 

Q: How can one check Live Train Running Status?

A: RailRecipe is an e-catering service provider that delivers food on train. RailRecipe provides you with features to check live train running status, train between stations, train schedule, fare inquiry, and station details. To get precise information about the train location, it is advisable to use train GPS.

Q: From Where RailRecipe gather information about Live Train Running Status?

A:  RailRecipe is a platform that delivers food on trains for railway passengers. Generally, RailRecipe gives information about the food available at a different station. In addition, you can get information about your train status from us. We gather all the info from the GPS or cell tower of users. So the information we get is precise and exact, and the same status is shared with users.

Q: How to get Train Live Status Offline?

A: Passengers can check the live train running status even if they reach out of the network. There is no requirement of an internet connection to know the live status or ETA of train. This feature is helpful for passengers because there are still many railways track having fewer or no network coverage. We suggest our users use the app for a hassle-free experience.

Q: What does “ETA” Refer to?

A: The full form of ETA is the estimated time of arrival. It tells about the arrival time of the train at the upcoming station.


Live train running status inquiry is created for passengers availing of Indian Railways services. It enables them to know about the current location of the train. You can easily spot your train with the help of it. The software lets passengers know about train arrival and departure timings, current location, upcoming station, and halt timings.

Live Train Running Status Updates & Notifications

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